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the practice of medicine is valuable when it serves it’s true purpose, addressing limitations of matter. But when its use is a manifestation of the outside in below up worldview, it is dangerous. Medical doctors, who have an ADIO world and life viewpoint, should be the only ones allowed to give drugs. Unfortunately it is those chiropractors who have adopted an outside in below up world viewpoint that desire to practice it.

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  1. David Suskin 09/30/2015, 8:08 pm:

    Forget about Prescribing Drugs.
    My curiosity always has the potential to get the better of me. But I do find that (If the truth shall set me free), with a greater understanding of ADIO, the 33 Ps, a fuller breath, it does come down to a Choice in Viewpoint.
    I just read, on the internet (so much factual and theoretical knowledge), about the nervous system, stem cells, gene splicing, technologies that are just mind bending. Much of it theoretical and perhaps projecting into the future. All of it, FROM THE INTELLECT AND WORKINGS OF EDUCATED INTELLIGENCE, Induction and Empiricism, etc.
    This causing that causing this causing that x 1,000,000 x more causes times this, etc. You get the point.
    Drug’s? Prescribing?
    This is MAN CONTROLLING MAN, The biology of man and animal, etc.
    Does Man have the right, the ability, the viewpoint to encompass all of this.
    I mentioned in a posting in Topic:THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE:
    ‘Claude speaks about abandoning Educated, about holding onto paradoxes. You speak of an ADIO viewpoint vs OIBU viewpoint. Completely different and difficult to straddle both.
    With the greater detail and information Today that constitutes mechanism (biochemistrys of living matter), one can either say
    Wow, look at all of this intricacy and mechanism. Isn’t the human machine awesome, and how screwed up it can get, but at least we have science to control many of these complex reactions to combat disease (OIBU), or we can say look at all of this biochemistry? To think that this all has developed, to support the intelligence that runs it, that adapts it, that normalizes it and uses it to as much perfection as it can. Life drives, orients, momentizes(??), to Life. It’s amazing that it doesn’t screw up more. Amazing Isn’t it (ADIO).’
    So what’s my point?
    If we can make the case for ADIO, STRONGLY, VERY STRONGLY, SUPER STRONGLY, where UI >> II which is intertwined into the workings of LIFE, which I know, philosophically is our credo, our 33P’s, but the hierarchy of UI >> II >> EI must be discussed, debated, argued, vs EI as the MISSION OF MAN.
    It must be the discussion! Our greatest minds must open this subject to the world, to the masses, to engage this subject.
    IF not, then it’s a grass roots situation. Every person for themselves, and the powerful and the convenient and the arrogant, etc.will dominate as they do.
    Can man live to 100,in mass with ADIO?
    OIBU claims it is to come and should be, amongst many other things. Is LOM so great that gene splicing to create the perfect man, and The Experiment which lead to biochemical control and regulation, is the duty of Man to Mankind?
    What is the duty of Man to Mankind?

    • Claude Lessard 10/02/2015, 11:23 am:


      Pope Francis said that “nature is not a problem to be solved… it is a mystery to be contemplated”. The duty of the objective chiropractor to mankind is to LACVS for a full expression of the innate forces of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD. After the “period”, we contemplate the wisdom of the body and its AMAZING function, which is to adapt universal information (pri23). At least, OCs do not have to wonder what their duty to humankind is… and that is sufficient to live a peaceful life filled with joy. 🙂

  2. David Suskin 10/02/2015, 2:08 pm:

    You make living so easy, even though hospitals are full, disease is rampant, technologies to prolong life are abundant. Risky and putting causes into place that we do not know what the long range effects are. and both very effective and not effective at all.
    Yes, I know where the Period goes. And I do get this Big Idea of
    UI >> II >> EI and ‘adapt universal information (pri23)’.
    I guess I latched on to BJ’s ’empty the jails, and the hospitals and the sanitariums concept as an idealism perhaps, but truly what Mankind Needs!
    Yes, it might not be my Job or within my purview. But I and You are not just OC’s. We are people. Serving people. While being peaceful and filed with joy is a personal matter, it does cover certain terrains that many of us have in common.
    Helping others.
    Promoting Truth.
    The reference to Chiropractic, the philosophy, ADIO referencing Truth, a truth that sees as an example, disease as an absence of health, manifesting from internal resisting forces being exceeded by external invasive forces. Universal Forces unadapted. as a Non Entity, like darkness (as has been described), goes up in smoke as humanity persists to define Life and Health as the absence of Pain and Suffering and Disease.
    Yes the glass Is half full and the glass Is half empty.
    LOM and is Chiropractic big enough to handle its component of that (subluxation), and to Truly make an impact into the world, into the thinking and viewpoint of the people of the world. I don’t know.
    I know, it starts with me. And as I go deeper, to a fuller understanding of Intelligence defining the world we live in OR randomness, chaos, Mans Mind (educated) posing the only solutions, in discovery, for mans problems? OIBU?
    The Truth?
    Peaceful Life?
    Filled with Joy?
    ‘nature is not a problem to be solved… it is a mystery to be contemplated’??
    Not to solve the result of what appears on this planet as pain and suffering, alleviated by mans quest for biological control OR
    A Big Idea that Chiropractic can and does Truly make a difference, by its application LACVS, it’s viewpoint (33P’s UI>>II>>EI)?????
    I have this as a constant question.
    You have seemed to put Educated to rest.
    I continue. ADIO 🙂

    • Claude 10/03/2015, 2:12 am:


      It is me WHO used my educated a long long time ago to choose what is right and not expedient. Then it is me WHO chose to wash my mind of all compromise. After that it is me WHO chose to put my educated to rest since I chose to commit my entire life to practicing the chiropractic objective. That choice has been rewarding beyond compare for the past 41 years. Yes David, I am immersed in a cauldron of contradictions. Yet, a direct result of this choice is that I KNOW what my duty to humankind is. I am living a life filled with peace and joy… And do believe me, I have my share of suffering.

  3. David Suskin 10/03/2015, 3:32 pm:

    I always admire your clarity of concept and some thing, some vibe that is heartfelt and attuned. You communicate so well, so strongly and it is appreciated.
    Could you speculate for a moment. Just a gut, yet intelligent projection into a future time where everyone, Everone in this world is adjusted and was relatively subluxation free. Yes it’s speculative, but it takes the OofC, the CO, the OC, and your personal experience seeing the before and after PM, perhaps other docs PMs before and after and takes a metaphysical reality and attaches it do a dream.
    What would or could that dream illuminate, tangibly?
    What story told over and over for 41 years would or could be told today, about that dream, that possibility? What could that ADIO inhabited world look like?

    • Claude Lessard 10/04/2015, 11:56 am:


      The OC is one WHO practices the chiropractic objective. PERIOD. There is no speculation that comes after the PERIOD, only observation of the AMAZING function of the innate intelligence of the body (pri23). –

      – Again, “it is better to light a candle than to fight the darkness” … and to speculate (which is to really look for outcome assessments and results). –

      – Don’t you think that WHEN it is me WHO choose, in the present moment, to LACVS… PERIOD that to speculate for results and outcomes (BJ’s utopia) adds anything to the AMAZING function of the innate intelligence of the body? 😉

  4. David Suskin 10/04/2015, 12:45 pm:

    We are OCs. But we also are PMs (people)
    When I ask what would or could the world look like subluxation free, ADIO engaged, I ask you as an observer of the world, not as an OSC.
    Yes, when you say:’The OC is one WHO practices the chiropractic objective. PERIOD. There is no speculation that comes after the PERIOD, only observation of the AMAZING function of the innate intelligence of the body (pri23)’
    I know your either begging the answer of the question, and/or saying that the world will be living more moment to moment, observing the amazing function of innate intelligence, all products of the wishes of ii which emanates from from the purpose and design that ui creates as force to be expressed as a maintained existence of matter PLUS the consequences of the actions and thoughts of the WHOs that make choices which engages the interactions of those choices.
    OR and probably more accurately, you quite astutely will not commit to cocktail party speculation (cocktail??) YOU WILL NOT FALL FOR A DAVID SUSKIN TRICK QUESTION 🙂
    The fool on the hill does not speculate. He(she) only observes, dances in the forest, free, and smiles.

    • Claude 10/04/2015, 1:26 pm:


      It is you WHO choose to use this blog to move beyond chiropractic. It is me WHO choose to NOT use COTB to go beyond the major premise and its 32 subsequent principles of chiropractic’s basic science. –

      – Where is the difficulty? –

      – By the way I got everything you’d posted and further more, it is me WHO choose to accept what you posted and what you did not post. It is me WHO choose to also accept the way you choose to be and the way you choose not to be. It is me WHO, moment to moment, choose to be committed to get whatever you have to post. 😉

  5. David Suskin 10/04/2015, 2:10 pm:

    No difficulty, just the short comings at least for me with communicating with people thru essentially public texting vs face to face interaction. Good point, thank you for that clarification, touché 🙂
    Dave 😉

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