B.J. and the Chiropractic Objective.


In “As simple as that”, B.J. discusses the fact that chiropractic is not a substitute for medical care. It has a different principle, hence, we deduce, a different objective.

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  1. David Suskin 11/10/2015, 2:53 pm:

    Does the reality that Chiropractic has a different principle, hence, we deduce, a different objective, imply that our principle is Right and the other principle (OIBU), is wrong?
    Since assimilation is one of the 5 signs, therefore food, water, nourishment is one of ii expressions in matter, that being hunger and thirst, are Emotional needs (human) part of those ii expressions? Since love is an major emotional need, being touched, physicality is a common need, and educated brain being nourished with knowledge and wisdom a human need and adaptation, then wouldn’t New Age protocols (meditation – done correctly, with the right intent, other so called healing interactions with the right intent, eg. (Reiki, Chakras, human involvement with each other on a giver-receiver basis (healing old emotional wounds, Confession paradigms!, Counceling (talking and emotional cleansing, getting to know oneself, etc.) ALL FIT UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF LEGITIMATE ADIO indulgences?
    Yes not Chiropractic, but ADIO >> man acknowleging A (of ADIO) first, but certainly human to human interaction 2nd?
    a lot of crickets are being heard these days
    talk people – communication! throw something on the wheel,

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