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Does the principlization of chiropractic, that is,defining and explaining the scope and practice of chiropractic by only it’s 33 principles negate the value of wider application like enhancing performance, improving potential and getting sick people well? Does the fact that the 33 principles say nothing about getting sick people well of disease restrict a chiropractor from applying his understanding of chiropractic to the alleviation of medical conditions? Can chiropractic have more than one purpose, more than one objective? After all, there are many things we do in life that fulfill more than one purpose at the same time. Many people drive an automobile for the purpose of deriving enjoyment and pleasure and also to get from one place to another. Are we required only to choose one? DD and BJ did not think so. Neither do thousand perhaps the majority of chiropractors today who practice what is called traditional chiropractic. In so doing I think it is possible to practice in a manner that is consistent with the 33 principles and still purpose to get sick people well. That is what the Palmers did. However, in doing the latter, getting sick people well, while it may be another objective of chiropractic, it has already been established as the objective of the practice of medicine. Perhaps that is why they opposed chiropractic from the beginning.

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  1. David Suskin 04/29/2015, 7:30 pm:

    Definitions are man made, so technically Chiropractic can be (re)defined as anything, if consensus bears out that intention.
    If the existence of Innate Intelligence IS True, meaning, that Life is more than mechanism. (Can’t prove it!), And spinal adjustment DOES remove interference to II expression by the correction of spinal subluxation (4th component, being immaterial ii, then Who would want to re(define) Chiropractic by anything else But an Objective? BUT perhaps Results bear more tangible fruit than Logic. And it IS the quintessential Slip, unchecked. The old Gravy Train.
    “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” so to with Chiropractic being Medicine, limited to the removal of neurothelipsis(??), or spinal dyafferentation or Whatever.
    Thus the terms Chiropractic Medicine, Spinal Manipulation, with lotions and potions.
    People are very very very resistant to change and the mind plays tricks, particularly when Symptoms abound and Dollars are required for Services (OI), rendered
    Come on Claude. Set us all straight. Set ME straight 😉
    Yes I know, it’s all about the WHO

  2. Glenn Allen 05/04/2015, 3:10 pm:

    Defining and practicing of Chiropractic by the 33 principles will never negate the value of enhancing performance, improving potentail or getting sick people well. No value can be placed on those things, and Chiropractic nor anything else can negate nor lessen the importance of them. However, I am surprised to even see this subject popping up after all this time, after the door has been opened wide by Reggie and his clearing up of any confusion as to what Chiropractic should be, and after all of the so called agreement with that message, unless it is a grasping at straws attempt to defend why the Chiropractic masses should be allowed to continue doing with Chiropractic whatever suits their individual needs.
    Chiropractics’ goal should not be about improving potentail, enhancing performance or getting sick people well. It is only part of Chiropractic if you want it to be. The choice to do the right thing rather than the standard thing is yours. Reggie solved that problem with Spinology. Even when he found the flaw in insinuating that Spinology and Chiropractic can improve performance, he corrected and eliminated it. POTENTIAL cannot be improved uppon! Any potentials we have, are those that we were born with. The only thing that we can hope for, is an improvement in the LEVEL at which those potentials are EXPRESSED! Everything else, including performance and getting sick people well, are the POTENTIAL results of the level of expression of those potentials. Why should the fact that we do many things in life that have more than one goal in mind, make it right to transfer that mindset into Chiropractic? If you make it your one and only goal, to work with the body to correct spinal subluxations, for no other reason than that their very existance is a detriment to life expression, how can you go wrong, and in what universe should there be a need for anything else, when it comes to the practice of Chiropractic, just because so many refuse to take that extra step towards the purest, Universal purpose for which those same people know in their heart of hearts is why Chiropractic was given to us?
    There truely seems to be a conflict in stating that one can be consistant with the 33 principles and still purpose to get sick people well. Whether they get well or not is the purpose of INNATE, not the purpose of the Chiropractor. As was previously stated, that symptom oriented approach has already been established as the medical objectve. When people do not get “well” under Chiropractic care, who failed, you or Chiropractic? When you “purpose’ to get sick people well and they do not, YOU FAILED! When you take that goal uppon yourselves, you attempt to insert your finite self into the realm of the infinate INNATE!
    Chropractic will never be free until IT is freed from that mindset. I love the phrase that was spoken in the movie Platoon. One soldier was talking to the group and said, “free your mind, and your ass will follow”. Why is it so hard after all we have heard and shared, to take that one small step into freeing our minds from backwards thinking?
    The 33 principles are great, but they are not a defense or excuse for continuing down an outdated path. We can still live by those principles while taking that step towards freeing our minds and our lives. If we have learned anything in the struggle to clear the Chiropractic air, it is that taking those much needed steps, are in no way as hard as we feared they were, and the world is better off for our having taken them!

    • Joe Strauss 05/07/2015, 1:04 am:

      Glenn, the chiropractic objective, enabling the forces of the innate intelligence of the body to be more fully expressed, is not subjective as are “enhancing performance, improving potential, or getting sick people well”. I think Reggie was upset by the fact that chiropractors were making chiropractic anything they wanted. Consequently, he chose one of those three, improving potential, and made that the objective of Spinology. He made two mistakes, in my opinion. First he had taught us since the early 70s that the chiropractic objective was to enable the innate forces of the body to be more fully expressed and second, the problem you point out clearly, “potential cannot be improved upon.”
      You are also correct in saying that there “seems to be a conflict stating that one can be consistent with the 33 principles and still purpose to get sick people well”. That conflict we call “mixing” and I like how you put it “chiropractic will never be free until it is freed from that mindset.” Thanks for your insight.

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