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Is modern day chiropractic merely a means by which a man or woman can make a good living by putting in the least amount of time and effort, living off the government (insurance), and being able to fill one’s time with the pleasures and diversions that usually are identified with a life of idleness?

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  1. CHARLES HOLLENSED DC 08/28/2015, 3:33 pm:

    Absolutely – after making the sacrifice of a few years and a lot of dollars doctor of chiropractic medicine are entitled to a free ride. Not to mention the continuing education we must endure. And we all know luxury cars, boats and fancy vacations are our right for our sacrifices. And the less we work and the more we get the better. Never mind serving humanity with the gift of pure chiropractic. Gimme mine – getting yours is not my problem. Let apathy reign as long as I am filling my life with the good things. Others and eternity can wait.

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