It seems to me that Traditional Chiropractic and Objective Chiropractic both address Vertebral Subluxation as the cause of DIS-EASE. The difference is that TC sees DIS-EASE as the cause of (all, many, most, some?) diseases and OC makes no such assertion, maintaining that DIS-EASE, results in partial death (lack of the full expression of intelligence through matter), lack of active organization, lack of coordinated activity.To go further is not only not necessary but is encroaching upon another’s (medicine’s) practice . Is that a fair and accurate assumption?

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  1. Steve 02/27/2015, 4:27 pm:

    If the 33 Principles of our basic science, which explains why we do what we do, and the normal complete cycle, which explains how what we do works, DO NOT mention nor discuss disease or pathology, assuredly it is out of our realm.

    • Claude 02/27/2015, 6:05 pm:

      It is a fair assumption Joseph. The CAUSE of incoordination of DIS-EASE, which is interference with TRANSMISSION of innate forces (pri30), violates the principle of coordination (pri32). The chiropractic objective restore the integrity of the principle of coordination (pri32).

  2. Kirk McAnsh 02/27/2015, 6:54 pm:


  3. David Suskin 03/04/2015, 12:29 pm:

    I tried to answer you metaphysically but there was no response. Empiricism has it’s virtues.

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