The 33 Principles Q&A # 59


Which of the 33 principles is either not in some form known by the average person or cannot be logically shown to them?

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  1. David Suskin 05/31/2015, 7:33 pm:

    Thru my own experience, The 33Ps Collectively, understood as The AUTHORITY, along with it’s ADIO implications cannot, will not be comprehended by logic alone.
    May I suggest that understanding will only happen thru tempered unlearning, along with perception and viewpoint transformation, which thru a commitment to a seeking of truth will only come to fruition thru repetition, motivation, common sense, time, discipline and patience.
    And perhaps a Socratic confrontation by some educator or mentor.
    The average person, as a PM, deserves that opportunity to discover their normal.
    Chiropractors, as Doctors, serve a high calling. Embrace it.

    • Joe Strauss 06/01/2015, 2:43 pm: wrote”Thru my own experience, The 33Ps Collectively, understood as The AUTHORITY, along with it’s ADIO implications cannot, will not be comprehended by logic alone.”I think that people who already have a strong authority orientation rather than an anthropocentric orientation can accept the logic of the 33 principle. I had a old friend who practiced in a strongly Amish area a few miles from where I now live. The Amish besides having a strong faith were farmers acknowledging and made a living by the application of the principles of universal forces and innate forces.They readily accepted the chiropractic philosophy when it was presented to them and were regular lifetime, entire family, practice members (except when weather factors during the harvest season prevented them from getting into the office). Those that have a strong outside-in, mechanistic, anthropocentric world and life viewpoint may need some “tempered unlearning” in the form of remedial ADIO philosophy. But that should be part of what Claude calls “telling the story.”

      • Claude Lessard 06/02/2015, 11:33 am:

        …. over and over and over and over and over and over again, in as many creative ways as doable, for the transformation of the life of the world, your very own life and of life itself. πŸ˜‰

        • Joe Strauss 06/02/2015, 2:19 pm:

          Claude, have you ever told the story over and over and over and eventually come to the conclusion that a particular person is just never going to get it, that you are “casting your pearls before swine” and in so-doing depriving others who need to hear the story, the opportunity to do so?

          • Claude 06/02/2015, 10:31 pm:


            Over 90% of my practice don’t get it YET ;). It is me WHO chooses to tell the story over and over and over again. It is my call to do so, regardless of WHO gets it. The results are not up to me. The reason why I keep doing it, until it hurts (ask Joe D. how it hurts), is that “We never know how far reaching some thing we may think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions TOMORROW”.

  2. David Suskin 06/02/2015, 11:20 pm:

    That flaws me! So what do YOU think are the reasons for, might I say the interference to those 90% not getting it YET?
    What prevents the Big Idea from being gotten, by most people?

    • Claude 06/03/2015, 12:37 am:

      Why should that flawed you when less than 10% of chiropractors WHO studied under Reggie Gold and Joe Strauss for four years got it? When your neurons are embedded with OIBU since birth, the unlearning process is so tedious that most people give up. The pressure is too much for them (mother, father, teacher, preacher, family, friends, co-workers). OIBU is very strong in first world countries! Let’s face it, what chiropractic has to offer to the world is freedom from the arrogance of its collective educated intelligence intelligence, including our own. People don’t want it! They just don’t want it! Yet, every human being on this planet has an innate right to hear the story over and over and over and over again in as many creative ways as doable. It is me WHO choose to do that! I am a sower in cauldron of contradiction. It is mine to do. πŸ™‚

  3. Rich Story 06/03/2015, 12:45 am:

    Been awhile since reading any posts on this blog… Looks like Elvis has left the building!

    • Joe Strauss 06/03/2015, 11:34 am:

      Rich, Have I just been hallucinating every Monday, Wednesday , and Friday or is there something wrong with your computer?

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