The Develpoment of the Chiropractic Philosophy


BJ made many changes during the course of his writing and his lifetime. Perfect example is the Meric system. Why should we conclude that the thinking and developing of the chiropractic philosophy ceased when he died?

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  1. David Suskin 12/24/2014, 8:08 pm:

    my opine: We shouldn’t. The only thing that ceased when BJ died, was BJ.
    Yet some might say the thinking and developing of chiropractic ceased when DD died. There’s a lot of off-TONE discussion these days. πŸ˜‰
    The DD camp, the BJ camp, the OC camp, the TSC camp, the Scientism camp, the New Age camp. etc.
    Chiropractic philosophy is a name we attach to the WHY of Chiropractic, from the proclamation that it IS defined or Proven from a Deductive process.
    Some, particularly of the Inductive and Empirical persuasion, would say that the thinking and developing of chiropractic philosophy, never WAS or should have been chiropractic.
    Their chiropractic WHY lives in the concrete, not the abstract. In the clinical trials and results, In the Nerve Impulse and laboratory.
    I’m not sure if the Meric System was used as a DEFINITIVE locator of subluxation, based on signs and symptoms (This would seem to come more from the art and science of chiropractic) or as a SUGGESTION of location of subluxation, based on signs and symptoms (This would come more from the philosophy, at the time, where the brain was the seat of ii and the subluxation levels were more towards the tissue cell side. Very mechanistic, Symptom oriented vs full expression of ii oriented). My point?
    Well, it’s funny or sad
    1st that the Meric System or Nerve Chart is still used as the Major education tool to educate the public on how Chiropractic works.
    a.k.a. Neuropatholator. Always perplexing to me.
    Thinking about it. DD named the profession (Weed). If he ordained BJ as the continuation of the fountainhead, I guess Chiropractic Philosophy could be considered of BJ, if not, ??
    Maybe it’s time to rename the Profession. Again! It’s not by hand only anymore. (not Spinology).
    I understand the quandary.
    The philosophy is really the observation of the Maintaining of Matter in Existence, non-living and living focusing on one or many possible directions, involving how the nervous system interrelates with that,
    the discovery of subluxation and the impact, philosophically, that the correction of subluxation, has on living vertebrate matter.
    Definitions and Opinions certainly get in the way of Truth.
    The fact that we might conclude that the thinking and developing of the chiropractic philosophy ceased when BJ died (particularly for me, after reading RWS and his theological over-reaching, and many valuable debates we have all had) only goes to prove the need to Practice by Objective. Define by objective. Can we all agree on what that objective Is? Eventually but Rome was not built in a day.

  2. David Suskin 12/25/2014, 7:24 pm:

    If we conclude that the thinking and developing of the chiropractic philosophy did not cease after BJ’s death, going into the new year, 2015, has the philosophy arrived at its final draft. If not, what are the weaknesses, if at all?

    Merry Christmas to all.

    • Claude Lessard 12/25/2014, 9:28 pm:


      HOW could the philosophy arrive at its final draft WHEN it is dealing with the TRIUNE which is ALWAYS in FLUX? As a student of chiropractic, it is me WHO chooses to engage in its philosophy, both theoretically and experientially, until the insights it was designed to yield have been gained and then naturally, proceed to a deeper view. WHEN one’s perception is freed from seeking results, the conceptual apparatus of chiropractic philosophy, too, is left behind (time to get out of the car). It was designed as an instrument for gaining direct experience of practicing the chiropractic objective, and when that is achieved, it has served its purpose. In this sense, chiropractic philosophy is above all pragmatic.-

      – Chiropractic’s basic science contains 33 principles for investigating not only the ultimate nature of existence but the relative nature of the metaphysical intelligence and its function in relationship to the physical e/matter (pri1 through 10). Even in terms of exploring the ultimate mode of existence of e/matter, there are an unlimited variety of configurations and velocities of electrons, protons and neutrons. Therefore, an a priori major premise, like any other instruments is useful, as a LEADING PRINCIPLE, in accordance with which conclusions about observable facts may be drawn. Accordingly, the elementary sub-atomic particles of e/matter, which are never directly observed, due to their CONTINUALLY being given properties and actions (pri1), are merely conceptual constructs without any presumed referents in motion (pri14). –

      – Therefore, one theory may still be superior to another if it seves an effective LEADING PRINCIPLE for a more inclusive range of inquiries than does another. It is me WHO chooses to contemplate that possibility and hold the paradox. In other words, a good theory is one that is broadly encompassing, simple, and precise in terms of its predictions. So far, the universal major premise and its 32 deductive principles have stood tests of 2014. How about 2015? WHO KNOWS!!!! πŸ™‚

      • David Suskin 12/27/2014, 6:33 am:

        When u say
        ‘ the elementary sub-atomic particles of e/matter, which are never directly observed, due to their CONTINUALLY being given properties and actions (pri1), are merely conceptual constructs without any presumed referents in motion (pri14)’
        Are the same actions and properties being given to the same e/matter continually, or is that unknown, vary, or has to be the same, for the same element of matter, thus giving a consistent and definable existence?
        And or is motion which is the resultant LIFE (universal) another fluxed identity.
        Joe if I’m to understand correctly maintains that the universal life must be the consistent same in order for the universe to be in an organization process. Not flux.
        Yes you said for now and you’re willing to have an open mind for the future New, but perhaps you could clarify and perhaps This flux could be clarified into ii and the Perhaps flux that permeates innate matter, if at all

        • David Suskin 12/27/2014, 12:53 pm:

          …I am aware that your analysis of ADIO Is
          Intelligence force matter motion so perhaps
          It’s NOT (as per joe) the ADI part that is in flux relationship but it
          Is the O and the quantum uncertainty that surrounds it? If I am being accurate? If not, I welcome your correction and comments.
          Let me clarify a bit where I’m coming from.
          You have made reference to the depth that the 33 p’s reach with continuous thought upon them. I look for that depth and understanding.
          Also it’s almost like the 33p’s to you almost implicitly define your purpose as a chiropractor. Your WHO as you’ve said. Almost beyond choice.
          I look for that level of understanding, purpose, direction and Motivation.
          Sometimes when I adjust people, my concept, my experience, as a adjuster, is that I’m dealing with matter only.
          Sometimes I move into the realm of adjusting into the immaterial mental impulse. Like you’ve analagized with your boat, stream, rowers, etc. example.
          I prefer to BE in the latter. But it leaves me. And therefore I think that more study, clarification, understanding, Getting It, epignosis, perhaps Time is required. Also les procrastination and more bravery on my part.
          I look to you and joe and steve and others for that inspiration and help.
          And I thank you for your contributions and dedication. πŸ˜‰

        • Claude Lessard 12/27/2014, 1:42 pm:


          Existence is continually in flux through the law of organization (pri1) and remains consistent through the law of organization (pri1). ONE more paradox to hold and add to your repertoire. πŸ˜‰ –

          – It is universal intelligence that CONTINUALLY configures the electrons, protons and neutrons of e/matter, and their velocities. This “giving of properties” to e/matter is consistent, in other words, it is the WHAT of existence. This “giving of actions” to e/matter is in flux, in other words, it is the HOW of existence. To ACT is a process involving a succession of events. You will note that motion is a effect manifested from the cause of the FUNCTION (activity) of force (pri10) which is to unite intelligence and e/matter. This force, which is instructive information, is created by intelligence (pri.8) and expressed by e/matter (pri13). It is this succession of phenomena that maintains a consistent flux of existence, as e/matter is never created, nor destroyed. The same subatomic particles are CONTINUALLY maintained in existence through the giving of their properties and ACTIONS by universal intelligence (pri1).

          • Claude Lessard 12/27/2014, 2:13 pm:


            You also posted: “Sometimes when I adjust people, my concept, my experience, as a adjuster, is that I’m dealing with matter only.
            Sometimes I move into the realm of adjusting into the immaterial mental impulse.” –

            – Make no mistake, chiropractic deals, philosophically, with the second component of the triune which is force. In practice, our portal of entry “into” e/matter is the spinal column as we practice the chiropractic objective. Remember that VS is an interference with TRANSMISSION of mental impulses between brain cell (e/matter) and tissue cell (e/matter). This interference is within the TRANSMITTING matter and it alters the FLOW of mental impulse (de-code). πŸ˜‰ Yes, an other paradox! Remember also what Kant wrote, β€œexperience is itself a species of knowledge which involves understanding.” Therefore, in order to practice the chiropractic objective, first, it requires a theoretical understanding of the concepts and implications of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. Second, it requires the application of those principles through the art of LACVS in practice. If you do both, you might be “lucky” enough to BE “in the zone” Γ  la Maurice Richard or if you prefer, Van Gogh, Mozart, Walt Whitman, Joe Dimagio, Van Cliburn, David Suskin πŸ˜‰

          • David Suskin 12/27/2014, 2:35 pm:

            I’d assume physical Constants like Avogadro’s number, Planck’s constant, Pi, etc. are also properties of matter, as created by universal intelligence. That flux is expressed in matter in motion, and might be both representative of actions and properties, some of which ARE constant, some of which are NOT, and of which perhaps many are will remain unknown, yet manifesting in existence/organization?
            Can I deduce that this Flux, as it exists in the triune p4, also is within the realm of Active organization, as expressed thru the law of life (ii), and that this expression IS, part of the amazement and unique purpose of the chiropractic objective, ii expressed fully, offering people their fullest expression potential, uniqueness, and purpose? Or am I reaching?
            In many ways, within the non intellectual experience, just pure observation, there is more organization induction experience thru observing nature, the sky, living things (ii), vs lets say looking at a chair and appreciating its form and Constance in organization as a representation of intelligence.
            I had asked the question quite some time ago, when you wake up, for a new day, do YOU have to sort of prime the pump, intellectually or experiencially, to wake up to your chiropractic purpose or orientation, or do you own it so much that it just IS you! No priming, no psyche job, no slapping yourself in the face and chanting chiropractic chiropractic chiropractic ;).
            I work so so hard at the unlearning. It would seem, or feels like TOO hard.
            But, that’s my unique expression, day by day, holding the paradox.
            I always I know seem to be asking for some kind of assistance. It will, or would be a PLEASURE Not to. A real pleasure.
            Anyway. I still would or do seek to understand deductively a greater relationship between the philosophy in part, and I’d guess, the nervous system. This matter in our bodies that we have deduced IS the prime transmitter of ii. I still see that while it might be a strong observable induction, would like to see or understand its deduction from p1, to a greater extent. πŸ˜‰

          • David Suskin 12/27/2014, 2:43 pm:

            Reading your 2nd post. Sometimes I’m texting while you’ve posted, and I’ve jumped the shark. But I see you’ve basically answered it, you could point to more nervous system specific, in your referencing holding the paradox, and being in the zone like (you forgot) COLTRANE πŸ˜‰
            The zone is a good good place. I need more of it 24/7

  3. David Suskin 12/25/2014, 10:55 pm:

    Ok. Let’s say that the triune is in flux. I assume that the concept of the triune (I,f,m) is not influx, per se, but the interaction and what is manifested in the interaction is in flux.
    So you’re saying that the LEADING PRINCIPLE might change if investigation and application of the 33 p’s bear a different Truth as flux, time, direct experience as a chiropractor, and philosophizing continue?
    Could you expand on the paradox(s) at this time, so WHO knows could bear a clear view on the horizon towards 2015 and the more distant future?
    I had mentioned the possibility of weaknesses in the 33, in my previous comment.
    You did mention in your opinion that the 33p’s stood the rigors of 2014.
    With the many interactions, comments, discussions of us all on COTB, NO weaknesses, questionings, holes, aye?
    Amazing isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

    • Claude 12/25/2014, 11:54 pm:


      The possibility of a “theory” that would collapse the 33 for “something” that would be congruent with the NEW of tomorrow! Otherwise, the NEW will burst today’s container… pretty much like the chiropractic objective does to traditional chiropractic today. –

      – No weakness as of now! πŸ™‚

      • Joe Strauss 12/26/2014, 4:53 pm:

        Claude, wouldn’t the “something” that would collapse the 33 principles, collapse the Major premise upon which the other 32 are based? That would totally change the reality of our universe and its affect on chiropractic would be the least of our worries.
        Traditional chiropractic (the idea of getting sick people well) or any other kind of chiropractic does not have to be based on the 33 principles. You can have that objective or any other objective and call it chiropractic as every state law defining chiropractic apparently does. You just cannot maintain that the objective is based upon the 33 principles. Only non-therapeutic, objective chiropractic can do that.

        • Claude Lessard 12/26/2014, 11:01 pm:


          Absolutely! It’s the reason WHY it is me WHO chooses to see the major premise as an a priori principle and an absolute. πŸ˜‰

          • Claude Lessard 12/26/2014, 11:04 pm:

            … yet I am open to the possibility nevertheless. πŸ™‚

    • Joe Strauss 12/26/2014, 4:59 pm:

      David, the Back to the Future trilogy with their “flux capacitor” are 3 of my favorite movies but I recognize them as fantasy/entertainment, not reality.

      • David Suskin 12/26/2014, 5:36 pm:

        I understand. I’m just parroting forward to the past >> to Claude, and He stated, I think that, at least thoughts, ideas, realities and questions remain in flux. So p1 exists in that reality too.
        Don’t want to overstep my bound, but, if what you say is Truth,
        then I assume you believe or should I say KNOW that the 33 principles, that’s 32 based on p1 will NOT change, can’t change, because they are based on Reality. Is that Correct? Or??

  4. David Suskin 12/26/2014, 2:01 pm:

    No New(s) is good news πŸ™‚

  5. Claude 12/27/2014, 3:17 pm:


    When you SEE the possibilities of chiropractic, like Johnny SAW the possibilities of music, you will practice the chiropractic objective to free humanity to fully (normal) express its innate instructive information. Always remember that practice makes perfect. Carry on. ADIO.

  6. David Suskin 12/28/2014, 1:16 am:

    Without focusing on a result as the chiropractic objective, without condemnation may I request from YOU Claude, what are the possibilities from Chiropractic that YOU see or have seen, freeing humanity to fully (normal) express its innate information?
    As you’ve carried on ADIO?

    • Claude Lessard 12/28/2014, 2:13 am:


      YOU can’t see it! Not with your educated intelligence. It is all about understanding that very fact! Perhaps COLTRANE understood WHO he chose to BE in the form of DESIRE. “When you begin to see the possibilities of music, you desire to do something good for people, to help humanity free itself from its hang-ups.”
      John Coltrane

      – Do you think COLTRANE saw humanity freed from it hang-ups? Yet, that did not prevent him to carry on. ADIO. πŸ˜‰

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