The 33 principles


It seems to me that the 33 principles are enough science to explain and validate chiropractic and its philosophy. When we begin to incorporate other scientific fields, philosophies, personal viewpoints and or religions into our chiropractic philosophy we run the great risk of mixing our chiropractic with these other areas of study. Regardless of how valuable these areas may be, and how they may add to our world and life viewpoint, they add nothing to chiropractic and often tend to water it down.

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  1. Claude Lessard 03/18/2015, 5:54 pm:

    “Chiropractic philosophy is not a study of psychology, any more than it is of chemistry or physics. Chiropractic recognizes and honors all the “findings” of the psychologist as it does that of the physicist. It make use of these findings as it does those of the physicist and aggress with psychology as long as it is consistent with Chiropractic.” CHIROPRACTIC TEXT BOOK, Art.316, bottom of page 241 and top of page 242

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