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Active organization refers to principle No. 21, the mission of innate intelligence. While it is true there is active organization on the atomic level (the motion of electrons), it is generally confined to the interaction of cells for the good of the entire organism (or the interaction of the cell’s components in the case of a one-celled organism). So it is not ordinarily used in referring to the expression of universal intelligence.

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  1. Claude 04/01/2015, 11:07 pm:


    Principle #16 differentiates e/matter as inorganic and organic. This differentiation points to non-living and living e/matter. Active organization is really the organization of a living thing or what can be called organic organization. The term “active organization” is associated with innate intelligence and its mission, not with universal intelligence and non-living/inorganic e/matter. Therefore to say that there is active organization on the atomic level is NOT true in this context. Perhaps, the term active organization and its meaning should be part of the lexicon. Thoughts?

    • Claude 04/02/2015, 6:26 pm:

      … also, one can easily see the rational logic associated with the chronological order of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science.
      Through deductive reasoning, #16 gives rise to #18 which gives rise to #19 which gives rise to #20 which gives rise to #21 which is the organization of the body of a “living thing” which is called “active organization”. Therefore, we conclude, together without condemnation, that “active organization” is the organization of organic e/matter ONLY!

  2. David Suskin 04/03/2015, 3:06 am:

    And is it not true that
    The concept or the reality of ‘Mission’ or objective as referenced in p21 is further explained thru p26?
    And This objective or mission is alluded to from p2?
    The meaning of life further deduces to the cycles of life?
    When a person faints, is that not a meeting of innate intelligence with the universal forces of a limitation of matter?
    Educated intelligence contains an abundance of matter that longs for a fuller expression of innate intelligence. Transformation can occur if The Who exercises more truthful choices, understanding that LOM requires observation without condemnation into the reality of the limitations of educated intelligence plus ‘getting’ p26, p21, p2, the 33s under the umbrella of ADIO

    • Claude 04/03/2015, 2:18 pm:


      The innate intelligence of the body of a “living thing” (pri.20) has the mission of maintaining that body in active organization, which literally means: to maintain that body ALIVE by adapting universal forces and e/matter (pri23), which are constructive toward STRUCTURAL e/matter (pri26, without breaking a universal law (pri.24), Active organization in that sense is about “living things” ONLY. BJ called it “THE LAW OF LIFE” (and rightly so!). I call it the LAW OF ACTIVE ORGANIZATION! On the other hand, universal intelligence is in ALL e/matter and maintains its existence (pri1) creating universal forces which are deconstructive toward STRUCTURAL e/matter (pri26). I call it the LAW OF ORGANIZATION! –

      – The point is that BOTH laws ACT… therefore whether at the atomic or cellular level, there is ACTIVITY. Universal intelligence ACTS to maintain ALL e/matter in EXISTENCE (pri.1), while innate intelligence ACTS to maintain LIVING e/matter in active organization (pri21), which means to maintain LIVING e/matter ALIVE! –

  3. David Suskin 04/03/2015, 3:45 pm:

    Yes both Laws Do Act. And I’m trying to dig further into the meanings of the 33 p words, that are used and Chiropractic Philosophy (yes I know Chiropractic IS a Philosophy!)
    It would seem that many of the words used in the 33p’s are inferred or re-used (eg. MP using ‘action’, therefore implying p6 (time), or of course the word organic, being used in conjunction with organization, or big one >> the word MAINTAINING used in Major premise, also used in p21, (Maintain), etc.
    I’m focusing into the word Mission, which implies purpose (eg. I’m on a mission to stimulate this website into more activity because it is sorely loosing lot’s of p21 organism involvement :).
    Anyway The Mission of Innate Intelligence would seem to fit into a relationship between II to UI as stated in p26.
    p26. Comparison of Universal and Innate Forces – In order to carry on the universal cycle of life, Universal forces are destructive, and Innate forces constructive, as regards structural matter.
    THAT OVERALL MISSION as implied from p26 is TO CARRY ON THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE OF LIFE. I’m stating that this reference of words Cycle Of Life perhaps comes from P2 >> the Chiropractic Meaning of Life (meaning vs cycles) and thus ties organization and active organization, inanimate with animate, inorganic with organic, universal forces with innate forces, etc. TOGETHER, Into a mission, perhaps a mission Of Universal Intellience, not it’s function (to create force, but it’s mission)
    I’m merely going further, if further is meant to be going, in my understanding of the far reaching effects and implications of the 33p’s , and/or What The Major Premise truly Implies, and then I’m trying to extend this concept into where Educated Intelligence, which exists and its purpose And limitation as it comes into relationship with The Mission Of Active Organization, Life.
    We talk about the limitations of matter and how let’s say, instinct bears limitations of matter, or OVERREACTION bears limitations of matter, or HABITS bear limitations of matter. Reflexive behavior, that may have served a purpose, that controls Educated, habitual, narrow and Inaccurate Viewpoints, Worldviews.
    The fact the people don’t change (the expression). What is that?
    What? That’s limitations of matter as expressed, habitually in personality, and within educated intelligence that LIMITS MAN! Not something that Innate Intelligence in it’s full expression and It’s Mission I see as something that IT Seeks.
    Yes I’m taking this further. Yes I understand you, Yes I agree with you and your distinction you made with reference to Joes Posting.
    Get My Drift? crickets crickets crickets. WAKE UP PEOPLE! πŸ™‚

    • Claude 04/26/2015, 12:43 pm:


      The “mission” of universal intelligence is stated in the major premise. Can you identify it! πŸ˜‰

      • David Suskin 04/26/2015, 1:42 pm:

        The Ui mission is to maintain matter in existence.
        Organized existence at the micro and macro atomic level (from atom to

        • Claude 04/26/2015, 2:52 pm:


          Now that you have identify the “mission” on UI, not its function, you have answered your own question! Congratulation! πŸ˜‰

          • David Suskin 04/26/2015, 6:27 pm:

            Ok, UI mission established.
            P11. The Character of Universal Forces – The forces of Universal Intelligence are manifested by physical laws; are unswerving and unadapted, and have no solicitude for the structures in which they work.
            P25. The Character of Innate Forces – The forces of Innate Intelligence never injure or destroy the structures in which they work.
            Since p11 and p25 have been established, when we analyze
            P26. Comparison of Universal and Innate Forces – In order to carry on the universal cycle of life, Universal forces are destructive, and Innate forces constructive, as regards structural matter.
            Should it not read
            Due to p11 and p25, the carrying on of the universal cycle of Life is established.
            THAT ESTABLISHES A DEDUCTION. The other way is putting the cart before the horse. It’s already been established that uforces are destructive and iforces are constructive.
            Thru cause and effect, it is now established that there is a cycle going on as an effect of p11 and p25.
            My previous point was that p2 being the Chiro meaning of life (inanimate), progressing to p14, the further identification of universal life (inanimate and animate), to p18, the establishing of the evidence of LIFE (animate), to p26, the establishing of THE CYCLES OF LIFE (animate to inanimate), was, is a significant underpinning, progression of understanding that the 33 presents, and for that matter, as I have recently suggested, pointed out, the nature of life begetting life only, with the establishing of a new ii, a unique metaphysical event, in this begetted, birthed life, on one hand, yet the expiration of life yielding the separation of ii from innate matter, aka death, as an observable unique metaphysical event, on the other hand, adds further understanding to this CYCLE OF LIFE that p26 presents πŸ˜‰

  4. David Suskin 04/25/2015, 8:49 pm:

    That life, from its origins, manifests, begets life. P18 (reproduction), Many lives, many innate intelligences. Billions of lives, billions x OO of innate intelligences.
    And That ii, maintaining active organization in living matter, maintaining
    the expression of ii in innate matter, creates innate forces which join ii with innate matter, by adapting uf and umatter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit.
    YET WE GET TO WITNESS SEPARATION OF II FROM INNATE MATTER, WITH DEATH. The dissolution of complete active organization.
    No, I’m not saying that in the formation of a human being, something that doesn’t exist, doesn’t come into existence. It does, it might. Like the Soul, but that’s a theological subject. Point is
    It would seem that ii, is always joined to Life and life gives birth to other life, Until life ends with the release of ii from innate matter. THE INNATE MATTER RETURNING TO UNIVERSAL MATTER.
    BIRTH IS REALLY The transferring, WHATEVER ITS CALLED, of another ii to the developing life, as part of p18, p21, p23.
    We logically can explain the presence of the law of life, in a NEW Life,
    But empirically, we can witness the separation of LIVING TRIUNE, in death.

  5. Claude 04/26/2015, 9:58 pm:


    What could life beget besides life? What kind of suggestion is that?

    • David Suskin 04/26/2015, 10:50 pm:

      Since life can only come from living mater, then the beginning of the impetus goes to the beginning of creation (1 creation, 1 tree, many buds, an eternity of lives), where as the ending of life(s) is constantly occurring, with observable separation of ii from innate matter, with matter becoming universal matter once again.
      It’s just interesting that there is 1 beginning but an infinite number of endings.
      That’s all. Nothing profound. But it is humbling.
      I guess Life also begets, through its survival and thus it’s assimilative, competitive, adaptive and LOM behavior, death to other lives (plant, animal). But that’s a different spin on the meaning of beget. πŸ˜‰

      • Claude Lessard 04/28/2015, 11:10 am:


        Life begetting life is a sign of life called… reproduction (replication) for “living things” … is it not?

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