Innate Humility


No one is born with an innate humility. There is no need for humility. Innate intelligence is perfect, as a principle Humility must be taught. It is an expression of the educated intelligence. Innate function on the contrary is selfish, only caring about self. A baby innately cries when he is hungry, tired or needs to have his diaper changed. This is as it should be. They were born with that innate function. In fact that is how we define innate function, as Dr. Gelardi says, “innate is what we are born knowing”. We have been given that innate ability because we have not yet learned (educated) to express hunger. Our educated intelligence is primarily for the purpose of adapting us to our external environment. There is clearly a relationship between the two. The infant is not able to explain that his external environment is not pleasant to him so he cries.(perhaps his external environment is more unpleasant to us than to him but we have learned not to cry about it.)Eventually his educated brain will develop sufficiently to adapt to that potentially unpleasant environment (due to the expression of an innate function) and he is “potty trained”. That’s why you see toddlers in some pristine parts of the world (where educated brains develop later in children) running around with no diapers or clothes at all.

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