Psychosomatic Disorder


A psychosomatic disorder is not necessarily the imagining of a medical problem, or imagining the symptoms of a medical problem. It is the matter of the educated brain affecting the matter of the rest of the body. There are examples of it in a normal state. One is purposely holding your breath.

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  1. Claude 06/30/2015, 3:12 pm:

    It is true that our life experiences are mostly a matter of choices as we use our educated intelligence, which is a product of the PHYSICAL brain “affecting the PHYSICAL e/matter of the rest of the body” (consciously or unconsciously). What is difficult for human beings, is to take responsibility for those choices, and then be willing to have the integrity to accept whatever results from those choices. It is me WHO chooses to be responsible for my choices… which is really to choose to be WILLING to be the CAUSE of the stuff of my life. It is me WHO chooses to live my life from that. –

    – When it is me WHO accepts the major premise and the chiropractic objective in the light of the ADIO world view, all that needs to be done then, is for me to choose to have integrity by honoring my word for myself and my life. Oh yes, mistakes might be made. Yet… we are ALSO free to choose to make amends and to choose to make a different choice, if needs be. That way, we can let go of the hope for a better past, as Joseph mentioned in a previous post. Then, it is we WHO can choose to seize the opportunity (carpe diem), to make a difference, by inventing a NEW possibility that might further our own transformation, the transformation of others, and the transformation of life itself. This is truly what self-expression is all about… as we tell the story over and over and over and over and over again, in as many creative ways as doable. We are then FREE to choose to be WHO we choose to be. We can give of ourselves fully to ALL of life. That choice, gives us the opportunity to generate possibilities, free from the prejudices of the past. –

    – Together. without condemnation, it is we WHO can choose to be responsible for our choices.

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