Science is taking small bits of the philosophy and testing it.- Bruce Lipton, PhD

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  1. David Suskin 10/10/2014, 5:43 pm:

    Bruce Lipton may need ChiroPhi101 more then I do.
    If you cant emperisize(?) the Major Premise with the option of being WRONG, and you CAN’T, he’ll have to throw that one away (Reductionism). So then what do you have. Nothing!

  2. Steve 10/10/2014, 10:57 pm:

    Isn’t that science’s J O B

  3. David Suskin 10/11/2014, 6:15 am:

    I’m curious as to which bit he’s taking a byte out of although it’s really the other way around?
    I like what dr. Lipton has to say. His ADIO viewpoint is unique. It positions itself more from the vantage point of the containers of DNA, the cell, then the container of innate intelligence, the body.
    As an epigeneticist be certainly taken bits of the science of genetics and managed to prove empirically a weaker influence of genetics as a LOM

  4. Steve 10/13/2014, 1:42 pm:

    How does science test universal intelligence? Isn’t it the other way around?

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