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Sometimes my thoughts get weeks ahead of my opportunity to post them. In an effort to try to catch up I am posting some seemingly unrelated thoughts. Comments, discussion and disagreement are welcomed and encouraged. They really do help to clarify. If you are commenting on a particular one please identify it by the letter of its listing. Thanks. Joe

A.The difference between the straight and mixer viewpoints of each other is that the mixer judges the straight, saying he is inferior, he is a bad chiropractor, a danger and/or incompetent. The Straight does not judge except to say the mixer is not practicing chiropractic. He judges based upon an objective not the individual’s personal actions. The mixer never says “well I don’t agree with what he does, or his approach but he is good, he is helping people, he is not hurting anyone, he’s an asset to the community and should be able to continue to practice according to his conscience.”

B.Arrogance is assuming the prerogatives of the innate intelligence of the body, knowing in what state the body should be. It sets you up as being perfect like the body’s innate intelligence.

C.Emotional people rarely make sense and are not thinking but emoting. Celebrating over a touchdown or the sack of an opposing quarterback when your team is three touchdowns behind is not thinking and does not make sense.In a team sport like football that is preoccupation with self and that, is the definition of arrogance.

D.A lack of a philosophy destroys objectivity and creates subjectivity.

E.In chiropractic the handicap of education is that it causes the tendency to depend upon your own ability (that of the educated mind to accomplish the chiropractic objective) rather than acknowledge and depend upon the innate intelligence of the body.

F.The 33 principles were not discovered by BJ Palmer. They were always there. They just needed to be transferred to the human mind. We can thank him for writing them down and making that possible.

G.Principle applied to experience creates dogmatism. That’s not bad.

H.Sometimes perception really is reality.
I.D.D.Palmer originally thought that the objective of chiropractic was to redefine what getting sick people well meant. It has not worked out that way. We have just conformed our practice to that objective.

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  1. RichieBDC 07/22/2015, 7:17 pm:

    Joe: all your thots hit home with me….A. is so true The mixer mindset feels that what we do is not only 3rd rate care but dangerous to humanity at the least and illegal at the worst. At times it can be discouraging that’s why this blog is excellent and other groups on Facebook etc.

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