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Recently, on a Facebook thread, there was some negative discussion about my former “box on the wall” fee system. I offer the following in response: I may have made only as much money or even a little less than the average chiropractor but I lived as well as I desired (better than most of the world) and retired from practice as comfortable as I wished (also better than most of the world). However, if in doing so, I had to work harder and longer than others, does that make me a fool or a slave/servant? Only a few chiropractors have ever suggested that it was demeaning to the profession, never did a practice member suggest it. In fact I got the impression that those in my community respected and admired my manner of practice and that it raised the appreciation for the profession with the public. We surely could use greater respect and admiration, high medical-type fees don’t seem to be doing it. I would rather be considered a servant to people than a slave to wealth and the things that wealth would bring me. Are not politicians described as “public servants”, the police “protect and serve” and the military “serve” their country?
Two weeks ago on a speaking trip to Rhode Island I had the opportunity to tour the Vanderbilt mansion, built coincidentally in 1895. As impressive as it was for that era, I cannot imagine that Vanderbilt’s life was any more fulfilling than mine. My last thought before leaving this world will not be, “boy, I wish I had made more money,had a bigger mansion, or acquired more things”! On the contrary, I will look forward to hearing my Creator say, “well done good and faithful servant!

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  1. RichieBDC 08/03/2015, 3:11 pm:


  2. Lisa Bleicher 08/03/2015, 3:32 pm:

    Joe, that was written with such grace, style, and truth! Thank you

  3. Joe Donofrio 08/03/2015, 4:44 pm:

    Not the way I would have answered…lol…but very nice Joseph…..

  4. Charles Hollensed DC 08/03/2015, 8:03 pm:

    Jim Elliot a missionary, whose mother was a chiropractor, and whose brother was a DC who was President of Western States is well known for his quote”He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose. I am always saddened to know there are chiropractors who have never had the joy of giving an adjustment with no thought of money. You did well.

  5. Rich Story 08/04/2015, 2:01 pm:

    Every DC should have the right to run their practice how they wish and to their own personal philosophy. Not all may agree on another’s practice management and they should keep it to themselves. As long as you were content with your’s Joe, that’s all that should matter.

    • Joe Strauss 08/04/2015, 5:39 pm:

      I agree Rich that “Every DC should have the right to run their practice how they wish and to their own personal philosophy”.However that idea does not extend to the teaching of chiropractic practice and the standards that surround that education. The standards of the CCE say that a chiropractic student should diagnose a medical condition and their care should be demonstrated to effectively address that medical condition. While that does not, presently, extend to the individual practitioner how long will it be until state boards adopt the standards of the CCE into their rules and regulations governing the practice of chiropractic?

  6. Travis Robertson 08/04/2015, 7:21 pm:

    “I would rather be considered a servant to people than a slave to wealth and the things that wealth would bring me.” I agree, Joe!

  7. David Suskin 08/05/2015, 11:07 am:

    Fortunately, what’s others consider you, eg. servant or slave, has nothing to do with what you consider yourself or what you are.
    Many a chiropractor are servants to a misunderstanding and practice that does not support longevity let alone survival.
    I’d rather be considered a servant and wealthy. No one wants to be considered or be a slave, no matter how Nobel. Sometimes what one is, is not the choice or product of only two extremes.
    I saw Billy Joel last night close the Nassau Coliseum. Wow. That is some professional. Hard working, rich and talented guy. I gladly paid for an experience that was uplifting and one of a kind.
    Can chiropractic supply that? Given the right understanding, the right interaction, the appreciation of what Normal Is, that being unique and perfect and personal, I think it can. Close.
    Rich or poor, it’s good to have money, or at least enough money.
    Free or slave, it’s good to have integrity, purpose, passion, good will, and focused on the fulfillment of ones own potential and others potential.
    No one has to rationalize what one is or does to anyone. We might. We defend our positions, our views, our ways, many times. That’s human, yes, but given the one life one has this time around, I’ll take if possible
    Servitude And Wealth. Slavery, Never! And yet I am a slave to certain things! I hate it. Are you?

    • Joe Strauss 08/08/2015, 11:42 pm:

      “Rich or poor, it’s good to have money, or at least enough money”. For some no matter what they have it is never enough. For others no matter what they have it is always enough. As BJ would say “odd isn’t it.”

  8. Scott Timpanelli 08/08/2015, 1:38 pm:

    You’ve inspired me Joe which has helped me inspire others!

  9. Tim Lamarre 04/21/2016, 4:15 pm:

    I am looking at “Box on the wall” for my future practice. Could anybody that is currently doing this inform me of how it works with people over 65 that are eligible for medicare.

    • Joe Strauss 04/28/2016, 11:44 am:

      Tim, I am retired now and I was in practice before Medicare existed (during the Jurassic Period). I just took care of medicare people (for those 45+) years and explained the BOTW system. Despite the fact that I constantly heard you had to participate in Medicare, never signed up. No one ever came after me. I wish they had… imagine the positive P.R. I would have gotten, willing to take care of old people for whatever they could pay, no forms they had to fill out, no deductible, no copay, etc. Perhaps a present BOTW practitioner could explain the situation today.

  10. Bryson Langel 04/26/2016, 4:39 pm:

    Jay Korsen, DC wrote a book called, “Chiropractic Cash Only Practice” that is very helpful. For Medicare you’ll want to look at using the “S8990” code for your Medicare-aged patients so you can provide LACVS for them. Hope this helps.


  11. bradley walter 04/27/2016, 1:29 pm:

    Tim there is a facebook group that is dedicated to serving Chiropractors with practice building strategies and support for BOTW and Membership style practices. feel free to look me up on FB, email me at livefreechiro@yahoo.com, phone 910-352-6550

  12. Richie Barone, D.C. 04/28/2016, 2:25 pm:

    As usual Joe (right on the Money!)……..

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