Innate intelligence- 7 Points.


1.The concept of innate intelligence comes from and is deduced from the Major Premise of chiropractic. If there is a universal intelligence in all matter, then there is an intelligence, inborn within living matter. We make this distinction simply because we observe that living matter behaves or acts differently than does non-living matter. To designate the difference in contrast to say organic and inorganic matter. The former being matter that at one time was alive and the latter never being alive.
2. It is in the tissues and cells of the body. It does not increase or decrease because it is a principle and a principle being an absolute is 100% all the time or it is 0%. Its expression may change but that is a function of the amount and the quality of the matter. By analogy, the law of gravity, the attraction of bodies is the same. The size of the matter may cause it to be expressed differently, hence the difference on the moon and the earth.
3. It is in all living organisms. Too many chiropractors equate the innate intelligence with the soul or some other spiritual entity. The principle of innate intelligence is the same in a one-celled animal, an elephant and a human being. Thinking of it as biological life may be helpful. All living organisms possess biological life. It’s an absolute. The one-celled organism is as much alive as the multi-celled organism.
4. The innate intelligence is charged with the responsibility of running the organs, tissues and cells within the body. It is in control of every unconscious function, that is every function that does not necessitate any educated thought on our part. It does not make decisions for us on a conscious level. But it is responsible for keeping the organs and the cells that make those decisions and the organs and cells that carry them out working as well as they possibly can. So while it does not tell you what to eat for breakfast or what kind of car you should buy, the organ that makes those decisions (what we call the educated brain) needs to be functioning at its maximum so that the best possible decisions can be made.
5. Innate intelligence doesn’t make those decisions, it just gives you the wherewithal to make them. To make good educated decisions, you still must have good information placed within your educated brain. The innate intelligence cannot determine whether the information placed within the educated brain is good information or bad information. It can only insure that the educated brain is able to be receptive to that information, good or bad. That is not a limitation of the innate intelligence of the body but a limitation of the matter that it has to work with, just as the innate intelligence will sometimes absorb a poison placed within the body. It cannot violate a universal law (the law of absorption-Principle #24). It may utilize a law that can supersede that universal law, that is why certain animals will not eat some kinds of food. Their body has an inborn knowledge, instinct (the matter is “programmed” to reject it) that something in the food is harmful. The innate intelligence cannot help you, other than in the above way, with placing good information into the educated brain. What can help you is having an ADIO world and life viewpoint. The chiropractic philosophy goes a long way toward helping you develop that ADIO viewpoint. Once you have that viewpoint, you must have interference to that educated brain removed as much as possible. That is where the chiropractic adjustment comes in. But the innate intelligence is not going to put only good information in there. The educated brain is in many regards like a computer and if you have garbage in, you will have garbage out.
6. How is it interfered with? Anything that interferes with the expression of the forces through the matter denigrates the ability of the innate intelligence of the body to be expressed. Death of course is the ultimate lack of that expression and DIS-EASE is partial death. Sometimes we chiropractors think that the only way this occurs is because of an interference in the nerve system. That may be a presumptuous position to take. While it may not be the only way, it appears to be the major and most common means of this lack of expression and of course is the one that is the concern of the chiropractor.
7. How does the innate intelligence correct the vertebral subluxation? In order for the body’s innate intelligence to correct a vertebral subluxation, it must have two things, first, sufficient matter for it is the matter of the body, muscles in particular, that make the ultimate correction and second, those muscles must be supplied with sufficient forces to enable the matter(muscles) to act upon the subluxated vertebra(e). Another aspect of limitations of matter is the matter of the nerve system not having the capability of carrying sufficient mental impulses to the muscles.

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  1. David Suskin 02/16/2015, 11:18 pm:

    Interesting that there is a distinction between inborn knowledge (instinct), that is within the operation of matter, perhaps even within a LOM, but serves an Intelligent function, like survival
    AND innate intelligence, that which all living things possess, that allows Life to be maintained in active organization.
    Yes, you are comparing instinct a process(es) within matter, perhaps possessed within intelligently designed mechanisms of life forms,
    to educated intelligence, where man, a life form, has to use judgement and intelligent thought to distinguish, through choice, perhaps habitual choice (oxymoron)(LOM), that which will allow successful adaptation.
    Instincts and educated intelligence serve life’s adaptations at a macro behavioral level, that can serve survival.
    Innate intelligence serves adaptation of universal forces and matter into Normalcy, innate forces that allow Life to manifest the signs of life. The maintainence of Life itself.
    The relationship between the workings of intelligent design as a a matter oriented intelligent footprint if you will, and that of innate intelligence as an active operating law that allows Life thru its mission and function is an interesting one. One would seem to exist on the material side and the other on the immaterial side.
    Instinct would seem to manifest at a more global, behavioral level, while design and intelligence would seem to manifest at ALL levels. Micro and Macro.
    Yes, i digess, perhaps bringing up other points, perhaps not.
    It’s just my way of telling the story over and over.
    I wonder if instinct is involved in the correction of vertebral subluxation?

  2. Trent Scheidecker 02/17/2015, 4:07 pm:

    Thanks for the points! This is the least talked about topic in our philosophy but is the most needed for practice member eduction.

    Look forward to more blog posts on Innate Intelligence!

  3. David Suskin 03/21/2015, 12:14 pm:

    Asking again more specifically.
    The relationship between the workings of intelligent design as a a matter oriented intelligent footprint if you will, and that of innate intelligence as an active operating law that allows Life thru its mission and function is an interesting one. One would seem to establish itself (former) in the material side and the other, as process from the immaterial side.
    Yet, they would seem to have some relationship with each other.
    Innate matter, would seem to necessitate the intelligent design in order for the chemistry of life to work (eg. Hemoglobin, flagella, from macro to micro parts of the body).
    Innate intelligence allows for the adaptation of universal forces, p32, and p21. The maintaining of This Intelligently designed Existence of Living matter, The Organism.
    Does innate intelligence influence intelligent design?
    Is intelligent design all about creation, which Chiropractic does not concern itself with, except for the creation of forces?
    Is intelligent design all about the creation and innate intelligence all about maintaining the creation AS LIFE?
    Is intelligent design more of an intelligent, adaptive evolution, with an intelligent mission, origin, one might call Universal intelligence, this the Naming of p2, the chiropractic meaning of life?
    Where does one end and the other begin?

    • Claude 03/21/2015, 2:17 pm:


      You posted: “Does innate intelligence influence intelligent design?” The concept of innate intelligence is described as the law of active organization. Does the law of gravity influence intelligent design? –

      – Universal intelligence and innate intelligence are concepts pointing to universal laws which do work together as a whole for the maintaining of e/matter, both living and non-living. They work as one.
      Like the law of gravity works as one with law of aerodynamic. It is e/matter that is organized according to the configuration and velocity of electrons, protons and neutrons.

  4. David Suskin 03/21/2015, 2:38 pm:

    Yes Claude,
    And Good morning to you, on a weekend 🙂
    I get that. And it would seem that the ‘Old’ RWS interpretations, with it’s creation clause in its discussion of universal intelligence, etc. might handle the concepts of intelligent design. But alas, we have given up that creation position reference.
    We don’t talk about evolution. We don’t talk about the intelligence in design.
    Yes. Intelligent design concepts must work with 33p concepts.
    And visa versa.
    With the abundance, observation of organization in living things(intelligent design), and with that similarity existing within how we perceive our major premise, it would seem that the thrust of universal intelligence would obviate a similar observation of organization in living organisms, called intelligent design, but that is not the premise. But should it be?
    Does intelligent design, the intelligence of its processes, whatever they may be, fall under the guise of universal intelligence, the major premise, but we don’t include it in our 33Ps because the 33Ps deal with the Chiropractic Objective Only.
    Perhaps intelligent design, universal intelligence enters the realm of ADIO which is more inclusive to many other subjects?

    • Claude 03/21/2015, 5:08 pm:


      The FACT that organization bespeaks intelligence, is sufficient to stand on a stable foundational platform for the major premise. Everything else is mostly deductive reasoning based on rational logic and some inductive reasoning based on few more observations. ALL is well. Carry on. ADIO. 😉

      • David Suskin 03/22/2015, 4:06 pm:

        Organization bespeaks intelligence therefore
        DNA – organized
        Nature – organized
        Living design – organized
        Innate intelligence – maintains active organization and harmonious action of all the parts, coordinating for mutual benefit, these parts of an organism, by adapting universal forces and matter

        • David Suskin 03/22/2015, 4:23 pm:

          The chiropractic objective stands on its own with LACVS.
          How organization manifests into living organisms, into their structures, into creation theories (evolution, creationism, why bad things happen to good people, etc. might have something to do with a chiropractic principle(s) (cause n effect, time, etc. ), but not necessarily a chiropractic subject.
          ADIO? That’s a different story. Let’s discuss it!
          Best to be over qualified, then qualified just enough, in case of emergency.
          Innate intelligence in the embryo? I say once the embryo has a rudimentary nervous system, the mother supplies an environment, the embryo supplies innate intelligence.

  5. David Suskin 03/21/2015, 8:06 pm:

    Are you saying the major premise is cool enough.
    Go play your guitar Dave
    You’ll go fly your plane.
    The rest???
    For another day.
    But seriously. Let’s dig a little deeper into my inquiry (above).
    For another time. OK?

    • Claude Lessard 03/22/2015, 10:51 pm:


      You posted: “ADIO? That’s a different story. Let’s discuss it!” –

      – What is going on with you? We have discussed ADIO back in the summer, at great length… did we not? It would help YOU and this blog a whole lot, if it were you WHO were to choose to read COTB, not to confirm something that you think you already know… NO!!! It is you WHO can choose to be open to read COTB with the hope to discover something NEW. That’s important! Not something to agree with or disagree with. –

      – Here was the main point of that inquiry… Joseph said: “This whole discussion (about ADIO) is part of my latest Blue Book Conflict of Philosophies. In this book I cover issues that have both an ADIO viewpoint and an outside-in one, some which have nothing to do with health or chiropractic.” –

      – Carry on. ADIO. 😉

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