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The metaphysical aspects of chiropractic, while not one themselves, clearly demand the acceptance of a spiritual conclusion. I have never heard the philosophy of chiropractic explained in purely naturalistic concepts. Can anyone do so?

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  1. Claude 10/12/2015, 5:37 pm:

    Chiropractic and its objective is a system of communication between two great principles, which themselves are one. Claude Lessard –

    – The concept of innate intelligence points in two directions at once. First, innate intelligence points BACKWARD toward an original hint for existence, starting with the major premise. The major premise is the CAUSE, for us all, to be maintained in existence (pri1)… that plants a foundational platform on which we can stand. Second, innate intelligence also points FORWARD as a constant ideal supply of information (pri33). –

    – Somehow the end is in the beginning and the beginning points us toward the end. Cause and effect being one motion (pri14,15,17). –

    – What appears to be past and future is in fact the same universal moment, yet always a larger focus on both ends. To live from an ADIO view point is to live in the moment, where before and after become one. –

    – The philosophy of chiropractic empowers those WHO choose to focus on the chiropractic objective enabling them to practice it.

    • Travis 10/13/2015, 7:11 pm:

      Love it Claude!

  2. David Suskin 10/12/2015, 6:32 pm:

    Wonderfully said, with an intention of going deeper into the implications of the P33s.
    You’ve also give an answer to your own question.
    P1 – Cause-Intelligence-Existence
    P33- Effect-Constant Supply of Information.
    Have you answered Joe’s question?

  3. Richie Barone 10/12/2015, 7:57 pm:

    the “spiritual conclusion” works well 4 me and my faith. Science does not fit into my box totally. Chiropractic philosophically, in my practice and objective and how it has effected and affected my life since 1971 actually lead me back to a spiritual conclusion. Chiropractic ADIO Philosophy and mindset and physical experience influenced my conclusions on Intelligent design and a Creator profoundly. (Actually from a scientific atheistic belief system.)

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