Mechanism and naturalism do not so much maintain that concepts like innate intelligence do not exist but that they need not exist.

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  1. David Suskin 09/18/2015, 4:18 pm:

    …for mankind to live a full life with the hope of optimized quality and quantify of it, given mans increasing knowledge and wisdom to be able to control and adapt circumstances to his needs

  2. David Suskin 09/19/2015, 12:25 pm:

    Since matter is woven into an intelligent and operational existence, and since LOM is the ultimate barrier to biological life, and since man now builds skyscrapers, travels to other worlds, probes the depths of the unseen. Since we can see an alter the machinery at the cell, at the molecular function, have acquired knowledge and built great tools, saved peopled from death where great trauma and disease has robbed them of function. Since all of this and more, much more, unless ADIO can expose New Character to the forefront and bring mans choices to align with his intended purpose, if there truly is one, since innate intelligence maintains living matter in existence, mans educated intelligence in existence, then who is to say whether mans mind is not intended, INTENDED, to solve the problems that LOM creates, denying living man Life and freedom from suffering.

  3. David Suskin 09/19/2015, 1:35 pm:

    Without a viewpoint that ones life has purpose, not self created but fundamental innate, if you will, purpose, then with the level of control that man does have on perhaps the effects of of a multitude of causes,
    Man depends on man for solutions.
    If ones viewpoint encompasses an intelligent, purposeful universe, existence, then while man does need man to live, man first requires
    Unimpediment to the expression of that intelligence and purpose expressed by ones matter through the distribution of innate intelligent, purposeful, new charactered contained forces

  4. David Suskin 10/13/2015, 1:35 pm:

    Since chemistry (Pharmaceuticals) alter biological function of cells, organs and tissues (Mechanism), and since it has been stated that ii CONTROLS function in that ii adapts universal forces so all parts can have coordinated function, where does physiological (mechanistic) function end and innate function begin?
    Here is my inductive, empirical example:
    Person takes BP medication. It effects many different chemical pathways, causing many different functional changes, utilizing many different functional approaches.
    How is it that we do effect physiology (mechanism), when II is in charge of the whole darn thing thing, the execution of ‘The Wishes of II’ take precedence?
    Yes I know I’m stepping into the murky waters I always step in (Slip).
    What’s the Check?

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