Kinds of Life


We must keep in mind that in chiropractic we are dealing with two kinds of life, universal life (existence, Principles #1,2,3,4,5,10) and innate life (biological, Principle #20). Theology addresses more, such as soul life although BJ apparently (mis)used that theological term and applied it to biological life (innate intelligence). Theology also addresses eternal existence and eternal life what DD seemed to relate chiropractic to in his 1914 (unauthorized and posthumously published) text.

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  1. Steve 10/28/2014, 2:58 pm:

    This was an ongoing thought in DDs writings, an assumption, if you will…..
    (Chiropractic is the name of a systematized knowledge of the science of life-biology, and a methodical comprehension and application of adjusting anatomical displacements, the cause of biological abnormalities; also an explanation of the methods used to relieve humanity of suffering and the prolonging of life, thereby making this stage of existence much more efficient in its preparation for the next step—the life beyond. DD 1910
    What is life, disease, death and immortality ?
    These questions have been propounded by the savants of all ages and have remained unanswered until the advent of Chiropractic. This science and life are coexistent; it now answers the first three questions and in time will lift the veil which obstructs the view of the life beyond. DD 1910
    When disease and crime no longer exist, and mankind live to a ripe old age, then the divide, known as death, will be passed with a knowledge equal to that we now have of disease. Then death, instead of being feared, will be welcomed because the life beyond the veil will be comprehended and known to us as we now know and comprehend this. DD 1910)

    It seems OC is not concerned with the “life beyond”, as the transmission of intelligent force to matter is a fleeting thing and can only be demonstrated in the living body.

    • Claude Lessard 10/29/2014, 1:00 am:

      BJ at times used theomorphism with innate intelligence and ascribing to it divine attribute. At other times BJ used anthropomorphism with innate intelligence and “she” was the BIG fellow upstairs in the brain “wanting to run” the little fellow downstairs. DD surely went beyond the major premise equating universal intelligence with God. OCs understand that the 33 principles are chiropractic’s basic science. Since basic science is concerned with the process of discovery of NEW knowledge and information without the primary concern of HOW the formulated principles might be used, they are the AUTHORITY of chiropractic. It is through applied science that the information provided from the principles of the basic science that can be utilized for the solution of an existing problem, like VS. Then chiropractors can apply the 33 principles and use them as guide of HOW to practice their art form and conduct their research. –

      – There is ABSOLUTELY no need in chiropractic to use theomorphism or anthropomorphism at all. Chiropractic is DISTINCT and SEPARATE from EVERYTHING ELSE, and is INCLUSIVE of EVERY vertebrata that exist on planet earth. –

      – IT is me WHO choose to BE grateful to D.D., B.J., and R.W.S. for having given us the 33 principles of chiropractic basic’s science. As I mentioned before, it is only GENIUS that could have put to words those truths. I know that I am critical of our profession… that’s ONLY because I recognized HOW right it could be.

      • Steve 10/29/2014, 2:26 pm:

        Tis true Sir Claude, the underlying beauty of Objective Chiropractic is the clean, clear, purity. 33 principles, 1 objective. It is as simple as that.
        P.S. Are “y’all” from southern Canada?

  2. Claude 10/29/2014, 4:03 pm:


    I’m a “y’all” from northern Canada, more specifically northern Quebec where the temperature drops to -40*F and gets about 400 inches of snow per winter. Just shows you what happens to a Quebecois WHEN it is he WHO chose to spend 4 years in Spartanburg. 😉

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