End-of-life care.


Some time back an article appeared in a chiropractic publication discussing the idea that end-of-life care is part of a vitalistic approach and that chiropractic as part of Vitalism should address this issue. I’m not sure whether end-of-life care is part of vitalism but it is not part of the practice of chiropractic. End-of-life care is essentially managing a lack of life or an apparent increasing manifestation of a lack of life in an individual. Chiropractic does not address manifestations of a lack of life. It addresses a cause of a lack of life, the lack of expression of intelligence through matter as it relates to vertebral subluxation. Disease and its symptoms, whether diagnosed or not may or may not be a manifestation of a lack of life. Vertebral subluxation is a lack of life (a lack of the expression of intelligence through matter). Medicine at its best, meets with varied results in addressing manifestations of a lack of life especially in managing end-of-life care. Chiropractic does not address end-of-life care, beginning of life care. It addresses life care without making judgments about limitations of time and matter.

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