Sloppy Terminology


When we are talking about the innate intelligence of the body I think we must be careful to use that term. Sometimes we even get so sloppy in our terminology so as to call it “innate”. “Innate” is merely an adjective describing the noun intelligence The same goes for the innate intelligence of a cell, tissue or organ, amoeba. tree, etc. True, it is exactly the same principle but we must describe its expression, especially if it is not understood. My keys slipping out of my hand and a 30 foot jump shot in basketball are both expressions of the same law of gravity but their difference must be understood.

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  1. David Suskin 01/09/2015, 5:08 pm:

    A good one Joe,
    I can understand your keys falling out of your hand, but YOUR 30 ft jump shot! I gotta see that one 😉 Oh, you mean in general. Ok!
    I’m glad you have such passion in your multifaceted educated interests and activities now and yesteryear. And they serve your analogies splendidly! You my friend Express so accurately and attentively.
    As an aside:
    What about sloppy professions-professionals due to unchecked slippage, and/or NO PHILOSOPHICAL OBJECTIVE
    The masses can say and do say:
    I went to this chiropractor and boy did he help me with my back! I swear by them!
    What? (me – exasperated)
    I went to this chiropractor and I hated those stingy electrical things!
    I went to this chiropractor. My MD said it was OK!

    I go to this chiropractor for my spinal health. I didn’t like how he was so pushy with selling me vitamins, pillows and foot supports.
    I go to a chiropractor 1/week to check for subluxations and I get adjusted if I have any, because I want the fullest expression of my innate intelligence possible. My Normal is the Best I can be!
    Ahhhhhhhhh 🙂
    Sloppy professions, sloppy professionals! Sloppy Objective!
    I carry on ADIO

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