“I’m a conservative too”-Jeb Bush


Having some conservative principles does not make you a conservative. We acknowledge that fact and refer to some of those people as “social conservatives” meaning they are willing to spend money promiscuously as long as it is on social issues, especially if those issues involve children. Case in point, Jeb’s brother George, who was willing to spend money he (we) did not have on social problems to “leave no child behind”. That’s not conservatism. Some people who are conservative are correctly identified as selfish and greedy (although not as many as liberals would like us to think) because their intent is not spending taxpayers dollars because they want it saved for themselves. There is no charitable approach to their frugality, just greed.
But this is a chiropractic blog, so the issue to us is “how straight do you have to be, to be considered a straight chiropractor. In the late 70’s, the two colleges that identified themselves as straight were derisively called “super straights” by some. The term lately has almost been removed from the chiropractic lexicon. The last chiropractic college’s Board of Trustees has removed the term from a description/name of the school, quietly and with not nearly the fanfare that they used when they adopted the term in the mid 70’s. What is the need for the term anymore, when so many schools are no longer identifying what they do as straight chiropractic, perhaps we no longer need the adjective “straight”? The only question left is when do we no longer need the term chiropractic to describe ourselves or what we do?

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  1. David Suskin 10/13/2015, 3:24 pm:

    When our intent is to be solely Therapeutic.

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