An Historical Observation


Part of the problem in the history of chiropractic was that before it could evolve,develop, grow into and be presented as what it should be (based upon the 33 principles), it was appropriated and grafted into the practice of medicine by those in chiropractic who were not willing or unable to give up their outside-in world and life viewpoint.

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  1. RichieBDC 07/08/2015, 6:18 pm:

    and still going on today for the most part of the profession….OSC is a very small minority!

  2. Jordan 07/09/2015, 2:27 pm:

    Very insightful thoughts here – it’s important to understand the distinctions there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

    • Joe Strauss 07/10/2015, 1:06 am:

      Thank you Jordan and welcome to the blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the future.

  3. Claude 07/09/2015, 6:17 pm:

    First of all, the discovery of a premise requires the observation of an event which ALWAYS appears to be detached from the observer. That in fact is a good definition of OIBU. The restoration of Harvey Lillard’s hearing was the event that, at first, pointed to a NEW found cure based on an OIBU world view point. Quite frankly and in all fairness, if I would have experienced this event, back in 1895, I would have assumed the same thing. –

    – The extraordinary genius of Reggie the fact the he was the one WHO chose to be open to “see” something NEW. And it happened!!! Reggie was the one WHO first “SAW” the major premise for what it was… that organization bespeaks intelligence. He told me many, many times, that it made sense to him. When I first started at Sherman, 41 years ago next week, I was taught from the very first class of Regigie’s philosophy course, that chiropractic is the science and the art of LACVS in accordance with the philosophy. Reggie never mentioned to me that chiropractic got sick people well in all of the 720 hours of philosophy that he taught me at Sherman. I do not know WHEN he experienced that NEW “way” of seeing. One thing is for sure, is that WHAT he “saw” was whole and came from an ability to “see” passed through the veil of OIBU straight from the ADIO view point. Joe Strauss and Joe D. had Reggie for philosophy back at Columbia 10 years earlier. Perhaps they witnessed Reggie’s transformation. Or maybe Thom Gelardi WHO went to Palmer with Reggie back in 1957. –

    – Be it as it may, suffice to say that the most difficult thing that human beings can do, is to admit that they were wrong, even though, at the beginning, they did not know it. As early as three years ago, I “saw” how wrong I was to think that the LACVS was for the body to express better its innate intelligence… while, in reality, the function of matter is to express FORCE (pri13). It took a long time on this blog to affirm principle 13. It is me, today, WHO chooses to hope that I will always remain open to the NEW and to let go of the hope for a better past. It’s the only way to move forward and to grow.

    – Now,

    • David Suskin 07/18/2015, 11:40 am:

      Thru an ADIO viewpoint, I want YOU to look up the potentially lethal condition that can exist between mother and fetus, called Pre-eclampsia.
      It involves ii of the mother, the fetus, LOM but all in all, it poses to me such an enigma between a most natural process going wrong.
      Oxymoron: Innate intelligence failed.

  4. Tom 07/09/2015, 8:53 pm:

    Reggie’s transformation in his thinking manifested early in practice in Spring Valley. After graduating Palmer in ’57, he picked up where BJ was finishing up that chiropractic indeed DID get sick people well and that once people got well through chiropractic for them to stay with chiropractic to stay well. Reggie said never once did he hear BJ speak of non-sick people getting adjusted. It wasn’t until he began seeing some volume and realized that chiropractic did not get all sick people well. It took one elderly woman who came in riddled with 40 years of arthritis and after 6 mos of chiropractic kept complaining to Reggie that she didn’t feel any better. That burning ember in Reggie’s mind suddenly burst into a flame and Reg told the woman, “Why don’t you get in the car and go home and bring in your grandchildren so that 40 years from now they are not in the same rotten mess that you are in looking for a miracle after it’s too late!” And NTSC was born.
    Interestingly enough though he didn’t go straight from therapeutic TSC to NTSC. He went through different levels of t-TSC as he speaks about in his talk “Levels of chiropractic consciousness.” First chiropractic curing all disease (grow another arm on a one arm man, kind of thing) to chiropractic dealing with some disorders to chiropractic preventing disease to chiropractic maintaining health and keeping the well from getting sick to finally chiropractic for all people under all circumstances – NTSC. It’s fun listening to other chiros who give Reggie credit for their chiropractic understanding. You can almost determine WHEN they heard the talk from Reggie that flipped the switch for them as many remained at that place in Reggie’s thinking in their practices. Thankfully Joe D, Joe S, Claude and a few others stayed the course with Reggie through his transformation and while they did not follow Reggie into Spinology, they took the latest and greatest of Reggie’s thinking and became the rocks that they today in NTSC.

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