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The greatest hindrance to understanding and applying the chiropractic philosophy is the refusal to disregard previous ideas, paradigms, and thinking and to begin to look at the world in light of an ADIO viewpoint.

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  1. David Suskin 03/16/2015, 7:51 pm:

    Does deep thinking promote ADIO or OIBU viewpoint?

    • Joe Strauss 03/17/2015, 2:03 pm:

      David, I’m inclined to say the question should be reversed. Does an ADIO or an OIBU viewpoint promote deep thinking? The OIBU thinking person is “ever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.” 2 Tim. 3:7. The person thinking from an ADIO viewpoint comes to a knowledge of truth. That truth may necessitate something more than just empirical knowledge, like logic. It may even be above our finite mind’s ability to grasp and necessitate faith. I think it’s ironic that those with an ADIO viewpoint are not considered the deep thinkers of the profession, when in fact they are the only ones who are (able to employ more than just empiricism). Those with a OIBU viewpoint who want to embrace chiropractic on the most superficial of levels (musculoskeletal) believe that they are the intellectuals of the profession. The arrogant are surely the inadequate.

  2. David Suskin 03/17/2015, 2:43 pm:

    Very astute Joe,
    hmmmm and as per your posting >>clarifying that OIBU viewpoint >> resulting in a refusal to disregard previous ideas, paradigms, and thinking. ARROGANCE!
    I would have to say they’re are extremes on all sides, ignorance, arrogance and inflexibility, but yes.
    and thus the event we know as slipping and checking.
    There is a time for faith (as you’ve stated, with children, and maybe even the uneducated masses) and there is a time for reasoning, for learning and questioning, and exploration. ADIO, with it’s acceptance of a major premise, in chiropractic, that of intelligence directing force and matters existence, presents immaterial causations to material events. Educated beneath Innate/Universal, etc.
    Am I correct when I reference
    Soren Kierkegaard reference to his “Leap of Faith”, which references existential minded man, deep thinking man, to see a need for a leap of faith to resolve questions that the empirical inquiry cannot answer?
    However it would seem that ADIO presents even further options, presenting not faith, but logic that would by the experience of organization in the universe our major premise), and as you’ve written, the ontological and the teleological points of view, etc. almost proving the existence, within logic, Gods existence?
    Personally I wonder, when faced with confusion, with a necessity to make hard choices, thinking that the answers, ADIO wise, Normal wise, are there in causation, but the matter of ones self must transform, and the need to make personal, free will choices mandate, a change in thinking, in orientation, in choosing good or bad, in doing the right thing, the only thing!
    It is difficult to transform. It can be a grueling process.
    Certainly a slip that if unchecked, can lead one once again to OIBU illusions, but perhaps safety nets, temporarily.
    Ebb and flow, ebb and flow 🙂

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