History and Thoughts on the last of the Green Books


B.J.’s last will and testament was signed by him and witnessed by 3 persons in Sarasota Florida on January 11, 1961. He died in May of that year and the document was filed on June 28th 1961. In that will in article III, he directed his Executor to publish “as soon as convenient after my decease (if not published prior thereto) my book known as Volume 37 now being set, and also the manuscripts identified as 93-B and 93-C to be designated Volumes 38 and 39 respectively.”

Volume 37 was typeset and published in that year prior to or after his May passing, I cannot say. It was titled The Glory of Going On

Volume 38 was titled The Great Divide. The forward written by B.J.’s son, David D. Palmer, is dated May 1966 5 years after his father’s passing. He states that his father wrote it “during winter residence in Sarasota, Florida, in 1959 and 1960.” Volume 39 is titled , Our Masterpiece. While the cover says 1961, the copyright date indicates it was published by Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1966, five years after the Developers death. The Preface written by B.J. indicates that the book which began as a letter, grew into an article and was revised and enlarged four times since the original.

Unlike D.D.’s posthumously published book that was found as a manuscript and published (assumed to be unedited) by his widow (1914), B.J.’s book, by his will, were planned on being published. B.J. apparently did not do rewrites, although “revisions” of his last two texts were thoughts that were added to the original manuscripts. So we can pretty much conclude that what is found in Volumes 38 and 39 are his final thoughts on the subject of chiropractic philosophy as well as other aspects of chiropractic.

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