Stupid Statement #2


Candy Gunther Brown maintains in her essay, Chiropractic and Christianity: The Power of Pain to Adjust Cultural Alignments that chiropractic grew out of or is an extension of Paracelsus’s (magnetism) or Mesmer’s (hypnotism) work. That is akin to maintaining that modern brain surgery is the natural extension of the ancient art of trephination in which a hole was drilled into a mentally ill person’s head to allow evil spirits to escape.

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  1. Glenn Allen 04/15/2015, 10:03 pm:

    Joe, by magnetism, do you know if she includes Magnetic Healing, or is magnetism something else entirely? The dictionary I have, gives two definitions for the word, one dealing with magnetics, and one with a personality trait. When I saw this post, I remembered reading somewhere about D.D. saying that Chiropractic was an outgrowth of his Magneting Healing. I found it in The Chiropractors Adjuster 1910 on page 79, top of last paragraph.

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