Condition Centered Chiropractic Q&A # 58


If Chiropractic is condition centered as an administrator at one chiropractic college maintains and the patient comes in the office or the clinic with a condition but is not subluxated, what do you do? You cannot adjust them. If you send them home and refuse to care for them is that medical malpractice and would an m.d or a mixer/therapeutic chiropractor testify so (especially if a therapeutic procedure could/would address that condition and you are legally, in your state, allowed to treat it? In other words if you diagnose and are legally able to treat it are you required to do so? If you refer them out for specific medical care, after having diagnosed that medical condition is that not the practice of medicine? If an unfortunate event occurs under the care of the doctor you have referred them to, will you be dragged into the litigation?

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  1. Charles Hollensed DC 05/06/2015, 5:20 pm:

    I chiropractic was not conditioned centered at one of the chiropractic colleges in Illinois there would be nothing since they do not believe in the existence of the subluxation.

    • Joe Strauss 05/07/2015, 1:40 am:

      Dr.Hollensed, in my opinion, that “condition centered” college in Illinois has “nothing” but a second rate approach to the practice of medicine. That’s why they want to add dispensing drugs to the practice of chiropractic, hoping that they can become a 1.5 rate approach to the practice of medicine and eventually reach equality. I should add that there are a lot of fine chiropractors who have graduated from that school and chosen to be a chiropractor despite their education.

      • Charles Hollensed DC 05/08/2015, 4:33 pm:

        I agree with you. And I know many graduates who have found chiropractic. If fact I had the pleasure of influencing a couple. I wish there was a way for them to have what they want without using the name chiropractic.

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