Mechanism and Mechanics


Mechanism is a philosophy (a metaphysical concept)
Mechanics is a physical, observable, measurable activity. (within the limits of science/empirical abilities)
Mechanism says that mechanics is all that there is, its existence is a product of time plus chance.
Vitalism says that there is something else, not physical, something that is immaterial but perceptible through methods other than empiricism and that something is real.
Intelligent design says that the mechanics, the physical activity leaves us with the knowledge that in some, many, or most cases empiricism leaves us with the knowledge that mechanism does not have the answers.

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  1. David Suskin 10/21/2015, 10:13 pm:

    Are all philosophies metaphysical in concept?
    Since you state that: Mechanism says that mechanics is all that there is, its existence is a product of time plus chance.
    To compare apples with apples, should we not also state that Vitalism (and perhaps Intelligent Design) is a product of intelligence and purpose (suggesting a few characteristics)?

    • Joe Strauss 10/22/2015, 5:54 pm:

      I think the philosophy of mechanism is naturalism and it is not metaphysical in nature. I could be wrong. What would be the metaphysical component/aspect of naturalism? It seems to me there is only a scientific (physical) component/aspect.

  2. David Suskin 10/22/2015, 6:24 pm:

    How come you stated then
    ‘Mechanism is a philosophy (a metaphysical concept)’
    Or perhaps philosophy is metaphysical (concepts), but
    The subject, mechanism, is NOT a philosophy (eg. Deduction) but an observation of processes (matter) that adhere Only to what can be called physical laws?

    • Joe Strauss 10/25/2015, 11:56 pm:

      I think in retrospect that was a poor choice of words. Chiropractic philosophy is mostly metaphysical, a little physical (anatomy). Medicine is mostly physical, a little metaphysical.

  3. David Suskin 10/22/2015, 8:39 pm:

    In the same way there are components to mechanism that are metaphysical (very few-you can’t conceptualize or even talk with a metaphysicalish thought process or perceptual process),
    there are components to vitalism (chiro philosophy) that are physical (very few- you can’t identify properties and actions, time, cause and effect, identity of something living (characteristics), organization without there being a physical footprint or observation of something physical.

  4. David Suskin 10/23/2015, 5:28 am:

    …conceptualize or even talk with a metaphysicalish…
    Should be
    …conceptualize or even talk WITHOUT a metaphysicalish…

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