Q&A #51 Validation and Support


Which one of the 33 [principles validates and/or supports the practice of traditional (getting sick people well) chiropractic? (in the absence of a response, I will assume there are none).

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  1. John 11/26/2014, 6:10 pm:

    I don’t know how long this has been up here but there seems to be no response…..When I went to Penn Straight we were asked to take one of the 33 and say whether it should stay the same – be changed – or eliminated completely and how we felt about it then we were put in groups of 5 and review 5 principles and asked to do the same, then the whole class did the same to all 33 principles. That was the best Chiropractic school EVER, because we were thought to think for ourselves and have our own opinion after truly reading and knowing anything we did in the philosophy – art and science……. to bad your were not with us when those last students in Penn Straight had to take advance philosophy at Sherman which was a school that told you what you had to know and when asked in that advanced class to arbitrarily pick a principle out of the 33 and explain it and when pointed to you had to pick one no other prior student picked the Sherman students could only remember principle 6 but us forced transferred Penn Straight students were each able to pick one of the 33 nobody picked before and recite it perfectly and give a qualified opinion and we had to completely finish the 33 because the Sherman students had no idea………not only did we have Joe and McCaully who became an interim president at Sherman for philosophy but we had the best 1 ‘2 punch in basic Chiropractic science history in Tony Fasano and Steve Marini, I hope I spelled their names right, both practicing Chiropractors in their own right who taught in medical and osteopathic schools as PhD’s and taught us those subjects Chiropractic ally, I visited 11 Chiro schools for 3 days each and even though Penn Straight was being threatened to close down in less then a day I knew this was the best Chiropractic school in the country and this is where I knew I was going…
    Now saying all that after reviewing the 33 it was my opinion that the Sherman students were right to only know principle # 6 even though they didn’t know why except that if they were late with assignments they could us that principle for their defense…….in these 20 years later I forgot the principles because they just do not resonate with me but here this principle does its job again, the body needs time for the process of getting well……..Joe I never agreed with you or BJ but you and Brian and Reggie appreciated my opinions because I was able to back them up with documentation and we could have real conversations were we learned and grew from our conversation and you might not remember me but I remember you when I first audited your class the first day I visited Penn Straight and you had a conversation with 2 physical therapist who were students in your class with you respecting their views and letting them finish their thoughts and ideas and you listening to all their objections and views with respect and patience. That was a philosophy class and a great philosophy 1 – 2 punch, you a Brian ran it like a real graduate and professional school and to me closing that school was the end of having a real Chiropractic education and Joe I was in 11 schools prior and the ones I didn’t go to I ended up meeting the current presidents of those schools during my travels to the Centennial events in DC and Davenport and I know I picked the right school even though it closed in a year and to have Penn Straight close after the Centennial, every Chiropractor in the world should of gotten off their ass and prevented it……..and the teach out….the 3 months I was there before unfortunately deciding to go to Sherman …… was a great experience and some of the best classes I ever took……..12 hours “straight” ….all puns intended ….. of the best Chiropractic school classes ever sitting in those big green comfy chairs and ordering out for pizza …….. maybe it was mostly Steve and Tony but when I went to Sherman the basic science teachers were not Chiropractors and didn’t even get adjusted and they taught you like they were teaching 9 year old children…… sorry but the truth is the truth and my class mates that preceded me there told me when I get there I wouldn’t even have to study and unfortunately they were right…….Peace Joe

  2. Travis 11/28/2014, 3:12 am:

    What definitions are we using for the words “sick” and “well”?

    • Joe Strauss 11/29/2014, 1:28 pm:

      Good question Travis. I think we need to use the standard accepted words and their meanings: signs and symptoms of disease means “sick” and absence of those means “well”. When we use a concept unique to chiropractic, I think we should avoid using words that already have an accepted medical meaning. That’s why we use analysis instead of a “chiropractic diagnosis and adjustment rather than “treatment”. Chiropractic is specific or it is nothing. Ironic that the same man who said that (B.J.), people use as an excuse for saying subluxated means “sick”.

      • Travis 11/29/2014, 10:50 pm:

        If using those definitions I would say that all the principles support it for the chiropractor who chooses to practice that way because all people, perhaps especially those that are expressing symptoms, benefit from being free from interference to the expression of innate forces. The principles equally support all ways of practicing chiropractic it is just that some chiropractors choose to limit its application to only those that are “sick”.

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