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The greatest hindrance to understanding and applying chiropractic philosophy is the refusal to disregard previous ideas, paradigms, and thinking and look at the world in light of an ADIO viewpoint.

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  1. David Suskin 10/29/2015, 3:30 pm:

    Look at the political party system. People refusing to listen to the other side, refusing to change.
    A confused mind says NO

    • Joe Strauss 10/29/2015, 3:40 pm:

      Or a mind that is right and KNOWS he/she is right.

  2. David Suskin 10/29/2015, 3:58 pm:

    Is that arrogance?

    • Joe Strauss 10/30/2015, 5:08 pm:

      “A man’s gotta know his limitations”-Harry Callahan
      The educated mind that does not know its limitations tends toward arrogance. An educated mind thinking based upon established principles/laws or that which is established as truth can be counted upon. Anything else is subjective based upon you own subjective thinking and/or a lie and as you point out is arrogance

      • David Suskin 10/30/2015, 10:16 pm:

        Do the laws as established thru induction and empiricism, forming the physical laws that mechanistic models derive from, allow for a legitamite physical model on which to base a physiologically manifested subluxation?
        Palmer may have established chiropractic as distinct and separate from everything (medicine), as an observation, as a Truth which joins immaterial metaphysical with the material mechanistic, but can Chiropracticn coexist as a Truth within multiple paradigms, allowing for a physical corrective Chiropractic within an advancing inductive science as presented today and perhaps tomorrow?
        On one hand Chiropractic defines (IS) Life(vitalism), on the other hand Chiropractic operates within Life(mechanistic)
        The truth IS the truth or ISNT it?

        • Joe Strauss 10/31/2015, 1:40 pm:

          Those “physical laws that mechanistic laws derive from allow for a legitimate physical model” but an incomplete one inasmuch as they ignore the metaphysical component. Example : the first 3 components of the vs, ignoring the 4th and metaphysical one, which maks it uniquely a chiropractic phenomenon. Without the metaphysical component chiropractic exists as part of the physical medicine component making it part of the medical paradigm.

          • David Suskin 11/01/2015, 1:31 pm:

            That we identify chiropractic objective thru the LACVS and distinctly by its metaphysical component, the mental impulse, which we cannot empirically identify, how is it that we can identify the presence of subluxation (L) and the correction (C) of subluxation? Yes, we have P12 and we can demonstrate it (eg. insulation, shade, etc. ), but P29, P31 would seem to have empirical elements that cannot be demonstrated,
            In the physical.
            Does the practice of chiropractic necessitate that leap of faith, an assumption (deductive), based inevitably on an inductive result (muscle spasm, vertebral position, short leg, palpating, NCM), an analysis outcome?
            What am I not clarifying?

      • David Suskin 10/31/2015, 3:08 am:

        It would seem that BJ was arrogant. From reading (in the process), your commentaries series, he was attempting to invent, to search, to promote, to intuit, to be right in the face of being wrong, and how RWS and you Joe Strauss, and others have been able to extract a profession with clear objectives from this most erratic Developer is beyond my comprehension.
        How did RWS extract the Chiropractics Basic Science, the 33Ps, it’s deductive methods in establishing The Authority, from what would appear to be chaos and erroneous thinking from this most erratic thinker and developer, BJ, no ogles my mind.
        It’s enough to make one Slip 🙂

        • Joe Strauss 10/31/2015, 2:04 pm:

          We must realize that BJ wrote those 33 principles earlier and endorsed the 33 in RWS’ book. BJ created a great system (based on the 33) which outlived him, RWS and hopefully me. By analogy, Julius Caesar created a system which outlived him and carried the Roman Republic and Empire through and despite people like Nero, Caligula and Caesar’s own personal shortcomings. We must learn to separate the systems of great people like Caesar, Napoleon, the American Founders, and the Palmers’ from their personal lives and mistakes (they were after-all finite, mortal men). Not discerning “is enough to make one slip” That discernment is what OSC is trying to do.

          • David Suskin 10/31/2015, 2:50 pm:

            Then OSC has been critical, pivotal in the maintenance and growth in what I would have to say IS THE TRUE Chiropractic model!
            Thank You Joseph and your fellow colleagues for providing me the guidance and clarification in this Chiropractic forefront.
            What prevents all Chiropractors from embracing the True Metaphysical model we offer? Would it be their own short comings that insites REFUSAL, that perpetuates Arrogamce, that causes all to slip if not checked?
            How alone are we OSCers?

          • David Suskin 11/01/2015, 7:57 pm:

            Where the 33Ps, 1 by 1, ever in BJs Green Books, and if so in part it would be interesting to note which ones came out of which book, which page?
            Was the concept of a deduced philosophical construct BJs idea, where he presents a major premise and subsequent deductions, at least in part?

        • Claude Lessard 11/01/2015, 12:41 pm:

          One has to come to accept and hold paradox within oneself that has the capacity to evolve the educated mind… otherwise, as Joseph mentioned in his opening post, “The greatest hindrance to understanding and applying chiropractic philosophy is the refusal to disregard previous ideas, paradigms, and thinking and look at the world in light of an ADIO.

          • Joe Strauss 11/02/2015, 6:11 pm:

            Claude,could you name for me the paradox(es) in chiropractic?

      • Tom Gregory 10/31/2015, 7:11 pm:

        David, as you seen from what you’ve read here, the beauty and the strength of OSC is its simplicity. Unless one can say, “No, some people are better off with subluxations than without…”, how can that be argued?
        I don’t believe that OSC says we’re the “true” chiropractic. I believe we say we are the purest form of chiropractic. This profession has the habit of trying to improve upon chiropractic by adding to it. It seems like many have the “perfect partner” for chiropractic. Whether it be nutrition, or exercise, psychological work or anything else. You can’t add anything to perfection to try and make it better. And by the way, I’m not knocking any of those things. The fact is, they are just not chiropractic.
        I believe the only reason that few reach OSC is not because they can’t, it’s because they don’t want to. OSC is a humbling position because we realize how very little our educated brain knows about our own body and knows even less about someone else’s body. I really believe that that is a very hard position to take especially after doing 4 years pre, then 3 1/2 years of medicine with a 1/2 year of chiropractic thrown in. Not to mention the enormous cost to obtain this.

        • Joe Strauss 11/02/2015, 6:29 pm:

          Tom, isn’t it odd that most attempts at reforming systems;immigration, the budget, chiropractic, always seem to add to them. In OSC our desire is to reform by refining, distilling getting back to basics and rid of the dross (no offense mixers!) in order to be left with chiropractic it in its purest form. We may subjectively refer to it as “true chiropractic”. Unfortunately tru(th) chiropractic is okay but everyone’s truth is different. I like your term “pure chiropractic” As DD said, I do not mix”…It is not difficult to ascertain whether something is pure or not.

  3. David Suskin 10/29/2015, 6:04 pm:

    One has to know what their own paradigm IS. Most people don’t even realize that they are looking though a rose colored glass, looking from a viewpoint that in many cases has been given to them by other people and institutions.
    Tackling Chiropractic Philosophy AS a viewpoint to aquire requires one to clarify their own conflicts, demands trying to see outside of ones self, ones view, outside ones box. Not easy
    The offering of OSC to people, with the philosophy (33Ps) can inspire a personal reflection. The philosophy serves as a means to Educe from PM’s, from people the FACT that ‘they are indeed Viewing, perceiving, through their own Educated intelligence with it’s limits, its logic, facts, fables and perhaps an enabled Intuition.
    I was speaking to a new PM the other day about the principles, etc.
    About ii and adapting. She’s a nurse. She said, ohhh, like collateral circulation. I said Exactly! Got to her.
    Also, a great hindrance to understanding and applying chiropractic philosophy is the lack of patience and a slipping on the part of the Chiropractor, not being committed to LACVS and telling the story over and over, educing with Love and Skill (developed thru study and work).
    Yes it’s up to the PM to Get the Big Idea, but we as Chiropractors have to ‘get it’ first and maintain it in existence and Be Skillful Educators (doctors)
    The light of an ADIO viewpoint is something one must nurture, always.

  4. Rich Story 10/30/2015, 1:25 am:

    All that needs to be done for all to understand and apply the chiropractic philosophy and insure the future of chiropractic, is for the profession to objectively demonstrate when a person has a vertebral subluxation and when it has been corrected.

  5. David Suskin 10/30/2015, 8:26 am:

    Determining the interference to and the removal of interference to the mental impulse as identified by subluxation, and the significance of its immaterial component I theorize can ONLY be conjectured and realized thru a chiropractically logically determined technique with an objective ONLY appreciated thru a philosophical understanding and appreciation.
    How else can a metaphysical process and restoration be determined and appreciated?

    • Rich Story 10/31/2015, 11:02 pm:

      Pretty religious-like, ain’t it?

      • Claude Lessard 11/01/2015, 1:13 pm:


        This morning I saw a cardinal that was as red as the color of blood, but it is in no sense whatever “as red as blood”. Not at all! It is as red as a cardinal. Only that. –

        – This bird, this morning sun, this moment, this silence: We are present to each other. We pass. We remain. We pass. We remain. In and out. We pass. We remain. We are nothing. We are everything. According to the law of active organization (pri21) within us. The law is gone from us. It is not here. We are here maintained alive within that law and because of that law. –

        – All these things can be said, but why say them? –

        – The cardinal is itself. The morning sun is itself… in spite of “rising” one hour earlier than yesterday morning. The silence is itself. I am myself. All (vertebral subluxations included), perhaps, illusion. But no matter, for illusion is the shadow of reality and reality, is what it is, that underlies these lights, these colors, this silence. Underlies? Is that true? They are simply real. They themselves are what they are. –

        – The simplicity that would have kept this cardinal off somewhere else is perhaps less simple than the simplicity which enjoys him here, but does not need to be there. –

        – And for the rest, whatever is said about it is nothing… yet, the rest will surely pass as nothing and will surely remain as everything. –

        – Does it really matter that it is 8:00am Sunday November 1st, 2015. Ask the cardinal, or the sun, or this moment, or this silence to demonstrate time… objectively! How about you? Can you? 😉

        • Rich Story 11/03/2015, 1:52 am:

          Hobbes: Is it a right to remain ignorant? Calvin: I don’t know, but I refuse to find out!

          • Joe Strauss 11/03/2015, 2:48 pm:

            Rich, is that Waterson’s comic strip or the theologian (John Calvin) and the philosopher/rationalist Thomas Hobbes)? My wife gave away all my C&H comic books when we moved on the pretext of “downsizing”.

  6. Claude Lessard 11/02/2015, 7:26 pm:


    I don’t know of any paradox in chiropractic since chiropractic is SEPARATE and DISTINCT from EVERYTHING ELSE and is INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE. –

    – After 40 years of practice, however, in my office, ONLY 10% of the PMs get the message, which is to get your spine checked for LACVS every week for the rest of your life… BECAUSE in and of themselves, VS interfere with your ability to function and are a detriment to your life. –

    – My stats reveal that 90% of my PMs come for their own reasons in spite of my revealing to them my intent and “walking the talk” myself… by being a witness of being under chiropractic care, EVERY WEEK, for 40 years. –

    – It is really about the PMs’ understanding. WHO can blame them? After many years of study, even chiropractors graduating from Sherman and ADIO never got it! Since some PMs get well in my office sometimes… Some don’t get well… Some leave if they get well… Some don’t leave if they get well. Some leave if they do not get well… Some actually don’t leave if they don’t get well. Some come to feel good. Some come for prevention. Some come for maintenance. Some come for expressing their potential. Some come for increasing their performance. Yet, EVERYONE get the same education in my office and it is extensive and you know that it is. You have seen me in action. These are paradoxes that must be held within myself so that it is me WHO can choose to carry on and keep telling the story over and over and over and over again in as many creative ways as doable… one PM at a time, sometimes several… for the sake of the 10%! That’s important to that 10%, the same way that it is important to that star fish! 😉

    • Claude Lessard 11/02/2015, 7:33 pm:

      … and, in my office, there are many PMs, in both camps, WHO choose NOT to refer others for whatever their reasons are. To me that is a paradox that must be held within myself as well, in order to… CARRY ON!

    • David Suskin 11/02/2015, 8:12 pm:

      Does that include Oprah?
      Get on Oprah Show. 10% will go to at least 11%(more), once the dust settles. That’s NOT a paradox

    • David Suskin 11/03/2015, 3:11 am:

      So what is the cause for the 90% refusal to disregard what your story is suggesting?
      That you maintain(ed) inspite of this paradox, expresses such integrity and purpose, I can only be in awe!
      Is it the leap of faith, self destructiveness, limitation of matter, irresponsibility, lack of self respect, laziness that prevents so many starfish from sprouting legs?
      Why is the Truth so unpopular?

      • Claude Lessard 11/03/2015, 12:38 pm:


        Read the opening statement over and over and over again. The difficulty for educated intelligence is to admit errors. In other words, the hardest thing for a human being to do is to say: “I was wrong, I’m on the wrong track”. To ascribe to ADIO requires simplicity and humility. Do you experience a lot of simplicity and humility in your circle of people?

        • David Suskin 11/03/2015, 2:06 pm:

          Read the opening statement over and over and over again
          -My opening statement? Which opening statement? Mine, Yours? Which?
          The difficulty for educated intelligence is to admit errors. In other words, the hardest thing for a human being to do is to say: “I was wrong,
          I’m on the wrong track”.
          -Yes, I see that, but there is a range. For example, Personally, I can admit being wrong, fairly easily. Some people I know, CANNOT, EVER! How many people are REALLY Listening, with openness to change, to seek Truth, versus Egotism of being Right?
          Again, Innate Intelligence is Selfish, so it takes a very I’ll say special person to be open to new ideas that may rattle ones identity, ones viewpoint. People are Extremely reactive in their points of view (Politics, Religion, etc.)
          To ascribe to ADIO requires simplicity and humility. Do you experience a lot of simplicity and humility in your circle of people?
          -Not particularly. Also for me, owning a perspective that translates into a core stance, a core viewpoint is very difficult. I’m always challenging myself, doubtful, conflicted, I’d say fearful of making a mistake,
          I can only assume others (And I study and work at this!!!) are even more RIGID

          • Claude Lessard 11/03/2015, 3:10 pm:

            Joseph’s opening statement

          • Joe Strauss 11/03/2015, 3:23 pm:

            David, since I believe “the opening statement” that Claude was referring to is my original post of last week which prompted this thread, I believe I can interject in this conversation.
            Are you confusing innate intelligence and educated intelligence? Innate is always right. “Thinking”, in the context of the statement is use of the educated brain. There is no need to be humble about ii. There is nothing we did to earn, acquire or deserve it. It is “inborn” and the same (100%) in everone. Educated thinking should reflect humility which w must learn.
            ADIO thinking ascribes authority to something “Above” us. In the case of the body’s function that authority, we call innate intelligence. In the case of thinking, it is principles and other standards of truth.

          • David Suskin 11/03/2015, 3:50 pm:

            If ‘Refusal’ is an inherent and common feature of Educated Intelligence and typically dominates simplicity and humility (other features of Educated Intelligence), how does one
            1. tap into those qualities, allowing them to predominate over ones stubbornness, close mindedness, egotism?
            2. and even become aware that simplicity and humility exist as a desired human behavior?
            Be lucky enough to be one of those starfish thrown back in?
            Be lucky enough to have moved from point A to point B and know to ask how and why?
            Pick your friends?

  7. David Suskin 11/03/2015, 6:56 pm:

    You stated:
    ‘ADIO thinking ascribes authority to something “Above” us. In the case of the body’s function that authority, we call innate intelligence. In the case of thinking, it is principles and other standards of truth.’
    And I agree.
    I believe you have said, and it has been said many times, that thinking, precedes emotions. (Yes I know this is all within the realm of Educated Int.) I’m not so sure about that. What about animals with low levels if not No levels of thought. I suspect that they Feel fear, tranquil, etc.
    Yes thoughts Can precede Emotion, trigger emotion, But it would seem that Emotion can trigger thought, or the ability to think, perhaps, the difference between Refusal and Open to a concept like ADIO IS something that lurks within the Emotional Realm.
    I’m not trying to make this a psychological discussion, debating this, But since we always talk about Educated Intelligence within the realm of thinking, as you said ‘In the case of thinking, it is principles and other standards of truth.’
    When you open your eyes in the morning, after a night sleep, your head can be empty, but your emotions can be reflecting your day in and day out perspective, defenses, something.
    The philosophy works to arrive at a truth, an ADIO truth, but sometimes one gets to the point where the words just sit on the page, have no meaning and what you see, what your Educated Intelligence is involved in is Perspective, Point of View, Emotional Temperment, something that can preclude openness or receptiveness.
    Refusal is a habit, Educated perhaps, Matter (LOM), perhaps, but a lingering tendency to be the same ole, person you have always been.
    That’s why so many times we say people don’t change!
    I know you’ve seen friends over the years, maybe 20, 30, 40, etc. years later, and they’re the same ole crazy, highly emotional, non emotional, funny, etc. person they always were.
    What am I trying to say?
    Thinking is what separates us from animals, etc. perhaps, but in many ways thinking is not all that it’s cracked up to be.
    Philosophy depends on it!
    Learning and Yes Unlearning sometimes it would seem is plain Impossible or at least on a continual, effective (enough) basis.
    Maybe that’s what is behind Claude’s telling the story over and over and over, or Your Writing Books. It keeps you focused into the changes you want your Educated to arrive at. Something like that.
    ADIO from the middle of the forest! Yes!

    • Joe Strauss 11/06/2015, 12:56 am:

      Emotion is a part of the soul (the appreciator of it) . I get emotional every time the U.S. Army Band plays their final number (Stars and Stripes Forever by Sousa), especially when the 29th Infantry Band is playing. The end of it has a piccolo solo and my daughter plays the flute and piccolo for that band.

      In the case of animal, they have no soul.(to the dismay of many animal lovers who want see their dog or cat in heaven). There is an aspect of the matter (genetic material), inherited, called the “fight or flight“ mechanism which we mistakenly say is an emotion or based on an emotion. I’ve seen (seeing eye)dogs at concerts and they do not react to Stars and Stripes like I do(unless the pitch of the piccolo hurts their ears. No ones head is ever empty. That’s the scary part about Transcendental Meditation. If you try to empty your mind, some thought will enter always. In the morning my body (the ii) will likely tell my ei I’m hungry.
      I’m not sue what your point is trying to say. Thinking always precedes action. Even if that thinking is wrong thinking based upon wrong thinking based upon innate “fight or flight mechanism causing an emotional response. That is the point of the original post. (The defensive player who strikes an opposing player is acting on emotion (usually frustration causing his team a 15 yard penalty which is the last thing they need.
      Claude’ practice members only present a paradox to Claude who knows what chiropractic is and cannot understand why everyone would not want chiropract for themselves and everyone else on the basis of what he knows. I’m not sure that is really a true paradox. The 90% have thinking that rejects chiropractic because they don’t accept it despite Claude’s brilliant presentation (and it is). They don’t accept it because:
      1. They understand chiropractic is for bad back and stiff necks in spite of what Claude has been saying because of their incorrect thinking.
      2. Chiropractic did not help their medical problem in spite of what Claude has been saying because of their incorrect thinking.
      3. They came in for one reason in spite of what Claude has been saying because of their incorrect thinking.
      4. Some other misconception in spite of what Claude has been saying because of their incorrect thinking.

  8. David Suskin 11/06/2015, 2:27 am:

    What’s the cause of incorrect thinking?

    • Joe Strauss 11/06/2015, 12:52 pm:

      For most people it is Mixing, not mixing PT or drugs but mixing OIBU world and life viewpoint with an ADIO one. They are not renovating their thinking, but hanging onto outside-in philosophy. You must get rid of your hindrances,outside -in thinking. The major one for most chiropractors is deep down inside thinking that they, by chiropractic get sick people well. They are adding to or mixing the objective of medicine with the objective of chiropractic.

      • David Suskin 11/06/2015, 1:33 pm:

        Is ADIO – Truth and OIBU – Illusion or False (whatever the proper verbiage comparison is?)
        For Chiropractors, don’t forget (I know you haven’t), that The Public comes to us with OIBU and we offer them ADIO, only.
        That’s like going in to a car dealer to buy a car and coming out with a pair of walking shoes (something like that- you can think of a better example).
        Point is, it’s a kind of Truthful, honest, cards on the table, bait and switch.
        That’s a tough position to be in, as a Chiropractor.
        Public >> I want to get out of Pain
        Chiropractor >> I want to allow you to have a fuller expression of your innate forces of your innate intelligence.
        What?:What? >>
        Our objective:Their objective >> Ya gotta be really on purpose when the PM says yeah doc, but I still hurt and YOU DON’T FLINCH, at least for me. But I don’t, that much, cause I know what to say, cause I own the philosophy more.
        How to get rid of your hindrances – in thinking? That’s a tightrope act, at least for me, or shouldn’t it be?
        ADIO viewpoint encompassing LOM. Hard to know where to put the line in the sand and say I won’t go there or I will go there or I know why I want to go there, etc. THE PARADOX as I suggest Claude would say

        • Claude Lessard 11/06/2015, 3:13 pm:


          Re-read the last paragraph of your post of 11/03/2015, 6:56pm and realize that it is WHO we chose to be, Joseph and I, in our own unique and respective way, in order to focus on practicing the chiropractic objective. PERIOD (which means REGARDLESS of ANY outcomes… physical, emotional, ,psychological, spiritual, etc). –

          – How long did it take you to arrive at this notion of Joseph and I? How many posts did you need? Quite a few would you say? HOW did you get there?

          • David Suskin 11/06/2015, 3:33 pm:

            ‘HOW did you get there?’
            Through a commitment to start walking towards the light no matter how far away, AND a need to revisit something (Chiropractic), that I left, and NEEDED to entertain a plan B (Do it the way I always imagined it should be practiced (philosophy first)) cause my plan A wasn’t (isn’t working).
            Necessity is the mother of invention.
            Exercising my ability to Choose and redefine WHO I am and choose to be, in spite of the paradoxes and contradictions that I stubbled on and still do.
            Thanx for allowing a corner that I can be a part of 😉

        • Joe Strauss 11/10/2015, 8:17 pm:

          I hear your pain David. My pain is that the world seems to be only interested in their pain whether it is because someone on the Missouri campus doesn’t like the color of their skin or no one wants to respond to the pain in their back or neck. My pain is that no one wants to address the fact that the body is not expressing its fullest, that they are not interested in allowing the innate intelligence of the body to be expressed fully but instead would prefer to alleviate their pain with a substance or procedure that would only cause the innate intelligence of the body to be expressed less. That’s my pain. What increases my pain is the fact that most chiropractors who have learned the truth are not explaining it to people but instead are propagating the “relieve the pain idea” regardless of the cost despite the fact that that approach has not gotten us anywhere since 1895.The real pain is that perhaps if people understood that message, how to relieve my mental pain with the truth of ADIO people would start coming to us for the right reason and stop asking us to “fix their back pain.”

  9. David Suskin 11/06/2015, 12:45 pm:

    Getting back on point, you’re saying in your original post that it’s a state of refusal that hinders.
    Is that refusal due to inflexibility, the tendency to resist change that is prevelent in people (reaction-LOM), which your stating is due to incorrect thinking. Well yes, but even with correct thinking, continuing to view that ‘Dead people Do Bleed’ might still be rigidity that maintains the same state of internal comfort. Kind of like having a pet dog that bites people and refusing to give it up. It’s a state of being. Something in your emotions that make you remain stuck.
    Saying to one self, my thinking is very restrictive. I want to change. I want to grow. I will work at being open. I will do what’s good for me.
    For humanity. I can I will I must.

  10. Claude Lessard 11/06/2015, 3:56 pm:


    Go and do the same… meaning, allow people a corner that they can be a part of! 😉

    • David Suskin 11/06/2015, 4:38 pm:

      I get it. You’ve made reference to that, before, about being a reflection that people can see themselves in as I present the philosophy, ADIO
      A Flow of intelligence from me (Alive with ADIO) >> Force (information (story over and over)) >> Matter (PM).
      Those that move from their point A to their point B, per information that coordinates their actions, thoughts and choices, fulfilling their offices and purposes, grab onto the light that they can see, require and use. Something like that. 😉

      • Claude Lessard 11/06/2015, 9:12 pm:


        You have to find your own unique and respective way to focus on practicing the chiropractic objective. PERIOD. –

        – For Joseph it is writing many books, for me it is telling the story ad infinatum, for Flesia it was his pre-care lecture, for Reggie it was making the message simple, for Joe D. it is TMITWDITO… –

        – As professor Keating would say, in Dead Piet Society: “what will your verse be?” 😉

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