Consensus is the absence of leadership.- Margaret Thatcher

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  1. Steve 10/24/2014, 9:08 pm:

    I think I can safely say, we all agree with that.

  2. David Suskin 10/24/2014, 10:52 pm:

    With quotes, context is vital. Once there is leadership, can there be consensus?
    Carry on ADIO??

    • Claude Lessard 10/25/2014, 12:36 am:


      ADIO is a world view that has the consensus the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. For this reason, the consensus of the ADIO world view for the group called, the chiropractic profession, would be proportionally dependent upon which AUTHORITY the leadership based its choice making. Would it not? –

      Would the consensus necessarily mean that the proposition that is considered is everyone’s first choice, or would that mean that the consensus is a choice that everyone can live with? Does consensus mean that EVERYONE is in full agreement? Or does that mean that the majority rules?

  3. David Suskin 10/25/2014, 3:27 am:

    Good question. That IS a question of context, I suggest.
    In the case of Thatcher, I can only guess what she was alluding to. In the case of The AUTHORITY, when YOU say Carry On ADIO, are you not assuming a leadership position, suggesting we unify to the Truth called Chiropractic, Period! – the consensus of NTOSC
    Consensus points to something, thru a majority. If that something is true, then educated is aiming in the direction of some truth. If it is false, consensus hopefully has not put to many eggs in one basket.
    Your definitions of consensus are all true or false depending on context, necessity to arrive at a conclusion or goal, maturity and wisdom of the group and of course the truth of the premise.
    In the cautious and conservative spirit, knowing that
    Lemmings we’re lead by a leader over a ledge.
    A Truthful Premise, deduced to actions was a blessing given to mankind, that I say without condemnation and complete honor and respect was called Chiropractic and by a consensus of NTOSCors, is proclaimed The Objective and the raison d’être.

    • Claude Lessard 10/25/2014, 11:27 am:


      I understand. Thank you.

  4. David Suskin 10/25/2014, 11:53 am:

    I know you understand. and I am one of the many who admire that.
    Thank You!

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