Today’s Lesson in Ancient Greek


In the language of the first century Greek, developed by a Macedonian hillbilly called Alexander the Great(who had a teacher named Aristotle), the intellectual understanding of a subject was called gnosis. It is just that, intellectual understanding, what we might call “head knowledge” and it was stored in the nous (what science calls the left side of the frontal lobe). Epignosis was above intellectual understanding. (epi-above or upon). It was intellectually understood and was applicable to every aspect of a person’s life. It circulated through their entire being. It was found in the Kardia. (translated heart) and was sometimes referred to as “heart knowledge or heart belief”. It influenced thinking, decision making, feelings, memory, frame of reference, emotions and your world and life viewpoint. Many chiropractors have “head knowledge”. They were able to regurgitate what they were taught in chiropractic philosophy in school. However it had no applicable value. How much of your obstetrics course do you use or even remember? It is not circulating in your Kardia. It was of little value because it had not been accepted/believed by deduction/faith or recognized as legal by the state law and applied as a part of your chiropractic objective. It was how I learned evolution in college. I got a “B” on the exam (perhaps because I could not get too interested in learning what I believed to be nonsense). I have forgotten most of what I learned about evolution and it is of no applicable value today. I had previously accepted/believed creationism. Head knowledge worthlessly inflates the ego. There was an heretical religious sect in the first century called Gnosticism. The Gnostics believed they had a special understanding/revelation about God and spirituality and because of that, were superior to everyone else(does that sound like some of those who “practice meditation”?). Today we have agnostics(a- meaning without) who believe they are without understanding (of the existence of God).
Sid Williams use to tell the story of Billy Graham who said that his ministry took on its true value and a new emphasis and meaning when he accepted the Scriptures in full faith. In chiropractic our success, in emphasis and meaning, occurs when we accept the authority of the philosophy of the 33 principles by logic and deductive reasoning and are immersed in their practical application. That comes about when we truly understand the depth and breadth of them. That’s what Objective (Straight) Chiropractic and this blog is all about.

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  1. Steve 02/09/2015, 5:25 pm:

    Oh gno you di’nt. Did you just say mediators are egotists? For someone who profess that each is governed by a life force individualized to themselves, with an intelligence perfectly suited to maximize design, you sure have a lot of opinions on what’s right for others. I understand ADIO vs OIBU, and of course we prefer ADIO, but some OIBUs are good. Brushing your teeth is a learned behavior, but still good. Let’s face it Joe some of the people we meet today could use a “time out” occasionally.

    • Joe Strauss 02/09/2015, 8:51 pm:

      Steve, I didn’t say anything about mediators. My post mentioned meditators as a passing thought. I hope that did not confuse you or the issue. Perhaps you just read my post incorrectly or misspelled your comment. Please let me know which is the case so I can correctly respond to your comment. It is worthy of an intelligent response.

  2. Steve 02/10/2015, 2:03 pm:

    Ok, I need a time out. I will MEDITATE upon it.

    • Joe Strauss 02/10/2015, 4:42 pm:

      Steve, your comment above supports my argument. A “timeout” to meditate is not emptying your mind of everything and hoping that a cogent thought will enter it. It’s thinking “upon” something. A small child who is given a timeout and allowed to color or read comic books is not employing the intention of that timeout. The purpose is or should be to reflect upon the behavior that precipitated that timeout. That was the original intent of imprisonment, to rehabilitate. Today we give prisoners activities to occupy their time of incarceration, things like courses in law and exercise programs so that they can become smarter and stronger criminals or teach them Islam so that they can, if they so choose, take out their hatred for society and the Judeo-Christian legal system that put them in prison by becoming terrorists. In my opinion, the courts should decide whether they can be rehabilitated. If not, they should be permanently removed from society.

      • Steve 02/10/2015, 6:32 pm:

        OK Joe
        I’ll just try to stay on your good side.
        Thanks for the clarification.

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