Barack Obama, the CCE and Chiropractic


Barak Obama is the most brilliant man in the history of our country. He has developed a way of destroying or circumventing every major principle that this country was founded upon and a means of selling his ideas to the majority of the country (twice). That takes a pretty smart man (or a pretty dumb electorate, or both). The two other branches of government are either dumber than the rest of us or complicit in his plan. Is our profession falling for the same strategy with regard to the practice of chiropractic and what the CCE is trying to sell us?

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  1. David Suskin 09/28/2015, 10:05 pm:

    The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, supported by Barack Obama and Pope Francis, calls for global redistribution of wealth.
    Marxism is an old story. It infects the minds of the powerful, political idealists, the arrogant, the anarchists, the tyranists, the sheeple, the pragmatists, the moral relativists, the deceitful, the masses, the criminal,
    the ignorant, the hypocrites, the vulnerable, the immoral, the drunk.
    Freedom comes at a cost and History repeats itself.
    No, not the same strategy per sae. The same participants.

    • Joe Strauss 09/29/2015, 6:10 pm:

      David, I’m in the process of writing a paper which could become a book. Its title The Arrogant and the Inadequate seems to encompass all your groups.

      • David Suskin 09/29/2015, 10:49 pm:

        Thinking to much of yourself vs thinking to little of yourself or how not to Get The Big Idea.
        Unlike the farmer.
        (Higher Ground)
        I look forward to the read.

        • Joe Strauss 09/30/2015, 6:17 pm:

          A great philosopher once said “A man’s gotta know his limitations”- Det. Harry Callahan in Magnum Force.

          • David Suskin 09/30/2015, 6:33 pm:

            Didn’t he also say
            “Go ahead, make my day, Punk!”
            I think you have to combine them.
            Humility plus complete forthright purposeful abandonment of counter intention from outside and inside.
            As you’ve said. “What’s your own agenda?” That will in many ways (not all), determines what will happen to the agenda’s of Barack and the likes, the CCE and Chiropractic (in mass)

  2. Bryson 09/28/2015, 11:42 pm:

    One of the ways that the mixers are gaining influence is by getting state associations to lobby their state legislatures to expand the chiropractic scope of practice. For example, I have heard the lobbyists from my home state of WA argue that, “Because you had to learn it at a CCE-approved school, then you should be able to use it in practice.” It’s getting harder and harder to keep chiropractic separate and distinct when more and more new DCs are joining the mixers to turn us into 4th rate MDs.

    • Joe Strauss 09/29/2015, 6:17 pm:

      Bryson, If you expand the scope of chiropractic enough, eventually you will expand it into the practice of medicine. That’s the problem our profession has faced since 1895, not that we haven’t been able to define chiropractic but we haven’t been able to define medicine and then show how we are different.

  3. Scott Bjerkness 09/29/2015, 1:52 am:

    Let’s walk the narrow (straight) path: love, precision, zeal, substance, light, truth, care, hope, life……. (you fill in the rest and be doers of it!)

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