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I’m personally not hung up on the term “innate”, not attached to it. Some want to get rid of it. Some would be satisfied if we would ignore it or use terms like mother nature, the wisdom of the body, viz medicatrix naturae, terms that the public already knows and understands… but not as we understand innate intelligence. Calling it something else is not going to make it disappear unless that something else, like the above, has been previously defined and understood. Calling it something else is not going to make people forget there is a greater effort at work in the body than the educated mind of man.

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  1. Glenn Allen 07/22/2015, 8:24 pm:

    B.J. developed Chiropractic. B.J. developed it’s terminology along with that of his father. B.J. said ” Innate is the Soul of the Universe concealed and revealed in an animal”. Would anyone care to venture a guess as to which “term” my vote goes to ?

  2. Claude 07/23/2015, 5:28 pm:

    Understanding that innate intelligence is the LAW of ACTIVE organization, it is appropriate to associate it with the LAW of gravity, the LAW of thermodynamics, the LAW of aerodynamics, the LAW of conservation of energy. I have noticed over the years that it helps people’s understanding to call it the LAW of innate which is really an inborn, indwelling and localized LAW within the “living thing”. People somewhat understand the nature of “LAW” and it is a simple way, for them, NOT to get the LAW of innate confused with educated “intelligence” or educated “mind”. I ask ALL of youz, before you get into my airplane for a flight, which one is immutable?… The LAW of gravity, the airplane or the pilot in command? The answer is obvious is it not?
    Carry the analogy to the living body. Which one is immutable?… The LAW of innate, the mind of the practice member or the skills of the chiropractor? Infallibly they KNOW the answer. –

    – LAW is NOT materiall, a product of e/matter. The nature of LAW is information which is immaterial. Information is the second necessary united factor, which is force, within the triune (pri4). The chiropractic objective is about the full expression of information within the living body. Period. What Joseph called “the greater effort”…. the LAW of innate.

    • Joe Strauss 07/24/2015, 1:50 pm:

      BJ referred to it as the “Law of Life”

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