True Jubilee and Freedom


Jubilee def.-a year of emancipation and restoration… the emancipation of slaves…
I believe that BJ was looking forward to the year of true Jubilee when all chiropractors would be freed from the slavery of being shackled to the medical model of merely “getting sick people well,” free to correct vertebral subluxations in order to enable the innate intelligence of the body and its forces to be more fully expressed and all the results that would occur from that service. B.J. like rest of us knew that he was not really getting sick people well. The innate intelligence of the patient’s body was. In his later books he applied chiropractic to a lot more than sick people. Man has a natural inclination, a natural striving for freedom. Traditional chiropractic inhibits that striving and has chained us to the medical model. Each year the links of that chain grow stronger and more binding. Requiring that a traditional chiropractor form a medical diagnosis is perhaps the strongest link in the chain. All our students in CCE schools are required to make a diagnosis, not of a vertebral subluxation but vertebral subluxation and/or a medical condition in order to justify the correction of that vertebral subluxation if that is what they want to do. That requirement is not yet part of the practicing chiropractors licensing restriction.
Perhaps it does not have to ever be. I am reminded of the story of the little circus elephant that is chained to a stake driven into the ground. One day he will be big enough and strong enough to pull out that stake and run free. But he never will because he’s been trained to respond to the restriction of the chain. Unless we create the freedom that objective chiropractic has modeled for us and teach that model, we don’t have to worry about state laws requiring we diagnose and treat a medical condition. Our new graduates are already trained and led to believe that is what chiropractic is all about by being taught that at our schools. The idea that chiropractic is all about addressing diagnosed medical conditions and nothing more, I don’t believe, is what any traditional chiropractor sees as the maximum contribution of chiropractic to humanity. Yet traditional chiropractic is unknowingly perpetuating that idea, among other things, in the researching of medical conditions and their relationship to the vertebral subluxation. Unfortunately, BJ did not live long enough to see the day of jubilee. That day is now upon us. However if we do not respond to that opportunity we may never get another chance and spend the rest of what will be a relatively short lived history chained to the practice of medicine.

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