Chiropractic means more than just “done by hand”, it means done by the law of life. We don’t just work with our hands, we are working with, or more correctly, working for the innate intelligence of the practice member’s body.

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  1. David Suskin 04/10/2015, 7:06 pm:

    Thus, the Art of Chiropractic, one Big example of the Law of Giving…
    Educated Intelligence is humbled.
    Just telling the story, so I understand, so I can Give more freely, with less interference.
    I need a bigger, wiser Boss to work for, anyway 😉
    Good one Joe

  2. David Suskin 04/11/2015, 2:39 am:

    Since there is an innate awareness of every innate need, do those needs extend to needing chiropractic, to needing a chiropractor to work for it, as you have suggested? Maybe it’s more that chirpractic, by defining the chirpractic objective, places itself within an ADIO viewpoint, as directed by intelligence, in harmony, without interference, directed by intelligent forces to be mission based, human based. Maybe innate needs include the interrelationships of people, that chiropractic proves as a service to others, as an education or exposure of truth to others, coordinating the balances between innate intelligence and educated intelligences of humanity and as a means, directed by intelligence, to provide the EIF required by the innate intelligences of other human beings, to allow the fullest expression of innate intelligence in persons, peoples, in humanity?
    You cannot work for one innate intelligence of one person without working for all innate intelligences of all people?

    • Joe Strauss 04/11/2015, 6:06 pm:

      David,There Is definitely an innate need for an adjustment which the innate intelligence of the body provides most of the time without the chiropractor. It is because of limitations of matter that a chiropractor is needed. Chiropractic is part of the ADIO viewpoint, but not synonymous with it. The purpose of the educated brain, which of course needs an innate intelligence in order to function, relates to our interrelationships with people. With regard to your last question, I think you need to look at the innate intelligence as a law. Perhaps you are personifying it. When I walk down the steps is”my gravity” working for all people. Is the “innate intelligence of one person (me) working for all innate intelligences (sic) of all people?”

      • David Suskin 04/11/2015, 8:04 pm:

        You said, ‘~adjustment, the innate intelligence of the body provides most of the time’
        True true, I am reacting to your statement, ‘-the chiropractor working for the innate intelligence of the PM’ (of course)
        That’s kind of a personification too.
        My educated intelligence happens to understand the need to work, and perhaps an interpersonal need is satisfied thru the tooling of rendering adjustments and educating others about the philosophy.
        Innate intelligence is lucky enough to have educated intelligences to have made the discovery of the laws, and educated intelligences desirous enough to be helpful to others, either by INNATE NEED, or some other directing, positive influence over us humans.
        I know, I know. Innate intelligence adapts universal forces in our own living organism, for our own and each individual life.
        But if life includes the existence of LOM, and it does, then maybe what makes man different than animal or vegetable, is innate intelligences SUCCESS in adapting the deconstructive nature of organism interaction into constructive messages like love, like compassion, like quest for wisdom, for truth.
        No man is an island is an innate intelligence truth, not an educated intelligence truth.
        People need people to live, to adapt.
        Well it’s a theory. And yes you are right. It might all be educated intelligence. This might just be an argument of semantics.
        IF NOT, then how can I be working for another mans innate intelligence, and that not be personification, or a twist or an illusion, that makes sense, but fundamentally,accurately, by lexicon, is NOT true.
        Correct me if I’m wrong.
        (‘Dave? I have no idea what you’re talking about, you’re thinking? No! You understand what I’m trying to say)
        Talk to me. 🙂

        • Joe Strauss 04/13/2015, 12:32 pm:

          Dave, perhaps “working for the innate intelligence of the PM” was a poor choice of terms. I should have said “working under the authority of the law of life (innate intelligence) of the PM, just as when I walk down the stairs (which becomes more “work”every year), I am doing so under the authority of the law of gravity. Thanks for checking my slipping.

          • David Suskin 04/13/2015, 1:33 pm:

            Guess I”m finally earning some stripes :). Your welcome.
            Yes I’ve been harping on this constantly, and I guess I can predict your answer, but I’ll try again (I alluded to this before, and before).
            Maybe I can be clearer.
            Is the interconnectedness within nature, NATURE!, you know, how it’s all intelligently working together. Nitrogen cycle, birds and the bees, the food chain, The whole anchelata (spelling??).
            Plus of course the machinery of what makes out bodies work (metabolism, cell membranes – (phospholipid)(acts as a barrier and an import/export of protein and ion device, DNA – the mother of all intelligent operations, etc. etc.
            But we can just stop at Animal to Animal, What we eat, what works as OUR food, vs what is food for a COW, and the adaptive GI systems for that food.
            OK, So, is this Innate Intelligence? Selfish Innate Intelligence. Or
            Maybe the mission and the function of innate Intelligence is Selfish, but the Intelligence, if you will behind the MIND of Innate Intelligence, KNOWS ALL ANIMALS, ALL LIFE AND HOW IT WANTS TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER, AND IT DID, DOES AND WILL.
            Do you understand my inquiry?
            Is this not Chiropractic Philosophy too?
            We always make reference to the operation of Nature, that it IS NOT mechanistic. That it IS Vitalistic. So where is the vitalism, if it’s not Innate Intelligence (under the umbrella of Universal Intelligence (ADIO), doing all of this interaction DESIGN. YET, Innate intelligence within the 33, is SELFISH and per the organism.
            So once Again, my thought is that Innate Intelligence by mission and function is Selfish, but by Existing to Do Something, Render Something, IT’S CONNECTED TO ALL LIFE. IT KNOWS HOW ALL LIFE WORKS, GIVING 100% per what the Life requires (per organization requirements), BUT ALSO, PUTS THE WHOLE PUZZLE TOGETHER, chemically, and interactively ???

  3. David Suskin 04/11/2015, 9:38 am:

    In other words
    Is chiropractic about the chiropractor or the pm
    or both, and if both, then maybe innate intelligence is not as selfish as we state that it is. Maybe This is the far reach, the intertwining, interconnecting nature, truth of ADIO!

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