Obama, The U.S. and Chiropractic


Barak Obama does not love or even like the U.S. because of what it is or what it has been but because of what he expects to make it. On the contrary, he loathes what it is and has been. Similarly, some chiropractic leaders do not love or even like chiropractic because of what it is or has been (its history) but because of what they believe they can make it into, also loathing what it has been. That is a big difference.

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  1. Claude Lessard 01/05/2016, 12:37 pm:


    You posted this comment on August 26 2015. šŸ˜‰

    • Joe Strauss 01/06/2016, 2:32 pm:

      You are absolutely correct Claude. Old people tend to repeat themselves. I guess I have reached that point in my life. I have over 100 drafts waiting to be put up. I guess I forgot that I had that one written twice.. I’ll have to be more careful in the future. Thanks for checking my slipping.

      • dan sevier 01/06/2016, 9:37 pm:

        Thank you for reposting, since I didn’t see the original šŸ™‚ Makes total sense to me. I sincerely hope both the nation and the profession can ride out these cynics successfully.

        • Claude Lessard 01/06/2016, 10:58 pm:


          What is it that makes a nation?
          What is it that makes a profession?
          Do you really think that it is about hoping to RIDE cynics?

          • Joe Strauss 01/08/2016, 5:05 pm:

            A Nation is defined by:
            1. Its borders-the US is Mexico, Canada, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.- the President is trying to destroy them because he believes in internationalism.If we had as a nation, we would not have declared our independence.
            2. Its World and Life viewpoint.- the US is Judaeo-Christian which happens to allow for other viewpoints as long as they do not violate #3.
            3. A system-US system is of laws, based on the U.S. Constitution. Islam rejects #2 (obviously) and substitutes Sharia law for the U.S. Constitution.
            A Profession is defined by:
            1. Its objective-its borders if you will. In chiropractic it is the LACVS.
            2. Its WALV-which should allow for the acceptance of others. Chiropractic’s is ADIO which allows for the use of others (OIBU, therapeutic care).
            3. A system-In chiropractic it is the authority of the 33 principles.
            “Riding out the storm” is an idiom meaning doing what you are able to do and hoping for a positive outcome. I agree with you that I don’t believe all chiropractors are doing what they can to withstand the “storm” of the medicalization of chiropractic. Some believe its not necessary to do anything or everything we can like batten down the hatches and trim the sails of the ship chiropractic. You’re a good sailor Claude!

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