A Little Chiropractic History


When I first went into practice in Pennsylvania in 1967, there were still a few chiropractors around who had been licensed as “drugless physicians” a broad category created in 1929 prior to the 1951 law creating a chiropractic profession. Everyone who went into chiropractic after that date could only practice chiropractic and they were limited to practicing chiropractic as it was defined in 1951. Since then unfortunately, the law has been expanded to allow such things as physical therapy and acupuncture. It also created the need to graduate from a CCE school (after 1995). Perhaps we need to reinstate the drugless physician provision act. The only problem with that would be that those who would want that designation will one day, in the not too distant future, also want the right to prescribe drugs. That’s why they want the oxymoronic designation “chiropractic physician”.

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  1. Charles Hollensed DC 12/28/2015, 4:27 pm:

    Illinois has always been a licensed to “practice medicine without the use of drugs or surgery”. Ironic NUHS teaches pharmacology but then this is better than their colonic era. So sad DCs cannot see the uniqueness of pure chiropractic and embrace the most effective help for mankind in the physical realm

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