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Why do you think that D.D. was preoccupied with the heads of dead animals hanging on the wall of his office waiting room? (Every once in a while its nice to post a lighthearted Q&A)

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  1. Claude Lessard 06/17/2015, 5:23 pm:

    Every body knows that’s because he was born and raised in Pickering, Canada for 20 years! šŸ˜‰

  2. Charles Hollensed DC 06/17/2015, 9:27 pm:

    I think he was just motivated to get ahead

    Maybe they were payments for adjustments

  3. David Suskin 06/17/2015, 9:58 pm:

    The residences of innate intelligence (as per DD) come in many sizes and shapes?

  4. Glenn Allen 06/17/2015, 10:08 pm:

    D.D. Palmer and Teddy Roosevelt had one thing in common, both were
    preoccupied with nature, and in particular, the animal side of nature. Teddy was obsessed with killing and stuffing nature since boyhood,( some kind of proving he was a man thing), while D.D. was known for his compassion for saving and healing animals from as far back as his childhood. It would seem like the natural next step, to collect and mount the heads of animals that died, in order to display what was created, and that particular part of creation that represented that which housed what was to D.D., the major organ that was involved in the process of ADIO.
    I have been preoccupied with spines since I saw my first model spine as a student at Palmer. I now have a massive collection of human and animal vertebra and skulls, mostly buffalo and steer. So, I can see where D.D. may have been coming from. It all may not fly in today’s society, but it was quite “normal” at that point in time. Considering the almost disturbing things that B.J. collected, D.D.’s collections could be seen as extremely “normal”.

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