The Greatest Irony in Chiropractic


Isn’t it ironic that chiropractors are creating courses, training and requiring education in order to do exactly what they have been claiming they do not do for the past 100 plus years while trying to get recognition as a separate and distinct profession.

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  1. Claude 12/30/2015, 2:26 pm:

    CCE demands and enforces chiropractic colleges to create courses that are counter productive toward chiropractic philosophy, science, art and practice. The reasoning behind such coercion is acceptance and being at the SAME level as EVERY other professions. EVERY chiropractic colleges have fallen prey to CCE and have CHOSEN to comply. ADIO college CHOSE to NOT comply and was forced to close its doors in 1996. –

    – There is NOTHING today in ALL chiropractic institutions that promotes chiropractic as SEPARATE and DISTINCT. –

    – Education in chiropractic college is necessary and ALWAYS needs to be geared toward validating OR collapsing the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. In other words, chiropractic education necessitates the creation of courses based on an ADIO world view. –

    – My question is, “how long will chiropractors guard the sacred trust?”

    • David Suskin 12/31/2015, 3:14 pm:

      You’ve hit the nail right on the head.
      ADIO and it’s far reaching, principled, absolute, ‘Counter Educated Authoritative’, Theosophical implications IS
      what has and Continues, by deductive and logical truth of the realities of this professions separate and distinct offering upon its inception as expressed through its philosophy, science and art, TO drive the wedge between its participants, us,
      the Chiropractors, because We are human beings living in an imperfect world, living within the principles and parameters as defined within the 33Ps.
      Groping for control and power and leadership. Following others blindly without personal self exploration and development, whether by curiosity or need, or without the fundamental ability to do so.
      Suffering perhaps at the hands of an un-tempered upbringing, within a culture, Traditionally Institutionalized from our ancestors strengths and weaknesses. Doing perhaps the best we can.
      And now, technologically seduced, perhaps always a presented with a newer technologically engineered social and world viewpoint,
      requiring even greater personal responsibility and reflection to accommodate for the power it harnesses.
      Joe has written about all of this.
      The world, where Life is good and bad. Mankind has reached great heights and forbiddingly great lows.
      The boring from within reeks it’s ugly head.
      ADIO and all of its beauty, containing the 33Ps, the chiropractic philosophy, so easy to understand (not really), yet challenging to live by principle, so difficult to accept in the wake of Therapeutics, suffering, OIBU, Power and Money, lives unexamined, Us and Them, tyrannies and anarchies, Freedom to do good and do bad, to judge and not to judge, to follow as The Sheepal do.
      Love has and always will see us through this mess, and inner conviction, where strength and core hopes that there has to be a better way.
      This immaterial, material wedge. It’s at the crux of the matter. The ebb and flow nature of Wanting and Having as it has been said.
      Man is on a pendulum that swings ADIO-OIBU. The blind leading the blind like lemmings and the truth seekers sitting unnoticed, unknown, alone.
      The Truth and Resolve shall set us Free, Together
      Freedom of thought, to think is our greatest freedom.
      Irony is the food of one mans poison
      Conflict Clarifies
      Speaking up, Setting the record straight, Telling the story over and over, Taking a stand. Doing the work of kindness
      and Asking the question, What is MY Purpose? What IS Chiropractic?
      A new chapter will be written and the words will Inspire, Eyes will open.
      I remain a student and a teacher.

  2. Charles Hollensed DC 12/30/2015, 7:20 pm:

    CCE should be evaluating courses on content not subject. The BIG LIE that Janse and Faye sold was the idea that you had to have the junk included. Most of the profession has followed the path to the trough of easy money brought on with PT and insurance payment. The trust is kept alive by a few who see the true value of chiropractic. That few seems to be hanging on by their finger nails,

  3. David Suskin 12/31/2015, 10:30 pm:

    The irony within chiropractic irepresents an incongruency, and if not attended to for the purpose of bringing about radical change by thinking outside the box, will always devolve to OIBU, in this case into medicine.
    The challenge concerns integrating ADIO into mans egocentric viewpoint which encompasses mans freedom to individualize (P27) and claim autonomy.

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