Incorrect Thinking


You cannot keep the power of incorrect thinking under control unless the majority or at least a great percentage of the people of a nation, community, organization or group adhere to correct thinking, The chiropractic profession has been lacking that necessary percentage over the past few decades since the passing of the benevolent dictator, B.J. Palmer. The majority have been embracing an increasingly medical model and what they believe is a logical concept of chiropractic base on that model (the objective of getting some sick people well). That is changing because while there is still incorrect thinking on the part of the majority, those with correct thinking are growing in percentage and those with incorrect thinking are shrinking. Why? Most schools are turning out less and less mixers because they are turning out less and less total graduates as enrollments dwindle. Greater numbers of mixers than straights are retiring or leaving practice for one reason or another. Perhaps in part because practicing straight chiropractic is more enjoyable, more rewarding and they stay in practice longer. Add to that less are choosing to get into mixing chiropractic, choosing to be “real doctors” or choosing another profession especially as the requirements to become a chiropractor increase in cost and length of education. This is bringing the percentages of straights and mixers closer to parity. One might think all of this portends well for the straight chiropractic movement. In a sense it does. However, we must keep in mind as the percentage of mixers gets smaller, those in power (the cartel) will become more and more active in trying to control the entire profession and we will see more aggressive and desperate measures to force all chiropractors to conform to their medical model whether the chiropractor wants to or not. Case in point, the present activity of the CCE. Not only are they coercing once straight schools but they will not even consider input from the straight community. They are trying to insure that anything of a straight chiropractic nature be excluded from continuing education requirements. Be prepared for less tolerance for the non-therapeutic model of chiropractic and the idea that “you can keep your doctor (of chiropractic model) if you like it” will go by the wayside and prove to be another lie.

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  1. Bryson 11/02/2015, 6:54 pm:

    Sad, but true. In Washington state, the Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission (CQAC) is currently “updating” our chiropractic rules to “sound more contemporary”. Translation: CQAC is medicalizing the chiropractic rules.

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