Freedom and Tyranny


Every bit of freedom we have is the result of our military.
Every bit of tyranny we experience is a result of our government

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  1. David Suskin 05/25/2015, 4:34 pm:

    When you say We, I take it you mean USA. This is an empiricism. True however. For now.
    Deductively, within our democratic republic, if the ethics (rule of law and morals) are put in place, then the effect will work towards balance and harmony. If not, then corruption must follow, and even the military will support tyranny.
    Also, what is factually true today may not have been factually true yesterday, and might not be factually true tomorrow.
    In memory of those who have given their lives to noble causes, and to protect our freedoms, I humble myself and remember.

    • Joe Strauss 05/26/2015, 7:44 pm:

      Yes, Dave, I meant the United States, although it could also be said about our military for much of Europe, and the Pacific basin whose wars we were sucked into. It would be said for Eastern Europe if Roosevelt had not given it away to the Communists at Yalta, against the advice of his military and Truman had not given much of South East Asia to the communist in order to end the Korean conflict, having to fire the country’s best general in order to do that.I’m not sure that the military in this country would support tyranny. The present military does not seem to be enamored with their present commander-in-chief and his regime. Historically, when the federal government acted in a tyrannical way, the finest of military leaders resigned their commissions and led the fight during the second war for independence(in a war between the states).

  2. David Suskin 05/26/2015, 7:57 pm:

    Interesting. So the military is that isolated from the executive branch, that it can and would, could act on their own established principles?
    I was trying to universalize your question (eg. North Korea – tyrannical militaristic, or I’d guess Germany WWII, ( I’m so uninformed, but I do take an interest more in my adult years).
    In the past, you have presented the complete freedom >> anarchy >> tyranny pathway (etc. ). In this case, of course, this was probably more of a memorial day message.
    Don’t want to get political (too much), but this president has implemented powers and said certain things that have made me, and others wonder, where his allegences truly are and the who(s) jumped on board to accomplish what?
    Don’t think we could necessarily repeat history (aka WWII), but never say never when it comes to certain things. That’s all I’m going to expose.

    • Joe Strauss 05/29/2015, 1:50 pm:

      For the military to act against the executive branch (the Commander- chief), it would have to act against its oath. That’s why the gentlemen from the South (like the USMA,class of 1846) had to resign their commissions before heading to their respective states to join the Confederacy. The check on the Executive is the Congress which is the only branch that can declare war. While the “war” in Iraq was not a declared war, Bush to his credit, got the approval of the Congress, something the Democrats seem to have forgotten.

  3. David Suskin 05/29/2015, 2:04 pm:

    Do we want to continue this discussion?
    and I am a (was) a Bush supporter. Wasn’t the campaign made though, about WMD’s, to Congress, and they might never have existed?? Oh it’s a mess, Starting with the Media, OIBU arrogance leading to fooling all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. As we become more of a federalism, dumbing down the populous, corruption might seep through those nobel doors of the military, or at least having the continuation of their Hands Being Tied.
    Don’t get me started. Argh šŸ™‚

    • Claude 05/29/2015, 2:55 pm:

      Joseph and David,

      In chiropractic, every bit of chiropractic freedom, for chiropractors WHO choose to humbly practice the chiropractic objective, comes from the AUTHORITY of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science (especially #20). Every bit of tyrany is a result of ignoring that authority through the arrogance of educated intelligence in imposing itself on people under the pretense of consumer protection.

      • David Suskin 05/29/2015, 8:12 pm:

        If “chiropractors WHO choose to humbly practice the chiropractic objective, comes from the AUTHORITY of the 33 principles and this affords them (us) chiropractic freedom, then what affords our PMs this same freedom? The receiving of a LACVS adj, and the same understanding and commitment to this same AUTHORITY, meaning a fully divested in, and educated patient?
        When does educated intelligence point to freedom?
        When does educated intelligence point to tyranny?
        When does educated intelligence point to ADIO?
        When does educated intelligence point to OIBU?

        • Claude 05/30/2015, 12:34 am:


          Please re-read my post and tell me WHAT comes from the AUTHORITY of the 33? Also, you, better than anyone else, knows the one answer to your many questions!!!! šŸ˜‰

          • David Suskin 05/30/2015, 1:43 pm:

            Uh oh šŸ™‚
            1 It’s all about the WHO
            2. ADIO defines the role of Educated Intelligence
            3 Normalcy + LOM + The Triune (The 33 Ps) + fullest expression of innate forces (LACVS) + the WHO (choice) = Transformation, moving from point A to point B and the need to tell the story over and over in as many different ways as you drive the car to a destination (eg. Home), arrive, get out of the car and go inside, until it’s time to do it again.

            OY šŸ˜‰
            And Dr Mentor Teacher Claude says? šŸ˜‰
            FREEDOM to do what is right and not expedient? AND…

      • Joe Strauss 05/29/2015, 8:13 pm:

        Claude, you are absolutely correct, authority is necessary for freedom. Without the authority of the local and state government with regard to Highway laws, I would not have the freedom to go out in my car. However, you can have freedom without authority but that always leads to anarchy and usually results in a strong leader (tyrant/dictator) coming to the forefront. The historic example is the French Revolution which led to the “reign of terror”and the murder of many innocent people on the guillotine until a French officer named Napoleon Bonaparte turned his grapeshot loaded cannons on the mob and ended the French Revolution.
        In chiropractic we have had no authority, each chiropractor practicing as he saw fit with in state law (or how he chose to interpret that law). Unfortunately that anarchy type situation led to the rise of a tyrannical organization called the CCE which many in our profession think is better than no authority just like many of the French thought that Napoleon was better than the anarchy of Robespierre, Diderot and Marat (and he probably was). In contrast to the French Revolution was the American war for Independence based upon the authority of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Like you, I believe that the authority of the 33 principles is superior to the authority of the CCE.

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