The Origin of Life


The philosophy of science contradicts their position on the origin of life. If the scientist says that the universe “just is”, he is using metaphysics, not science. He might as well say”In the beginning God…..” That is just as valid and no less scientific.

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  1. Steve 10/08/2014, 9:36 pm:

    Can’t we all just get along? Maybe god used the big bang to make light?

  2. Jason 10/09/2014, 2:30 am:

    Along the same lines, we have noticed certain laws put in place that are all examples of ui such as the law of biogenesis, conservation of energy, cause and effect (P17, not just applicable to subluxations) and then these same scientists turn around and say that there was nothing, then it exploded, and then through ui’s destructive forces life was spontaneously generated, gaining complexity by using death and disease (or dis-ease). I find all of that very hard to believe.

    Taking a step back, the chiropractic principles apply to only the natural realm. Asking “where did ui come from” is not a chiropractic question, but a theological/teleological one. If ui was created and established by God, it would make perfect sense, only because God is SUPERnatual, or ABOVE the laws of nature, and therefore ABOVE the 33 principles, especially ui. So, asking :where did God come from” makes no sense because the error is made in trying to apply a NATURAL law to a SUPERNATURAL being. When God created ui and matter and force (P4) from nothing, he broke every law there is.

    Although the discussion of God is outside the realm of chiropractic philosophy, it is cool to see how much sense it makes to see Him as the true Creator.

    • Joe Strauss 10/13/2014, 4:28 pm:

      Sorry it took so long to get you comment up Jason. A new poster’s comments have to be approved the first few times and I was out of the country for almost a week. Welcome to the blog.

  3. Jason 10/09/2014, 2:39 am:

    btw, how would you describe the difference between metaphysical and spiritual?

    • Joe Strauss 10/13/2014, 4:36 pm:

      Jason, I would say that spiritual is supernatural and falls into the realm of theology.(It would include both the good, God, and evil, Satan) Metaphysical would address natural but immaterial forces/laws, like gravity, the law of organization, the law of life. Just my thoughts.

      • Claude 10/15/2014, 4:54 pm:


        You posted: “Yes. Interesting point about Maintains, not Creates.” –

        – Universal intelligence ONLY creates force (pri.8)! And force is instructive information that unites intelligence and e/matter by configuring the already existing electrons, protons and neutrons into structural e/matter. In other words, universal intelligence DOES NOT create the existence of e/matter. WHY would you call universal intelligence the law of existence WHEN universal intelligence DOES NOT create existence. It would be ascribing a characteristic which belongs to the creator of existence, would it not? The creation of the existence of e/matter is beyond the major premise. –

        – It is good to remind ourselves to beware of anthropomorphism as well as THEOMORPHISM. Chiropractic IS a philosophy, NOT a religion. 😉

        • David Suskin 10/15/2014, 10:32 pm:

          I did say: Law of Maintaining Matter In Existence, not law of existence, however, i do see the perhaps cumbersome or awkward nature of that Law Naming. I do see some distinctions based on your reply.
          Does p1 maintain matter in existence by virtue of it creating instructive force, Cause Organization that is the induction we observe to suggest that there is a Major Premise, or does the fact that p1 is a Law (and LAWS create organization by virtue of them being laws), cause organization?
          Put another way:
          We determine that there is a major premise because we observe an organized universe, correct?
          But what about the major premise is causing that? That it is LAW and Laws organize, or that it maintains matter in existence and matter that exists, is organized?
          And thus the naming of the major premise is what I’m calling into question. Do you understand my inquiry without condemnation of course.
          And Claude. Thanx for being Claude. 😉

          • Claude Lessard 10/16/2014, 12:06 pm:


            The major premise IS the major premise. It has no other name. 😉 –

            – Universal intelligence IS universal intelligence and is referred as the “law of organization”, simply to help people understand it’s metaphysically. Most people who are presented the major premise at first, equate universal intelligence with God. To explain universal intelligence in terms of law un-divinize its nature. There is NOTHING like universal intelligence. It is the beginning of chiropractic, its start point and is the cause of organization. The law of gravity is between e/matter and e?matter in terms of their distance and speed. The same for the other newtonian laws. The major premise consists of “a universal intelligence is in ALL e/matter and CONTINUALLY GIVES to it ALL its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence”. This major premise is a union that happens between intelligence and e/matter via instructive information that configures electrons, protons and neutrons (and their velocities) of e/matter. HOW universal intelligence does that includes ALL of the other universal laws that are subset, as Joseph mentioned before. By the way that include ALL other laws, the known and ALL of the unknown universal laws as of yet. And David, there’s is no “parenting” and “children”… universal intelligence IS that which organizes ALL e/matter by giving to it ALL its properties and actions in the ENTIRE universe and maintains e/matter in everlasting complete existence. –

            – As an aside, the major premise is a universal principle that explain the existence of the universe. It ALWAYS existed until our ancestors put it into words. It is D.D., B.J. and R.W.S. WHO chose to appropriate this universal principle and make it the start point of chiropractic by DECLARING that the chiropractic meaning of life (universal life/existence) is the expression of this intelligence (universal) through e/matter (pri.2). It is very important to understand that.

  4. David Suskin 10/14/2014, 3:41 am:

    I have a question 101.
    Does gravity and the law of organization influence each other? I confess that I ask this question as it would seem to pertain to p11 and the lack of response I have received concerning a previous question(s) that resulted in no responses. Crickets as they say.
    P1, the major premise and its naming as the law of organization vs the law of existence, and doesn’t the Fact of Law imply, induce organization?
    Does p1 create organization thru its actions of being organizing or thru its implicit nature of being LAW and Laws Organize or could it be both?
    Ok, I’ve said to much already.

    • Joe Strauss 10/14/2014, 5:17 pm:

      David, I’m sure you say “to(o) much” in an attempt to be helpful but sometimes the more you say the confusered I get! The Major Premise, Principle #1, the Law of Organization, the Law of Existence is a Law like the Law of gravity which is the metaphysical attraction of masses. The forces of this law (gravity) are physically manifested as 9.8 m/sec/sec. on earth. (different on the moon). Gravity may be perceived as a subset of the Law of order(organization),keeping us from floating off the earth, even though at times it may not seem like organization (like when I drop an expensive vase and it shatters into pieces). It is still moving toward it most stable/organized/atomic state. At the same time it is still manifesting existence/organization, just not as organized as I would wish but laws don’t necessarily manifest according to my wishes. Does that have any relationship to your question?

      • David Suskin 10/14/2014, 9:28 pm:

        Joe. Interesting. I’m really trying to be clear. Thanx for hangin in.
        Here’s the simple question.
        The law of organization, p1, by virtue of it being a LAW HAS to organize.
        It being the law, a law, the universal intelligence 1st law, implicitly organizes, by virtue of it being a Major law
        What’s unique to it is that it allows matter to manifest existence.
        We always refer to it as the law of organization, but in a way that’s like saying it’s the law of law. At least that’s my observation or thinking. Existence is it’s manifestation and by virtue of the law p1, it perpetuates organized at numerous levels. Atomic, molecular, planetary (gravity on masses in a vacuum (space).

        Or do you and every one else disagree with my observation or shall I say

        • Claude Lessard 10/15/2014, 4:10 pm:


          You posted: “The law of organization, p1, by virtue of it being a LAW HAS to organize.
          It being the law, a law, the universal intelligence 1st law, implicitly organizes, by virtue of it being a Major law
          What’s unique to it is that it allows matter to manifest existence.” –

          – That is not true that universal intelligence “allows e/matter to manifest existence”. The major premise (pri.1) states that a universal intelligence IS in ALREADY EXISTING e/matter and MAINTAINS it in existence. In other words universal intelligence MAINTAINS e/matter that ALREADY EXIST… in existence without ever destroying it or creating more of it, as per the law of conservation of energy and matter of Newton. The CAUSE of the existence of e/matter and universal intelligence and force is beyond the major premise. Principle #4 is crystal clear on that fact. Existence IS a triunity having THREE NECESSARY UNITED factors, namely, intelligence, force and e/matter. Then principle #5 states that the triune is perfect… meaning that the universe is complete (100%). –

          • David Suskin 10/15/2014, 4:15 pm:

            Yes, Interesting point about Maintains, not Creates. AND
            For Once! Someone agrees with me! However, Being that P1 IS the Law of Maintaining Matter In Existence, WHY do we call it the Law Of Organization, When ALL LAWS intrinsically Organize?

          • David Suskin 10/15/2014, 11:32 pm:

            And Based on p11. The Character of Universal Forces – The forces of Universal Intelligence are manifested by physical laws; are unswerving and unadapted, and have no solicitude for the structures in which they work.
            Are those physical laws the laws that include laws of gravity, thermodynamics, newtons 3 laws, etc. (all the laws you have stated in previous posts)?
            I have a reason for asking besides being corrected or agreed with.

        • Joe Strauss 10/23/2014, 12:57 pm:

          David, a law is a principle, an obvious fact that does not have to be proven. It is accepted by everyone. Principle #1 is existence. if you have any senses, it is observable, sight, touch, taste, etc. All laws are observable, do not need proof. They are self evident. Say: “principle number six”. Now quote the exact principle. Did you quote it after stating its number? While it did not organize anything, after connotes time. Does that respond to your question. Sorry I am late (Time) with my response. I was away for a week at IRAPS and visiting my daughter in Richmond.

          • David Suskin 10/23/2014, 11:47 pm:

            Yes, but I think I’m getting to a point in all this micro analysis (my doing) where I need begin once more on page 1. Wipe the mirror clean and refresh.
            Good you got to visit your kid.

      • David Suskin 10/16/2014, 1:04 am:

        Well, you are saying that the Law of Gravity may be perceived as a subset of the Law of Organization?
        Are you implying that the Law of Organization, universal intelligence, is the parent if you will, to all the ‘children’ physical laws?

        • Joe Strauss 10/23/2014, 1:09 pm:

          David The (33) principles do not cause or create anything. They just state that which is self evident or which can be deduced from the Major Premise.

    • David Suskin 10/16/2014, 4:34 pm:

      You said, and it IS said that:
      The major premise consists of “a universal intelligence is in ALL e/matter and CONTINUALLY GIVES to it ALL its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence”.
      and You said that:This major premise is a union that happens between intelligence and e/matter via instructive information that configures electrons, protons and neutrons (and their velocities) of e/matter.
      BUT, initially, in the beginning of Chiropractic Philosophy, it was observed that the Universe was Organized. Therefore there was a deduction made that this MUST be an association to an INTELLIGENT process. Therefore Universal Intelligence thru that induction and a small leap of faith is Declared! OK, fine!
      Isn’t ORGANIZATION a state that can only be maintained by the existence of Law or Law(s). Any Law, creates Organization.
      And as you said, there are many physical laws. Put them together, and you have and ORGANIZED UNIVERSE.
      That the Major Premise is AKA’d as the Law of Organization, to me, seems like a redundancy. It’s not the Organizing fact that makes Universal Intelligence unique? Or is it? ALL OF THE OTHER KNOWN AND UNKNOWN PHYSICAL LAWS WOULD SEEM TO MAINTAIN THE ORGANIZATION.
      So I’m stating, wrongly perhaps that Universal Intelligence PRIMARILY maintains matter in EXISTENCE, (therefore it should be aka’d that) OR
      Universal Intelligence is observed as Organization in the Universe and is ‘kind of like’ a PACKAGE of all the Physical Laws, that in their interactions with each other and perhaps their hierarchial relationships, Maintain Matter in Existence and in addition by being LAW (all laws organize-my suggestion), present the Universe as Organized, that we can observe and make testimony of the fact that Universal Intelligence Exists, inductively with a small leap of faith. I state this ALL without condemnation and look for further discussion or comment from you Prof Claude Lessard :o)

      • Claude Lessard 10/16/2014, 5:27 pm:


        I’m perfectly fine with the term “universal intelligence”. The word “universal” pertains to the physical universe, and my educated can apprehend some of it. Intelligence is metaphysical, and my educated CANNOT apprehend any of it. Are YOU fine with the term universal intelligence?

        • David Suskin 10/16/2014, 7:30 pm:

          I’m perfectly fine with the term Universal Intelligence.
          I’m looking for ways, personally to OWN the Perception of the 33 principles. We allude to that state, that process of learning I think when YOU say ‘telling the story over and over again in as many different ways as possible’. And while, practice, and hard work, and diligence( practice makes perfect) is an effective way to infuse knowledge, slowly!, Purposeful endeavors to SEE Truth, to Live and OWN Truth Is Not Easy.
          I think, that’s a PROBLEM with Philosophy. It’s SO Mental, and We live with a background of Educated Intelligence (subconscious), filtering all the time. With accurate thought you can grab onto concepts for a moment, perhaps, but then, in your daily living, you loose THE perspective thru that subconscious, EDUCATED, pre-Learned habits. The ole Rose Colored Glasses Reality filters Truths you may have found through Thought and Deduction.
          It’s a problem. It may be a Perfect Universe, but NOT a perfect World.
          off the soapbox…
          So Observation of Organization leads to the Assumption that there IS a Universal Intelligence. Last week I had a more effortless perception of Universal Intelligence, Not by Seeing Organization (Can’t look up to the heavens all the time, etc.), but by SEEING and KNOWING that Everywhere I looked, at cars, people, sky, buildings, movement, etc. Everywhere, LAWS were in effect. It was these LAWS (of physics and perhaps Universal Intelligence), that was allowing everything to be Organized, Predictable, In Process. Without those Laws, Nothing would Work or I suggest EXIST. I could see it everywhere, and it was comforting.
          So that’s my experience. I may be wrong, intellectually with what I’m thinking or wrong in my understanding.
          Yes. Universal Intelligence is fine with me as a term. My thoughts are that it’s maintaining matter in existence, thru Law, the process of Law (something that is and doesn’t change), is what Organizes and maintains matter in existence. I don’t know what comes first.
          The reality of Existence or the reality of Organization?
          And you see, this is such an intellectual process, a mental process, that in a way it is NOT in the Spirit of what Chiropractic is Truly about.
          Chiropractic is about a Truth, and in LIVING by Truth, one has to LIVE, in trust, in optimism (I’d hope for), NOT in MENTAL, CEREBRAL disconnection (pessimism) from what can’t be understood anyway thru thought but perhaps only by Experience, and as you have said Claude, thru personal TRANSFORMATION.
          I sincerely Do Not Think Transformation, at least of Educated Intelligence happens so readily.
          I’m done, now it’s time to take a breath

          • David Suskin 10/16/2014, 10:15 pm:

            You’re going to kill me on this one but maybe conflict does create clarity without condemnation so perhaps YOU can read between my lines what I’m driving at, so I, without condemnation redefine
            Universal intelligence as
            The intelligent integration of all physical laws thru force, giving all matter it’s properties and actions, maintaining matter in existence and demonstrating its presence as intelligent organization thru the existence of Directed (laws that direct the fundamental purpose) universal Law.
            Thanx Monsieur Claude

          • Claude Lessard 10/17/2014, 2:45 am:


            I don’t know what comes first either. All I know is that the universal principle that we call the major premise begins with: “A universal intelligence” and that’s good enough for a start point. It is I WHO choose to start at the major premise and NOT before. That requires a tremendous amount of FOCUS! I understand what you are going through and I do appreciate the time and the effort you put into “owning” chiropractic. Personally, my educated intelligence cannot understand the metaphysical. Chiropractic owes much gratitude to D.D., B.J. and R.W.S. to have put into word the major premise and the 32 subsequent principles. It is nothing less than GENIUS! There is absolutely no need to “redefine” universal intelligence. Let me state it again: It is I WHO to start at the major premise and NOT before!

  5. Steve 10/14/2014, 1:01 pm:

    Hey David,
    Could it be that gravity is an expression of the law of organization? Is the proper amount and timing of insulin not an expression of innate intelligence?

  6. David Suskin 10/14/2014, 4:39 pm:

    I thought every physical law was an expression of the law of organization, as implied by the 33, thus p11, but much of the focus is at the atomic level and I wanted to know if my view was correct as per the philosophy and about the naming of the 1st principle with the question that I asked? chirp!
    I’d think timing of insulin IS an expression of innate intelligence, unless that was defined by a matter constraint which I’m not sure of.

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