A Hebrew Lesson


In the English language the word “create” has a number of different meanings. In the Hebrew language there are different words to describe those different meanings. To create out of nothing is the word used in Genesis 1:1. To create out of something already in existence is the word used in describing the creation of man’s body out of the dust of the ground in Genesis 2:7. We should use the meaning of that second word, “create” when we say an artist created a masterpiece. He took already existing canvas, paint and invested them with new character, just as Michelangelo took a piece of marble and created a statue. In our chiropractic philosophy, we do not address creation out of nothing, that’s a theological construct. We only address the maintenance of that created matter in existence by P.#1.

With regard to innate intelligence, we do recognize the concept of creation in principle number 18 and principal number 26. However, that creation is not out of nothing but out of something already existing, invested with a new character. The body’s innate intelligence takes universal matter (a carrot, which when alive the innate intelligence of a carrot seed, made from the dust of the earth and water), invests it with new character and “creates” living tissue. Even the chiropractic adjustment is a demonstration of this 2:7 idea of “creation”. The innate intelligence of the body of the practice member takes the external invasive force introduced by the chiropractor and creates, from it, an innate force, which corrects the vertebral subluxation. A potentially destructive universal force has been invested with new character and a constructive innate force has been “created”.

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