The only equality in life is the presence of the innate intelligence of the body. It is the same, 100% in all human beings. Just so that does not create pride or promote socialism, we see that it is also 100% in every plant and animal, in every living thing. Its expression is dependent upon the amount, the character of the matter and the quality of its innate forces which is not the same in anyone or any creature.

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  1. David Suskin 06/08/2015, 1:20 pm:

    Does that mean, in the case of a fetus being the recipient of the MOTHERS innate intelligence, that the mother has more equality “to all” than the fetus (her matter), and therefore pregnancy termination by these Chiropractic principles sides on the side of the mother?

  2. RichieBDC 06/08/2015, 4:34 pm:

    The brain being formed now the child has its own ii too…..

  3. David Suskin 06/08/2015, 11:15 pm:

    From what has been discussed numerous times, the thought is that the Intrauterine fetus is TRIUNED by the women’s (mothers) ii.
    Yes, I am inclined to deduce that innate forces are gathered and flow thru the fetus. The issue is, whose matter does the fetus belong to.
    The determination of self determination of the fetus warrants the answering of that question.
    Perhaps at some point, the ii is thought to be more shared by mother and fetus, thus giving equal rights to each. If the ii remains of the mothers completely until birth, well that may redirect the answer to this question to the former analysis (fetus’s matter, fetus’s innate forces, therefore fetus’s life (by triune definition)

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