Everyone has or should have an agenda. For some people it consists solely of getting out of bed in the morning, after that, ”whatever will be will be”. For some it’s 15 to 20 things to do in the course of the day and a time frame in which to do them. For some others it may be that same agenda but in order of importance. So what’s the agenda for the chiropractic profession and the agenda for the different aspects of the profession? Fortunately, for some of the profession it’s “chiropractic for the world”. Although that’s really not an agenda. It’s more like wishful thinking, pie-in-the-sky. It’s not that there is anything wrong with wanting that. Many of us want that, although it may not be practical or feasible. But even if it were, an agenda is needed to make it a reality, otherwise it is merely wishful thinking. It’s like having a GPS in your car but just driving around aimlessly with no destination or worse yet having a destination but never programming it into the GPS. It may tell you where you are but not how to get to where you want to be.

Whatever one’s personal opinion of BJ Palmer he was a man with an agenda. He wanted to bring chiropractic to the world by the written word, by radio, by every means possible. He wanted to demonstrate and prove the far-reaching benefits of chiropractic. He wanted to train hundreds of thousands of chiropractors. He definitely had a full agenda. Like many of us, he had so many items on his agenda, that he was not able to accomplish them in one lifetime. He forgot to keep in mind that one lifetime was all he had. Most of us look at BJ and say “I can never accomplish all that” and consequently we do nothing or we are like the guy who adds brushing his teeth and eating breakfast to getting out of bed to his agenda, hardly an adequate agenda for a day or lifetime. I would love to know how BJ made up his days agenda and then accomplished it. One nice thing about getting up in years, your agenda becomes more focused. Partly because you develop priorities and partly because you begin to realize your limitations of time (left) and matter (what you can physically accomplish).

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  1. Rose Panico 04/07/2016, 3:20 pm:

    Tom, I found that d.D. was the one we should have followed. Being in from the outside I have seen & been through all the functions & sharing of many limited ego minds. BJ Should never had rushed opening a school since D.D. was receiving all his movements from the Spirit that first began to program him from birth to lead this gift to heal this chaotic healing ego thinking outside in world. Ironically, it was amazing he was at the most delicate time when the ego thinking greedy Pharmaceutical company was beginning to learn from the Religious leaders how to get control of minds. I call it, the Chess game between then & D.D.. He had them shaking for 17 years of his success proving His God given healing works. He needed the time to allow the Spirit to give him the words to have the world accept it was all coming from Above down inside out which the public was not ready as they are now, to connect it all as the first of the 33 Principle states. But B.J. rushed & got medical students with all qualifications that he believed will enhance the profession by their credibility. Ha! Our first mixers & problems till the service people after the war used government credits to get in. We got the greatest in the profession that once again got the medical pros so frightened as we were gaining recognition. But the greedy ones threw everything at the few great Presidents of schools like Thom Gelardi who stood alone since Sid decided to change the name taking the Chiropractic out so they will not go after him. Well that left one college Sherman to battle alone. Then they got no support for fear of the huge fight even though Tho tried opening two other colleges to show there was mot=re than only one school of thought against the AMA. He lost for lack of support from the profession, Then Reggie decided to save the profession not the word as Sid did & they set out to destroy Reggie for calling it Spineology with the pure chiro. teaching. They are all stagnated as car mechanics tuning up the vehicles for life. What ever happened to the first of the 33 Principles that it comes from God down, not from the vehicles? God works through us to accomplish everything here on Mother earth as in Heaven. Without Him we are nothing & could not exist.So all the division, the judging of who is right or wrong is all a bunch of crap. Let us all as D.D. said, Unite ourselves first as the children , all of us, of God as co-pilots to be guided by the Master Pilot, the Master Creator who knows all mechanisms & how to use them to get it down as we get our ego limited minds out of the way as Jesus di to get to Healing this chaotic confused world. Spirit within me speaking this truth.

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