Classically, the chiropractic idea of deduction is looking at the whole and drawing conclusions about the parts in contrast to induction which looks at the parts and draws a conclusion/inference about the whole. The problem we have always had with induction is our limited knowledge about the depth and breath of the parts and how that impacts upon our conclusion about the whole. As knowledge has increased science has become less and less concerned about our limitation of knowledge. Chiropractors seem to be the only ones taking into consideration our limitations. Further, as reductionism and materialism have become more and more accepted, the influence of the metaphysical and that which is unknown about the human organism has become less and less important (again except for some chiropractors).
Inasmuch as the etymology of the word deduction comes from the French, we cannot overlook, especially as we get into the tax season, the meaning of ” taking away”, as in reducing our taxable income, has upon the idea of deduction. When we look at the whole and draw conclusion about the parts, deduction forces us to take away or reduce certain errors that the inductive method overlooks. For example:

1. We take away the idea that luck or chance is related to cause. If there is a universal intelligence, that is the reason for the cause of existence of matter. A principal or law is the reason, rather than randomness or chance.

2. If there is a universal intelligence in all matter then living matter has universal intelligence – it is part of all matter.

3. We only describe the difference by the degree to which the matter acts in an organized and interrelated, coordinated manner and we call that difference “biological or innate life” as opposed to existence or “universal life”. In that way we subtract or differentiate existence from life (matter demonstrating one or more of the 5 signs). Existence as a concept bespeaks universal intelligence. Biological life as a concept bespeaks innate intelligence.

The end result or bottom line in deduction is that we are left with something. In the case of our income , it is what we have to pay (an exorbitant amount) in taxes upon. With our chiropractic philosophy, we are left with the kernel of truth that supports the validity of our approach to the practice of chiropractic.

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  1. David Suskin 05/01/2015, 12:37 am:

    It absolutely amazes me the amount of theory, preponderances of I don’t know, science? Fact? The strong beliefs that LIFE DID COME FROM NON LIFE, and these are the multitudes of theories on how it happened.
    Maybe in 2015, with the availability of information, educated intelligence can bath itself in mechanism, in exploration, in induction.
    There is the intelligence that is observed in the development, in the structures that support life.
    There is the intelligence, observed, that supports the maintaining of the processes of life.
    With all of the DESTRUCTIVE QUALITIES of universal matter, there sure seems to be a yarns worth, a zillion theories bearing a non life/life transition. In theory. Many many people, scientists, involved with being in the exploration fields.
    Does the MP apriori hold up? Do the 32 deductions hold up.
    A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing?
    Sometimes I am just overwhelmed.
    Maybe dead men do bleed 😉
    I welcome someone screwing my head on straight.
    I’ll keep trying to unlearn

  2. David Suskin 05/01/2015, 12:41 pm:

    You said “As knowledge has increased science has become less and less concerned about our limitation of knowledge.”
    and you have written about this in your books.
    Many chiropractors, myself included have been grounded in science, induction and empiricism. And of course culturally, in the world of discovery, we have witnessed extraordinary things. People have dedicated their lives to the quest for knowledge. It’s part of who man is, with regards to discovery and adventure.
    Yes Joe, you have stated, if you start out, with a belief system as a mechanist, you’re going to take it as far as you go, and with the technology and the abundance of knowledge today, well, I can see the theorists using their inductions to close in the ‘How LIfe Formed’ questions and theories, some of it backed up by facts, some backed up by theoretical possibilities. Much of it perhaps being fiction.
    And then there is Us, the Chiropractors, the OChiropractors. Using a deductive premise to validate the reality of Vitalism.
    It’s tough sitting on the fence, that is for sure.
    When I read about the universe formation, the formation of matter, as it coalesced in time, with the ‘Soup’ as they call it, perhaps forming organic molecules, yes I can go on and on, an you I’m sure have read the data, which accumulates more and more each day, each year.
    And yes, there would appear to be an intelligent direction, and the development of a SELF ORGANIZATION into a Living thing, adapting without the reality of UI and II, we seem inductively unresolved, and perhaps this is where our Deductions come from, and the reason they exist in the reality called Chiropractic Philosophy. But the scientists refuse to listen, and venture forward, and many a Chiropractor, vascilate, as I do.
    It is a paradoxical and difficult place for this scientist, philosopher, to sit on that fence, sorting it out. and I’m sure I’m not alone.

    • Joe Strauss 05/01/2015, 1:43 pm:

      David, that’s the price one pays for sitting on the fence, “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”. (2 Tim. 3:7 )If one starts out with an a priori major premise derived from faith and/or deduction (one side of the fence) then there is a filter through which you can sift the chaff from the wheat, the good science from the bad science, fact from fiction, truth from anthropocentric speculation.

      • David Suskin 05/01/2015, 6:01 pm:

        If something happened yesterday, or 13 billion years ago, you can never prove it without applying some deduction. The principles that Abiogenesis and/or Panspermia (see wikipedia), are Vast. I can’t imagine how many scientists, people have dedicated their lives, in how many numerous scientific categories. Are you saying most if not all of this IS bad science, with the applications of observations and speculation on the availability of the ingredients for the matter of life, being present, with the observation and theories that the conditions were right?
        When does the explorer, the Chiropractor, the Scientist say, I’m not going any further. The Truth is UI and II IS smarter than any theory mankind can come up with. We’ve come pretty far since those early days of slothing around the planet, living within superstitions, and witchcraft (Yes, that still exists).
        Obviously, to me, to MANY OTHER CHIROPRACTORS, the reality of UI and II is NOT hitting us in the glabella, 100% of the time.
        Conflict clarifies, yes.
        So you sit on one side of the fence, and you look over from time to time and it’s always interesting on the other side.
        Guess I’m asking you Joe or Claude or Steve, intelligently, and earnestly, if you are a Human Being, with an inquisitive mind, ah, let me start again.
        What about the Major Premise is so Astounding and Truthful, and I guess obvious, that you stay there, forever, with ADIO ringing loud and clear, never to entertain or confuse the chaff from the wheat?
        And it’s not that YOU have to do it, or ONE has to do it. NOW, TO BUILD A PRACTICE, or as your Duty to Mankind, YOU’RE NOW GOING TO GET ON A STOOP AND YELL TO MANKIND, Be Motivated to Tell the story over and over again because IT IS THE TRUTH, and not necessarily because you have to earn a living and Sell the Public Something To Purchase.
        Owning the Congruency. Tough for this boy. Easy to Slip. Easy to go Inductive and Sell orthotics, therapy, back pain relief, vitamins, etc.
        Sorry to keep badgering you. Guess I’m looking hard, REAL HARD for an answer to that Fence Post sticking me in the you no what 🙂
        Anthropocentric speculation as apposed to Truth. Is the anthropocentric part the issue or the speculation? 🙂

  3. David Suskin 05/01/2015, 2:08 pm:

    May I presume that you have your faith (religious), to orient you.
    If you don’t have that, it’s easier to slip off the fence onto the
    tangible or to that which “The Experts” proclaim as correct.
    You’ve investigated Abiogenesis and/or Panspermia. I know you have, probably in great detail. As man get’s closer to this minute, intricate, chemistries, theories (Human being sure are smart!), electron microscopes, spectroscopy equipment, radio-telescopes, etc. amazing technologies, how do you not scratch your head and wonder.
    And with the condition of mankind, and natural disasters, wars, why good people perish? All of these questions that would seem to say, Man is Alone, to solve his own problems.
    When you see faith as being driven by man’s inadequacies, The superego (if there is one), ??? OK I’ll get off this topic, but I welcome your comments.
    So the question is, with all of these theories, would you say, no matter how far we have dissected to the truth, to the beginnings of creation, creation of life, that we still can’t and probably can’t answer How Life could generate itself from non-life, and BE MAINTAINED, WITHOUT AN INNATE INTELLIGENCE.
    Are you SO Positive, You Joe Strauss? You versus, the Einsteins, the Geniuses of the world investigating the origins of Life. Are you SO Positive that The Major Premise handles it all, if delved into completely??
    I guess I’m asking for some faith in Your Knowledge so I can hang onto that as I flounder along in my speculative and fickle beliefs

    • Claude Lessard 05/03/2015, 11:46 am:

      May it’s time to see the wisdom of DD and BJ in a NEW way? 😉

  4. David Suskin 05/03/2015, 2:44 pm:

    Is seeing wisdom in a NEW way, a reframing of that wisdom, a reapplication of perspective, purpose and intent?
    Is is a delving into The Big Idea potentiate the revealing New deductions?
    Perhaps inductions that can be applied to a broadening of the Chiropractic Obejective?
    Maybe it’s time to see the wisdom of Joe Strauss in a more aggressive way, a more ardent way?
    I am open to a passionate revelation.

    • Claude Lessard 05/03/2015, 8:21 pm:

      If I would be completely honest with you, I must say that there is much about DD and BJ that I do not find attractive or helpful. And it is important to share that here, or you might pick up one of the collections of their “sayings” and, after reading the first few pages, throw it out as unreal, di-psycho”, naïve, and pre-information age — all of which, I think, would be largely true. DD and BJ represent a level of human educated intelligence and historical development that we have collectively moved far beyond. And yet we, or at least I, still admire and even need them! Let me use DD and BJ to illustrate an important point for understanding many historical chiropractors and traditions.

      Ken Wilber offers a helpful distinction between stages and states. Your stage of human development has to do with your location in time, your culture, and your education. It has to do with your level of intellectual maturity, how much you’ve been able to integrate thought patterns in a consistent and informed way. Most of us in our lifetimes have grown through a few stages, eventually seeing the limits of each previous stage (both in our own lives and within history), and moving to the next: in general, the ideal tangent is pre-rational, through rational, and on to trans-rational (LACVS since in and of themselves they are detrimental to the living body). The trans-rational stage builds on the other two and thus has endless horizons. This is the full trajectory and direction of the growth of chiropractic philosophy, with many intermediate stops and starts in between.

      Your state of consciousness is more about your level of inner awakening than mere correct information. How much do you live connected to yourself and others and the Whole? How much have you overcome your sense of separateness and superiority? How much do body, information, and intelligence work together as one? Have you moved beyond simply reacting? Can you act and think in pure inner freedom? In traditional chiropractic language, how much do you live free from the influence of the OIBU view point?

      Your state is your inner aliveness, your full expression of the innate forces of the innate intelligence of the body. Your stage is your outer awareness, your living in 2015 with the NEW information filtered through the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. The goal is to be both–complete and whole, non-therapeutic and wise. But your state and stage don’t always coincide; many of us are stronger in one area than the other.

      You can be a high level thinker and be quite astute about philosophy, the 33 principles and analytical certainty, (a high stage), but you do it all from a perspective of individualism and arrogance about that very information (a low state)… because it is still all about “you.” Conversely, you could be quite unified within and with others, in a high state of non-therapeutic chiropractic, but be poorly informed, lacking in exposure and education to helpful and informative knowledge. Ex: 😉 There are some OCs WHO choose to practice the chiropractic objective in the purest sense, (unadulterated) and are not particularly savvy with the new information of our times. On the other hand, there are some OC’s WHO choose to learn the new information available, filter it through the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science and have a great command of the new information of our times and use it only for their own individual needs to acquire a big practice for themselves without thinking much of the cosmic importance of chiropractic.

      Perhaps you know chiropractors WHO choose to practice non-therapeutic and are successful, yet still reveal prejudicial attitudes against therapeutic chiropractors. They may seem hypocritical but are simply at a high state and a low stage. Persistence will hopefully win out in them and goodness will flow through them, even if they don’t have the gift of teaching or of understanding complex or contradictory issues. They are practicing non-therapeutic and yet, are not whole, straight but not smart, or would make, as BJ once said, the kind of chiropractors that “are not helpful” to chiropractic.

      Let me show you what describes DD and BJ: high states of innate intelligence awareness but low levels of cultural, historic, or intellectual exposure to coherent thinking (DD, in his book “The Chiropractor” 1914, mentioned that he used 500 principles to compose the science of chiropractic and in BJ’s Green Books, BJ is all over the place). Enjoy them for their state, but do not hate them for their stage. –

      – Today we have large segments of chiropractors with the opposite problem: high stages of intellectual exposure, to new information, with very low levels of innate intelligence consciousness–very smart but without an ADIO world view, which DD and BJ have in spades! Many of their sayings may sound naïve, simplistic, and even dangerous. They are highly open to misinterpretation. Read or re-read what they wrote and just receive the simple wisdom of the thinkings of DD and BJ with an open heart and mind in the coming months and let it lead you to authentic chiropractic perception. Perceive and enjoy their state of developing chiropractic philosophy, science and art. Do not hate them for living in pre-information times. This will help you understand many chiropractors in our own time as well. We really need them to move forward!

      • David Suskin 05/04/2015, 5:42 pm:

        You state that ‘The trans-rational stage builds on the other two and thus has endless horizons. This is the full trajectory and direction of the growth of chiropractic philosophy, with many intermediate stops and starts in between.’
        Yet you say that
        ‘Today we have large segments of chiropractors with the opposite problem: high stages of intellectual exposure, to new information, with very low levels of innate intelligence consciousness–very smart but without an ADIO world view’
        Isn’t that contradictory? Or is your usage of the phrase ‘intellectual exposure’ really just that, really a low state AND a lower. NOT TRANS-RATIONAL?

        • Claude Lessard 05/04/2015, 6:02 pm:


          Intellectual exposure is a high STAGE in 2015 as compared to 1915. With OIBU and a high STAGE of intellectual exposure, there and no wisdom. That is a very low STATE of large segments of chiropractors today. On the other hand, DD and BJ always had a high STATE… regardless of their intellectual exposure. We need to learn from their high STATE (ADIO) to show us HOW to integrate that high state with the high stage of intellectual exposure, which is trans-rational thinking of the information age.

          • David Suskin 05/04/2015, 6:21 pm:

            Gotcha 🙂
            When you say:
            ‘How much do you live connected to yourself and others and the Whole? How much have you overcome your sense of separateness and superiority? How much do body, information, and intelligence work together as one? Have you moved beyond simply reacting? Can you act and think in pure inner freedom? In traditional chiropractic language, how much do you live free from the influence of the OIBU view point?’
            Not Very Much.
            WHY? I think awareness and reactiveness to Vulnerablity, LOM (habits, burnout, and personality), and not enough TIME Trying. Trying real hard. Integrating the ART, Integrating telling the story over and over. What do you think Sensei?
            Do I truly need a 1000 page book on the 33 principles, as I’ve requested from Joe, kiddingly of course, dissecting, connecting ALL the DOTS, so I can wake up and own it, GRAB IT AND NOT LOOSE IT. or is that 1000 page book going to be my own book and perspiration 🙂
            I’m so hard on myself

      • Joe Strauss 05/07/2015, 1:24 am:

        Claude, “Wilber’s distinction”, in my opinion, is an anthropocentric, evolutionary centered mindset. He assumes that man is evolving to a higher intellectual level. I disagree. I think that the ADIO viewpoint has existed since the beginning of time. DD and BJ had, and shared with us a small glimpse of that viewpoint and unfortunately, as we all seem to do, they often slipped back into an outside in viewpoint. Wilber’s problem and the problem of those who follow his teaching is that they see themselves as evolving to a higher level by virtue of their educated brain. We see ourselves as observing a viewpoint that was there all along and finally beginning to understand it. Their position promotes arrogance, “look at how smart I am, I have knowledge that no one had before me”. Our position promotes humility, “why didn’t I see that or think of that before”.

        • Claude Lessard 05/07/2015, 11:17 am:


          That is exactly my point, except you say it in a much simpler way. High state of awareness (humility as we “see” ADIO) and high stage (great thinking with current information). Thank you for your simplicity. 😉

          • Claude Lessard 05/07/2015, 11:27 am:


            Would you say that the closer the body is to express the full expression of innate forces of the innate intelligence of the body, the close to “inner freedom” the BODY is within the limitation of its e-matter and time?

          • David Suskin 05/07/2015, 3:52 pm:

            The ‘Getting It’, I observe, in myself, surrounds the behavior or mis-behavior of Educated Intelligence.
            Be humble! No, that’s not going to work. That comes from a perspective, that must be daily sought after. Observe without condemnation. That’s a path, but you might honestly be condemning, and not truly observing. Taking off the ‘rose colored glasses’.
            Slipping WILL happen if you don’t Check.
            Checking is a DAILY Activity, that is necessary, I find.
            Telling the story over and over, integrates, but not permanently.
            Choosing to BE the Chiropractor, and adjust PM’s, is an active, non- judging way of putting into action the Truth of ADIO. Very necessary
            Here’s an example:
            I tell and see in people their worthiness, how they should be and honor their normalcy. But do I honor and see MY normalcy, 100% of the time, NO!
            It’s easier for me to see love for someone, than to see that love for myself, honoring myself. Not ego. But good, healthy, continuous, ADIO ego
            We can all be our own worst enemies, because of dipsycho Educated Intelligence. Some of it might be LOM (habits), and some Bad Choices.
            I read some of your responses Claude, Joe. Owning and Living the Triune, like it WAS a game of Basketball, and Gravity (Major Premise), was your best (all encompassing view) friend. Score!
            And yes Claude, in
            Natural, Metanatural, and Supernatural post (forgive the length) >> You write (see below) >> ******
            It’s an awesome read. I read it, I get it, I own it. I wake up next morning. I don’t own it.
            Daily reading reading reading telling the story over and over. WORK!
            It IS Simple, but it IS NOT, owning paradoxes, as you say, and not worshiping symptom removal.
            Honoring Intelligence and Living with Intelligence.
            A daily fight to see and do what is right! The message is simple, but the path to it IS NOT, and I guess I’m asking, is that the way it’s suppose to be?
            I guess, my normal says YES and embrace the challenge

            Claude Lessard 12/14/2014, 3:37 pm:
            Throughout this year of COTB we have been basically following the deductive reasoning of the 33 ABSOLUTE principles of chiropractic’s basic science, with its few TIMELY inductions along the way. (RWS is the one WHO chose to chart this monumental task much better than I ever can!). We all are indebted to RWS, B.J. and D.D. Everything begins with the original observation of universal organization and the assumption of “A universal intelligence in in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in EXISTENCE. This is the early assumption, an a priori truth, and the foundational stable platform on which ALL of chiropractic rests. We seem to forget that from a chiropractic stand point, that this is the origin of the EXISTENCE of all that exist… including our own universal EXISTENCE as e/matter. The fact that we are conscious or not, of this fact, is irrelevant except WHEN we leave our original stance and the proverbial “aliveness” to begin the task of building a container… an educated intelligence. Joseph has a term for this: DI-PSYCHO which is really dualistic thinking taking over, especially in the Western world, as education emphasizes competition, and success. Boundaries, group-think, and exclusion thrive. Educated intelligence hides whatever is considered unacceptable. Even our true sharing in the subatomic particles, with ALL of universal e/matter, becomes hidden beneath the need to know the principle of unknowability of the EPR effect that I spoke earlier. We have constructed many ways to meet our needs for security, control, and esteem. The goal is an asymptomatic, feel good individuation, and the emphasis is on the desires of the individual, and his or her positive self-image and comfort. In other words, symptoms have no place within “living things” and must be seen as negative survival values at any cost (even the cost of dying on the operating table). This is fine as far as it goes, which is not very far, I am afraid; but it is all that a medical culture knows.
            The goal of universal intelligence, which is the LAW of organization is always union with e/matter through its function (pri8) which is really EXISTENCE also called UNIVERSAL life. This LAW of organization comes disguised as our existence… yet, for the purpose of understanding life, we often confuse existence and being alive. These are two different concepts. To have a full (pri5,7, 9,22) and inevitably normal(pri27) expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body, involves both METAphysical and physical, which is a path of descent, paradoxes, contradictions, conflicts doubts, and lots of spinal checks that teach us to let go of our desire for an asymptomatic and antiseptic biological life. This ADIO view point teaches us HOW to trust the simple abiding of intelligent information created by intelligence uniting e/matter to itself on the existential level (pri8 and 10) —which is exactly the observation and desire of the assumption of principles 18 and 20 on the level of “living things”. –
            – Our carefully constructed educated container must gradually crack open, as we realize that we are not separate from the law of organization, (even though we are a “living thing”), from others, or from our expression, or lack thereof, of instructive information created by intelligence.. Now educated intelligence is seen for the partial but limiting gift that it is. Now educated intelligence is ready to choose to be compliant, servant, and is even willing to “humble” itself for the sake of the law of ACTIVE organization for itself and for others. –
            – It is me WHO chose to post before that the major premise is a universal principle that belongs to the entire universe and that includes ALL that has EXISTENCE. It is the initial assumption an objective universe, independent of consciousness and conceptual constructs based of observation and inductive reasoning. It is an a priori truth that chiropractic appropriates itself of. So, the “discovery” of a universal principle that we call the major premise is NEW knowledge and information which is the concern of our basic science. Again, this universal principle, that we call the major premise, is absolute, duplicable and constant. It is APPROPRIATED as the foundational platform of Chiropractic’s basic science using DEDUCTIVE REASONING. We can apply the information from this platform to extrapolate the “expression of this intelligence through matter is the chiropractic meaning of (universal) life” which is principle #2. –
            – As per principle #2, the chiropractic meaning of universal life (existence), through deductive reasoning, is seen as the expression of universal intelligence through ALL e/matter, living and non-living, we can conclude that “existence is necessarily the union of intelligence and matter” which is principle #3. This can be elaborated to illustrate the process of deductive reasoning and lays the groundwork to make the case that, chronologically through mostly DEDUCTIVE REASONING, the 33 principles ARE our basic science. It promotes the rational logic used by the chronology of the 33 principles using DEDUCTIVE REASONING which proves that if a premise is TRUE and rational logic is used through deductive reasoning, our conclusions will also be TRUE. Otherwise, the 33 principles of chiropractic become simply “armchair philosophy”, have no way to be seen as the AUTHORITY of its basic science, and become simply “armchair philosophical constructs” that cannot be logically applied as non therapeutic. Chiropractic simply remains an alternative within the medical/therapeutic system.
            So, the start point of chiropractic is the appropriation of the major premise as the chiropractic meaning of UNIVERSAL life, which includes ALL e/matter, living and non-living. I FIRMLY see the faulty reasoning of “re-arranging” or “re-compartementalizing”, which alters the rational chronological and deductive logic of the 33 principles. To ASSUME that the word “life” included in principle #2 applies only to biological life and excludes universal existence of e/matter is a grave error and collapses the foundational platform of chiropractic’s basic science with its 33 principles. Universal intelligence, and its expression, is INTRINSIC to ALL e/matter, living and non-living and it continually gives to it ALL properties and actions, thus maintaining it in EXISTENCE (pri1). This is HOW we exist, this is HOW we know that we are united to the universal law of organization (universal intelligence) through its instructive information (pri8, 10, 13, 14) and that we are maintained in ACTIVE organization, alive, (pri18, 20, and 21) within LOM (pri24). This is HOW we overcome the splits of DI-PSYCHO created by our needs for security and order. Now we are capable of non-dual thinking and we can accept any state of e/matter, with or without symptoms. We no longer have anything to prove or protect, so that we can practice the chiropractic objective, which is to LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD! To move any further, is taking a step AWAY from the center of the “forest” as Reggie used to say. Keep walking and you eventually are OUT of the forest all together. The chiropractic objective is a TRUE conclusion based on the deductive reasoning of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science and it is WHAT it is. Then it is you WHO can practice the chiropractic objective with simplicity and serenity. Either we accept the major premise as an a priori truth, or we don’t. It is me WHO chooses to observe that there is ABSOLUTELY no logical reasons, at this point in history, to alter any words or the chronology of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. An examination of the process of inquiry makes it evident that theories are not simply derived inductively from experience. It was Albert Einstein WHO chose to comment: “But on principle, it is quite wrong to try founding a theory on observable magnitudes alone. In reality the very opposite happens. It is the theory which decides what we can observe.” It is as simple as that. David and I have been friends, have taught together at Sherman and shared the speakers platforms for 30+ years and his book provides many welcomed insights… yet it departs from the rational logic of deductive reasoning. It walks away from the center of the “forest”.

    • Joe Strauss 05/04/2015, 1:34 pm:

      Is there such a thing as new revelation/ New deductions what you seem to be calling “passionate revelation”?

  5. David Suskin 05/04/2015, 2:40 pm:

    I’m using the word revelation with it’s meaning to be: a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.
    Perhaps this a MY solution to getting off the ADIO/OIBU fence (shock and aw perhaps 🙂
    New Deduction? Since the Major Premise is the apriori for the 32 following deductions, maybe I’m Assuming that that problem with my hesitancy or indecisiveness is something outside me and Not Myself.
    A 1000 page book covering the 33 principles, by Dr. Joseph Strauss.
    Or something where I experience many many Wows, Light bulbs going off, Inspiration! 200 pages Just on the Major Premise (on steroids).
    Maybe a deduction is never new, or Our 32 Deductions are not new but the interpretation or discussion of those deductions Can be New.
    What do you think? Can there be a new revelation (non-religious), or a new deduction in relationship to the 33 principles?

    • Claude 05/05/2015, 1:27 pm:

      It is me WHO choose to integrate the STATE of DD and BJ (inner freedom) so I can move forward with Reggie’s trans-rational application of chiropractic for the transformation of myself and the world. To tell the story over and over and over and over again in as many creative ways as doable. WHY? The chiropractic message made simple by Reggie, is a universal message of cosmic ramifications. That’s WHY!!! –

      – That’s NOT easy to tell the story over and over and over and over again for over 40 years… ask Joe D! 😉

    • Joe Strauss 05/07/2015, 12:42 am:

      I understand David. You are using Webster’s third meaning of the word “revelation”. Perfectly acceptable. I’m not sure I could write 1000 pages on any subject let alone on the 33 principles.

      • David Suskin 05/07/2015, 11:24 am:

        Maybe I too am confusing educated learning, discovery with ADIO understanding, integrating (see Claude-Wilber point, above). Have not read his works so I can’t comment on his reference to an evolving intellectual level. Curious as to what/if Claude will without condemnation allude to.
        Hey, you can say on 10 pages what it might take me a 1000, except maybe jazz, but not chiropractic, and definitely not baseball 🙂

  6. David Suskin 05/05/2015, 1:40 pm:

    If DD and BJ had this ‘Inner Freedom’ are you saying that
    DD and BJ WERE NOT in (your words) a perspective of individualism and arrogance about that very information (a low state)?
    That doesn’t sound like the DD or the BJ I’ve heard about. BJ was very arrogant? yes/no
    And Inner Freedom? Are you saying that ADIO from a ‘Without condemnation’ point of view leads to a most complete acceptance of imagination, individualism (normalcy), self worth, and respect for the Triune as a governing credo to Educated’s di-dypsycho splitting of the metaphysical ‘intelligence’ experience? 🙂

    • Claude Lessard 05/05/2015, 3:39 pm:


      What I am saying is that DD and BJ were in a high state of inner awareness in order for them to have been able to found and develop chiropractic. They were in a low stage of pre-information age. In other words, with the very limited knowledge of 1915, they created a philosophy, a science and an art. It is their inner freedom (ADIO) that led them to move forward. Let us embrace them for their high state and not hate them for their low stage. Today, we live in times of high stage information that keeps growing rapidly. That is good. It is we WHO can choose to integrate this NEW information filtering it through the 33 principles of chiropractic/s basic science. That way we may perhaps live at a high stage with a high state. 😉

  7. David Suskin 05/05/2015, 4:10 pm:

    Would you say that anyone who observes, or logically perceives a universe (inanimate and animate), that is an expression of intelligence, a universe that has PURPOSE to it, is manifesting the inner freedom of ADIO?, and who else, in history, looked at the world this way, and if there were others, perhaps we should embrace a multitude of people?
    Or were DD and BJ the first of the ADIO’ers (seeing intelligence as the maintainer of organization, and that which gives purpose to the universe in it’s joining matter thru force, matter being the expression of that intelligence?
    Is Chiropractic the 1st of the conceptualization?

    • Claude Lessard 05/06/2015, 11:13 am:

      Of course not!

  8. David Suskin 05/06/2015, 11:41 am:

    Who, what else?
    Wouldn’t it make sense to embrace the full lot of those and their breath of inner freedom to access that complete domain, to access all the nuances? To handle as many OIBU objections as possible?
    Am I correct by stating that inner freedom, ADIO, is the embracement of intelligence in design and purpose, the triune manifesting as the fullest comprehension, of the way the universe works, with appropriating man and his educated intelligence within that umbrella of understanding, not above it?

  9. David Suskin 05/06/2015, 12:41 pm:

    Or should I say,
    Of course not! What? I had 3 questions in there, but my last post is my basic inquiry, without condemnation, please. Be patient teacher 😉

    • Claude 05/06/2015, 3:01 pm:

      It is me WHO choose to practice the chiropractic objective and as such, I choose to ORIENT people by telling the story over and over and over and over, and YES, over again in as many creative ways as doable. That’s HOW it’s done “grasshopper”. 😉

      • Claude 05/06/2015, 3:13 pm:

        Just do it! Carry on. ADIO 😉

  10. David Suskin 05/06/2015, 3:12 pm:

    TY Sir 😉

  11. Claude Lessard 05/07/2015, 5:53 pm:


    Carry on. ADIO. 😉

  12. David Suskin 05/08/2015, 1:42 pm:

    Habits and Intelligence in their connection with the laws of matter and force >> written by Joseph John Murphy, 1869

    Anyones take 🙂

  13. David Suskin 05/08/2015, 3:51 pm:

    It is interesting that this pre-dates the Palmers/Chiropractic and yet makes strong references to terminologies like intelligence-force-matter.
    Even using force as a metaphysical terminology.
    Yes, Murphy presents Darwinism but also hybrids his theory with a triune, as I see because of the organizing principles of observed intelligence (teleological, I’m giving a for instance).
    He credits Sir William Thomson as His Authority.
    No, it is not presented as a philosophy, per se.
    Yes, he does distinguish intelligence slightly an innate intelligence, p 105 and I’d say he is a Vitalist with Darwinian overtones.
    He does present a strong semblance of Universal Intelligence in physical law descriptions, forming intelligent purposeful actions.
    He does make reference to the nervous system as producing motion.
    He does use many Palmer terminologies.
    This is not a Philosophy of principles. I’d presume that at this time of history there were many thinkers presenting these abstractions and thoughts.
    Interesting how Chiropractic IS, and what truly it developed from, borrowed, originated, etc.
    Just a curious find for me. By the way, I found it searching “Intelligence Organization”
    That’s All
    Carry On ADIO 😉
    It IS NOT a philosophy

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