Democracy in Chiropractic.


Democracy is the rule of the majority, however when the majority does not recognize the rights of individuals but only the right of the majority it is nothing more than mob rule. Obama doesn’t care whether Islamic countries or their extremism controls the country, just as long as they are the democratic majority and in the middle eastern countries they are in the majority or have intimidated/silenced any possible opposition by violence or threat. The problem is Islamic extremism is not unlike communism, it cannot succeed (at least cannot appear to succeed) when there is anything that can in any way provide an alternative. Some alternatives to Islam are based upon freedom and the opportunity to exercise one’s free will. Christianity gives one the right and freedom to accept or reject Jesus Christ without coercion or impunity, at least not in this life. This freedom would include the right to personal life choices. That is why atheism is an important opposition to Islam as well as feminism and homosexuality and are not tolerated by Islam. How does this apply to chiropractic? Chiropractic is in the minority and chiropractors are the minority of doctors. The majority of the public does not go to a chiropractor. However objective chiropractors are a minority within a minority and have a right to exist, practice and teach their unique approach to chiropractic even if it is in contrast to that of the majority of the profession. That does not mean that a society should accept an approach that is dangerous or harmful to the public. That is exactly what the broad scope chiropractic cartel is claiming to do. However, it is incumbent upon them to demonstrate the danger of the objective chiropractic approach. They have never demonstrated the danger of that approach. On the contrary, it is the safest approach to chiropractic. Interestingly, the outside-in approach is the approach to chiropractic that the medical profession has been claiming is practicing medicine without a license (and the necessary training) and has been a dangerous and harmful approach for the past 100+ years.

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