A Reader’s Question #3


A reader wrote (years ago in a personal letter): “When faced with questions from lay people about why under certain circumstances healing sometimes fails to occur in spite of this wondrous innate intelligence we espouse, we fall back on the concept of limitations of matter. I believe it is not matter which is limiting , but rather innate intelligence/force. I do not feel this is any way demeaning to chiropractic philosophy. In Stephenson’s it says that innate intelligence/force is always 100%. I have no problem with this, however at 100% there is still only so much innate can do. While universal Intelligence /force may be omnipotent, I believe that the division of U.I. we call I.I.is by design limited in its dominion over matter.”
My response: First innate intelligence is not limited. It is always 100%. The force created by it is also 100%, also unlimited. That which is 100% (perfect-innate intelligence) is not capable of creating something less than 100%. But… that force may not be transmitted by the transmitting matter, the nerve system. That is not a limitation of the intelligence, the source but of the matter conveying the innate forces. Lake Ontelanee is a reservoir about a mile from my home. It supplies all the water my home could possibly need. We have 3 bathrooms in my house more than 2 people could possibly use. Yesterday my wife wanted to shower at the same time I did, after my workout, while the clothes washer was running. She informed me that I would have to wait. The problem was not the source, the lake, but the conveying vehicle, the limitation of my house’s plumbing system. The only limitation of matter we in chiropractic address is the vertebral subluxation but it may also be permanent damage to the nerve system (eg. Paralysis due to trauma). That is still a limitation of the matter. The problem is always with the matter, the inability to transmit innate forces or for the matter to act upon those forces, a point B.J. and I differ on. (He says that it is the former only, I think it is both. He never responds to my arguments:).) The cause of that limitation may have been vertebral subluxation (the area of interest of the chiropractor), it may have been another form of trauma (outside the realm of chiropractic). The trauma may be caused by injury to the spinal cord or spinal nerves or it could be due to permanent damage to the nerve or area supplied by the nerve(s), the result of long standing vertebral subluxation. In which case we can only make sure that the conducting matter, capable of transmitting innate forces, is doing so.
By the way, the forces of universal intelligence can also be limited by matter. A tree blocks the sun’s ray, a rheostat blocks the flow of electricity.

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  1. Steve 12/29/2014, 4:21 pm:

    Could you give an example of matter failing to act upon the forces delivered? Although I can understand your logic, I can not think of an actual situation.
    Thanx Joe, and Happy New Year

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