On understanding the tactics of the CCE:


I am reminded of the story of one of Napoleon’s generals named Blucher, complaining to the king that no one would play cards with him. The king said “but general, everyone says that you cheat when you play cards.” To which Blucher replied, “but the game seems to go better when you cheat a little bit.”

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  1. RichieBDC 01/21/2015, 2:47 pm:

    I remember the CCE and the NJ Board inspections and threats during the mid ’70s at Sherman….One Arnold Ciunculli D.C. said no one from Sherman would ever practice in NJ (over his dead body) I was actually the first and the # on my photo was written(along with a few others) on the paper table cloth where Ciuncullli was examining from. (failed 1st time) not real honest operators…

    • Joe Strauss 01/22/2015, 12:31 am:

      Interesting anecdote Richie. Arnold C., The CCE and the general appear to have a lot in common. I can still picture Arnold’s face. Is he still alive?

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