OSC, Medicine and Global Warming Consensus.


There is nothing wrong with being in the minority and not part of the consensus when you know you are right.

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  1. David Suskin 11/06/2015, 5:36 pm:

    You might be right, but will you have enough power (internal resistive force) to make positive change, to steer your own ship (to counter external invasive forces)?
    One starfish at a time just might not do it (unless you yourself are the starfish)
    (I need my own material but – First you copy, then you create – MDavis ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Claude 11/07/2015, 1:53 pm:

      DD and BJ were CONVINCED that chiropractic was a system of LACVS for the CURE of human ailments that would bring about a utopian society. What is AMAZING is that they KNEW that they were SO RIGHT, during their contributing time on earth, that they did not mind being a part of a minority… since they KNEW they were RIGHT!!! This convicted “knowing” of theirs allowed them to forge ahead and contribute to chiropractic in such a way that the ever evolving consciousness of chiropractors like Reggie Gold, Thom Gelardi and Joseph Strauss have been able to REFINE the chiropractic objective to its fundamental conclusion of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, It seems that without DD and BJ’s consciousness of their being RIGHT at the time of their life on earth, chiropractic philosophy would not have evolved toward the chiropractic objective which is to: LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD! –

      – Today is OUR contributing time on this earth. Today, it’s a matter of chiropractors WHO are choosing to “do what is right, not expedient and of washing their minds of ALL compromise” as BJ would still say.

      – “Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”
      Miles Davis –

      – “Carry on. ADIO.”

  2. David Suskin 11/07/2015, 2:13 pm:

    Can you KNOW THAT YOU ARE RIGHT and be Conflicted, without being Arrogant?

    • Claude Lessard 11/07/2015, 2:27 pm:


  3. David Suskin 11/07/2015, 2:40 pm:

    Why does one Refuse to KNOW THAT ONE IS RIGHT?
    Incorrect thinking?
    Has not Chosen WHO they want to BE?
    More Homework?

    You’re Good Claude. Real good

  4. David Suskin 11/07/2015, 11:39 pm:

    As stated on COTB
    Based on the Current REFINEMENT of the Chiropractic Objective to its fundamental conclusion of the 33 principles of chiropracticโ€™s basic science,
    The Chiropractic Objective is to LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD!
    Using Correct Thinking I concur on the Veracity of this Refinement of the CO and the Authority of the Chiropractic’s 33Ps/Philosophy/Basic Science and thus I Affirm 11/07/15 at 6pm est that per this ADIO viewpoint,
    Signed David Suskin D.C.

  5. Rich Story 11/09/2015, 2:40 am:

    A wise man (or maybe a wiseass man) has been attributed to the statement, ” No matter what you believe, you might be wrong”.

    • Joe Strauss 11/10/2015, 7:57 pm:

      … Rich, and the corollary of that is โ€ No matter what you believe, you might be right’, that seems to be what most want after all… “all roads leading to Rome”. We might all be wrong but we can’t all be right. If I have my choice between you, me and everyone, I’ll take me. If I choose everyone, I’ve got to include you. If I choose you that excludes me.

      • Rich Story 11/11/2015, 1:18 am:

        And the merry-go-round goes on! LOL

  6. David Suskin 11/09/2015, 2:51 am:

    Does the Wise Man Know He Is Right?

    • Claude Lessard 11/10/2015, 5:59 pm:

      It is me WHO choose to challenge ALL of us to inquire deeply within ourselves, to find out if we truly accept the major premise. If we do, then, with rational logic let ALL of us inquire deeply into the subsequent 32 principles and attempt to prove them irrational, illogical and untrue. At the end of our inquiries, if we CANNOT prove the 33 principles irrational, illogical and untrue, then let us KNOW what is there to KNOW based on rational logical reasoning. If the 33 principles TRULY lead us to conclude that the chiropractic objective IS the: LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body, then let us put the final PERIOD. This will allow us to let go, focus on practicing the chiropractic objective and affirm that the rest will follow. –

      – While chiropractic is SEPARATE and DISTINCT from EVERYTHING ELSE, it is also INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE… which makes it an OPEN system, in which somehow I have found that the macrocosm is mirrored in the microcosm. In other words, I cannot invent what I am not, the same way that I cannot give what I do not have. That is WHY innate intelligence (pri20) is a part of and a part from universal intelligence (pri1) and WHY principle #32 becomes the axis upon which the whole of chiropractic is positioned. Based upon this observation of mine, from my own reasoning, I am finding that the world is an integrated whole rather than separated parts. We are all holons, which are simultaneously a whole and yet a part of a larger whole. –

      – ADIO points to looking at our world as actually being an open system, sensitive to its environment, which explains why chiropractic can have a positive influence for the transformation of the life of others, for the transformation of my own life, and for the transformation of life itself (pri21, 23,27,31 and 32). –

      – For all our limitations of matter (pri24), when we are free from VS, we cannot but function to express harmonious actions in fulfilling our purposes (pri23 and 32), since we can express the normal innate forces (pri27) of the innate intelligence of our body. –

      – Given the complexity of the ecological crisis, of which global warming is part of, and its multiple causes, we need to realize that the solutions will not emerge from just one way of interpreting and transforming reality. Respect must also be shown for the various cultural riches of different peoples. Chiropractors WHO choose participate in the transformation of the world by practicing the chiropractic objective, PERIOD… allow the rest to follow, whatever that may be! The wisdom of chiropractic, its objective and its lexicon particular it, is our gift to the world as we contribute to its transformation. –

    • Rich Story 11/11/2015, 1:17 am:

      Everyone “knows they’re right” Right?

      • Joe Strauss 11/11/2015, 2:09 pm:

        Wrong Rich, only those people who do not have an objective standard. The man who does not accept the objective standard that says, “Thou shalt not steal” and thinks, “today I really, really, really FEEL like stealing”. We may be wrong by not following an objective standard. (Been there, done that) But without following an objective standard, we have no hope of being right and can only expect to keep the “merry-go-round” going (as per your next comment). Some people reading this blog are saying like the Roman Pontius Pilate, “What is truth?” They are sincerely asking. Others are just trying to keep the “merry-go-round” going, allowing “every man to do what is right in his own eyes”. Some of the first group truly want to get off the merry-go-round.That’s the purpose of this blog. Ironically, standing before Pilate was the only Man ever, who not only was the embodiment of Truth, He was the Truth.

        • Claude Lessard 11/11/2015, 5:55 pm:

          What is AMAZING is that if any of you inquire DEEPLY into the 33 principles, you may “see” and wake up to the reality of their being absolute, and that they are the chiropractic standards that conclude the chiropractic objective. Your NEW awareness may allow you to choose to practice the chiropractic objective. PERIOD.

          • Claude Lessard 11/11/2015, 6:00 pm:

            If you accept this challenge, your work must be to DIS-PROVE the 33 principles. To do so requires that you prove that the 33 principles are illogical, irrational and false. –

            – I look forward to your sharing with all of us together without condemnation of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. David Suskin 11/10/2015, 7:12 pm:

    Since Chiropractic illuminates the reality that ADIO points to, looking at our world as an OPEN system, in which somehow it is found that the macrocosm is mirrored in the microcosm and since this implies that one needs to realize that the solutions will not emerge from just one way of interpreting and transforming reality, how does one engage this OPEN system when interpretations of reality at times, oppose each other in contradiction, like ADIO vs OIBU. As a practical example, look at our view of LOM and how it is interpreted let’s say of DNA? OIBU views it as a means for variation and evolution, allowing weakness and strength engaged with survival in life. Thus the explanation and managing of conditions and weaknesses and strengths in populations. ADIO see’s DNA, (I’M NOT REALLY SURE???). Perhaps as a means for matter to allow Reproduction (sign of life) and fulfill the purpose of Universal/Innate Intelligence in some perfect way NOT UNDERSTOOD??? (maybe P26)
    A simpler example is our viewing of Normal vs Averages.
    I understand Normal, and it’s implications, yet in real world situations, Life and Death, Survival and Suffering hang on a thread of Matter, function and DYSFUNCTION (as it would appear), where lives are thrown into peril Even with Normal Innate Forces expressed. Yes/No?
    I understand the Overarching of P1 and how it encompasses all Truth of Existence, but the Human, emotion, reaction, response to these truths can pose great hinderences to Peaceful, Productive, Transformative Lives. yes/no
    I understand the Health is not the only terrain of Chiropractic, but it is one that IS dealt with by PM’s and Chiropractors all the time.
    Anyway, perhaps I’ve said enough (I typically always have I imagine), and perhaps someone would like to comment.
    And by the way Claude, You just know how to hit home runs (like Joe ๐Ÿ™‚ in expressing wonderful conceptualizations.
    I do get stuck on LOM and Normal as it is applied in day to day life within an ADIO viewpoint. Perhaps you can illuminate, if you care to?

    • Claude 11/10/2015, 9:04 pm:


      It is me WHO choose to participate in the transformation of the world by practicing the chiropractic objective, PERIOD… the rest will follow… whatever that may be! Remember that when the music changes, so does the dance.

      • Claude Lessard 11/10/2015, 9:39 pm:

        … Joe Flesia said that chiropractic is the “dance of more”…

        • Joe Strauss 11/11/2015, 1:01 pm:

          More what Claude?

          • Claude Lessard 11/11/2015, 2:16 pm:


            There is MORE (before was less than full) expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body without the presence of VS… then the rest will follow… whatever that may be! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Joe Strauss 11/11/2015, 3:24 pm:

            Okay, I was thinking that more is the LACVS for the full expression of the forces of the innate intelligence of the body, Less is getting sick people well or even the less-est… treating symptoms, (Reggie’s “gutter” chiropractic).

  8. David Suskin 11/11/2015, 4:52 pm:

    But sometimes “less is more”, more or less

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